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Apple WWDC 2007 - Games Invade!

June 11 2007

So today Apple kicked off WWDC07, otherwise known as the World Wide Developers Conference. As usual, Steve kicked it off with one of his presentations. Yes, he introduced the feature set for 10.5 aka Leopard. He also talked about Web 2.0 on the iPhone. We also go Safari for Windows. But more importantly, Steve was joined by lots of gaming news! EA recommitted to the Mac platform and talked about games coming to the Mac. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Madden 08, and Battlefield. John Carmack was on stage to talk about the new id Software engine technology, called id Tech 5, and give a demo. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW I can not find any screenshots, but rumor is that Spaces, the virtual screen feature, was shown with World of Warcraft in one of the screens. I wonder if Steve plays a mage :-) My two favorite images: Read more at Engadget here. Interesting times over at Apple. And I can not wait for E3 to hear about the new id game and engine!

4th Generation ipod

July 19 2004

As the rumor sites started to cover over the weekend, Apple released the 4th Generation ipod today. Features include: New Apple Click Wheel and removal of the 4 buttons 12 hour battery Shuffle at the top level Multiple On-the-Go playlists Thinner Adjust speed for Audiobooks (and DJs) Firewire and USB2 cables in the box Get one today: 20 Gig for $299 and 40 Gig for $399 Man, I want to upgrade! :)

Airport Express is Available

July 16 2004

I am a GMail user, thanks to Bruce

June 22 2004

Thanks to Mr. Elgort, I got a GMail invite. I guess I am not with it, because unlike most users, I am not really thrilled. It seems like just another webmail product, with more space. No formatting in the text block, etc. I will give it a week and then see how I feel.

Tune-Watch: What’s your viewpoint of iTunes?

April 5 2004

I am absolutely addicted to iTunes Music Store, and I know a lot of people (both Mac and PC users) that use iTunes and the iTMS quite a bit. So hear is one for all of you: Tune-Watch. Think of it as a DVD Price Search for iTMS. It allows you to view the 10 newest releases, the 10 newest additions (catalog items), the top 10 songs, the top 10 albums, and Featured/Exclusive items. It also allows you to build your own customizable listing. If you like to see thing's in your own manner, and your an iTMS user, this site is for you. They just need RSS feeds (already requested). Update: Guess what, Tune-Watch uses the Apple RSS feeds to get the info for the site. I did not know the existed. Duh! :)

The ultimate iPod accessory

November 1 2003

Check this out. A unit the connects the iPod to your car stereo via the CD Changer input. Niceeeee.

Panther is Coming, and I can not wait for Expose!

October 22 2003

Hell Froze Over ... iTunes for Windows / iTunes 2.0

October 16 2003

Lots of Apple News Today ...

October 8 2003

Apple released quite a bit of news today: iCal 1.5.1 with a new interface and lots of changes iSync 1.2.1 with new phone support, enhancements to address book and .mac bookmark syncing, and bug fixes iSync Palm Conduit 1.2 All of this is available via software update, but you must execute software update, install iCal 1.2.1, then execute another software update to get the iSync stuff. And the big news, Apple today announced that Panther, the next release of Mac OS X, will be released on Oct 24th in typical Apple flair. Check out the Apple home page for a counter and here for a complete overview of the new features. I have played with the betas and I can't wait!

For the MacHeads - Google Service

September 12 2003

I switched last December, after not having an Apple computer since my Apple IIGS (man, the days of Bard's Tale, Ultima, and Dragon Wars), and am still learning something new every day about the Mac. It really is an amazing package ... great hardware, killer OS, and software that really is better than the Window's Counterparts (OmniGraffle is far superior to Visio, and Word just blows away WinWord). So when I found this tidbit, I was presently surprised. Its a Google Service for the Services menu. What really neat is that you can change the search page based on the application you are in! Now a request from those reading ... anyone know how to play Apple IIGS images (games) on WinXP or OSX?