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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Intro Video

August 21 2008

See the HiRes version here. So, will things like this draw me back into the game? hmmmm

Diablo 3 Annouced

June 28 2008

After weeks of speculation, Diablo 3 has been announced. Here is a bunch of videos you need to go watch now Teaser Trailer GamePlay Movie Witch Doctor (new class) Movie Barbarian Movie Artwork Trailer I am impressed that Blizzard did not turn D3 into another MMO. If you all think World of Warcraft is huge, Diablo 3 as a monthly subscription would be a far bigger cash cow for Blizzard than WoW. Blizzard decided to stick to the same gameplay with major leaps in story and graphics and design. Bravo.