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Redbook Weekend #1 Part 1 - Watchmen with Alan Lepofsky

March 8 2009

So my first weekend in Boston started with connecting with Alan Lepofsky. Alan and I have been friends for a few years and it was great to see him. We first went to the Cambridge Brewing Company for a beer and some food and to gather all of the people. We then headed to Jordan's IMAX in Reading, MA. Now, its hard to describe this, but it is a furniture store with a Fuddruckers, an IMAX movie theater, and much more. I was visually assaulted by walking in there. WOW. Now something about the Watchmen. Having read the comic book before it was put together in a graphic novel (and yes, I have them somewhere in a box in storage), I was super excited about the movie. Yes, they made changes. So what. They made changes to the Lord of the Rings triolgy and it still kicked major ass. I loved the movie. The tone of the graphic novel and the characters came across super well. The amount of info presented to the watcher, including all the flashbacks, was done very well. I loved the characters - bu

Why I am in Boston for 21 days - ILDDM / Domino.Doc Redbook

March 2 2009

So those that follow me on Twitter know that I arrived in snowy Boston for an extended stay - 3 weeks to be exact. The purpose of this trip is to participate in the writing of the IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager / Domino.Doc Migration Redbook. The purpose of the redbook is to help customers decide what to do with their existing ILDDM / Domino.Doc installs and what their options are. It will also cover the migration tool that IBM will be releasing. I have an interesting perspective on the withdrawl of ILDDM / Domino.Doc from the marketplace. I was at the first Domino.Doc Advisory Council meeting before the product even went into beta. With my focus on integration of Lotus Notes & Domino with other technologies, Domino.Doc was the perfect container. Originally released right after Notes 4 - that is before the Domino HTTP web server folks - the product did things that Notes could not. It did document locking and versioning / revisioning in a way that it worked in Notes, even in a