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The Web 2.0 Bubble .. the video

December 4 2007

Man, I so love this video ... I have been thinking about how the Web 2.0 world seems just like the first technology bubble ... people doing lots of stuff (much of it cool) that makes zero profit for anyone but the advertisers. And that model is never sustainable for the mass. Make sure your not eating or drinking anything when you watch this.

I finally post an Project ...

April 18 2006

So after an announcement at Lotusphere and lots of prodding by Bruce, I have finally gotten my first project for published. You would think that hosting the server would be enough ... but NO! :) Since I showed a version that I am willing to distribute at Advisor Summit last week, time to share :) Template Installer for Office and OpenOffice stores all of your Office and OpenOffice templates. It provides administrator control of those templates and an easy way to a user to install them. The first version only supports templates that a user installs on their machine. The goal is to also allow the database to be the central repository for application templates, such as mail merge letters and label templates. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I have another version coming pretty soon. I am also working on the beginnings of another project. Export Tools will be a rewrite of the Excel Export application I have shown the past two years. It w

For the Developers: The Greatest Link Site ever

April 3 2006

I found this site thru a link on Scoble's blog, but let us not count that againt it! :) Scott Hanselman might be a .Net guy, but his "Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List" page is amazing. Lots of links to untilities and tools that ever developer should have on their machine. And so far, they all look to be free! Check it out.