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How the music industry is changing ... bands release singles on Guitar Hero and Rock Band

April 15 2008

So while the music industry tries to get a handle on the reality that digital is here and iTunes is the new king of sales, we have bands trying new ways to get their singles heard. First, we have Motley Crue releasing their new single on Rock Band: LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - In a nod to the ascendancy of video games, rock 'n' roll bad boys Motley Crue will become the first group to release a new single through Rock Band, said the developer of the wildly popular game. "Saints of Los Angeles," the first single from the group's upcoming album, will be available for download for 99 cents beginning on Tuesday via Microsoft Corp's Xbox Live Marketplace and on Thursday via Sony Corp's PlayStation store, said Viacom Inc's MTV Games. In "Rock Band", gamers play along to songs with controllers shaped like a guitar, drum set, or microphone. The game is sold for about $170 for consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It competes with the similarly popular "Guitar Hero" series, made by Activisi