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Taking Notes Episode 30 - Featuring Yours Truly

September 5 2006

Last week while at Lotus Advisor Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, I was asked to put on the T-shirt and play the role of Taking Notes Roving Reporter. Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux interviewed me while I was taking a break from the 'dry heat' temperature of 107. :) We discussed my blogging of the keynote given by Mike Rhodin and new Lotus projects such as "Ventura" and "Shanghai." I assume all of you have subscriptions via iTunes to Taking Notes, but if you do not, go there to listen.

Lotus Advisor Summit - SIL315 - Integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes/Domino

August 31 2006

SIL315 - Integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes/Domino With OpenOffice, you can give users word processing, spreadsheet, presentation applications, and more, for free! And, you can integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes and Domino for powerful productivity. In this session you'll begin with the basics. Then you'll look at LotusScript and Java techniques to include OpenOffice in your applications. You'll demystify the process of using OpenOffice API via COM. You'll take away examples of form building, mail merge, and charting. You'll also learn about IBM productivity applications and what the future might deliver. Slides Demo Files

Lotus Advisor Summit - SIL308 - Microsoft Office Integration with Lotus Notes/Domino

August 30 2006

SIL308 - Microsoft Office Integration with Lotus Notes/Domino When users require more functionality than Lotus Notes can provide, integrating Notes, Domino and Microsoft Office can be the solution. In this session you'll learn how to start an integration project and put in place the beginning pieces. You'll see how to add mail merge functionality to Notes' Personal Name and Address Book. You'll move on to more complex integration with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. You'll see how to use Domino 7 Web Services with Microsoft Office to build a new generation of applications. This session is for those experienced in LotusScript; expect lots of code! Slides Demo Database

Advisor Day 1

August 28 2006

note - this is stream of typing ... but good stuff :) Lotus Keynote - Mike Rhodin and Ron Sebastian cross section of invention and insight Document / Artifact Centric Lotus Domino Lotus "Shanghai" - Collaborative document management and team services Websphere Portal Workplace Branding = Workplace is the brand for overall strategy, products in that space without the Workplace name People Centric Lotus Sametime Community Centric Lotus "Ventura" - Social networking services Lotus Ventura empowers organizations to discover, share & access to the knowledge of communities to accelerate business execution & amplify innovation next generation of Activity centric model ... Web 2.0, standards based "Dogear" - social bookmarking , like del.cio.ous adds icon to browser tray allows you to tag the page, also displays in the list who has dogeared the page ajax dialog - allows for title, tag, description, url, private can search via tags ... tags get bigger and

Advisor Live - Wednesday and thoughts

July 20 2005

Advisor Live/ Notes 2 .Net - ALM308 - Microsoft Office Integration with Notes/Domino

July 20 2005

I just finished my presentation here at the Advisor conference. Attached are the following: Updated Presentation The Advisor Address Book sample database The MS Constants Database Feel free to contact me with any questions or issues. Update: I fixed the acl issue with the Address Book database - sorry folks

Advisor Live - Tueday

July 19 2005

Day 3 The speaker room, with (clockwise from right) Rob Novak, Chris Bryne, Henry Newberry, and Viktor Kranz of Snapps

Advisor Live! - Monday

July 18 2005

Advisor Live! - Sunday

July 17 2005