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Memorial Day - Remembering Jack Head

May 26 2014

Today is Memorial Day in the states, the day we remember and honor all of those that have fought and served this country in our military. I thought I would share a few stories of my grandfather. John "Jack" William Head was a veteran of World War 2. A marine who fought in the battle for the Pacific. He was on Guam. He was part of the 3rd marine Division assault. Unfortunately the Marines were dropped on a beach at surrounded by a high ridge. Japanese soldiers opened fire immediately and the Marine casualties were high. Your grandfather was the Master Sergeant and every one of higher rank was killed on the landing. Dad's men were pinned down by rifle and machine gun fire from on top of the ridge, so Dad took two men with him and started up the ill to try and open a path for the men on the beach. The Japanese saw them coming and began to roll live grenades and mortar shells down the hill. The two men with Dad were killed. He was badly injured and rolled back down the hill. He was place

I’m back

April 2 2004

I am back in Chicago and back to work, so blogging should return it is semi-consistant state. I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words, weather via email, IM, or comments here. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

In Loving Memory - Eleanor Wizork

March 26 2004

As many of you know, I have been spending much of my time shuttling between Chicago and Detroit, where my parents were born and my grandmother lived. Tonight, just 3 days before her 90th birthday, she passed away. The loss of a grandparent is always hard, but this loss is harder as she was my last grandparent. I was blessed to know all of my grandparents, having all four of them in my life until I was 23. I even knew 4 of my great-grandparents. Eleanor was my Polish, Roman Catholic foundation of my family. Always reminding me why it was important to remember that my heritage was 50% Polish, but I was 100% American. A woman who never learned how to drive, and only learned how to balance a check book at the age of 75 when my grandfather became ill. While I never fulfilled her dream of getting married while she was alive, she will always be with me. As you can probably understand, I will probably not be blogging until late next week.

Get out and vote!

March 15 2004

I get asked a lot why I do not post anything about politics on this site. The main reason is that this site's main purpose is to serve as a place for those that interact with me on a professional level to get some information. Specifically, my role as a Technical Specialists consultant at PSC. So I have chosen not to bring certain parts of my personal life and views into this space, so that it does not interfere with the image of PSC or myself as one of the many faces of PSC. So that's why ... But that brings me to something I think is appropriate for this space. It doesn't matter if you are right or left, conservative or liberal, or somewhere in the middle, politics is about being involved. That starts with voting. My opinion is that you do not have a right to complain, criticize, or do and say whatever about your elected officials if you did not vote. Its the price to complain as I put it :) Seriously, here in Illinois we have our primary tomorrow. Candidates are com

Vacation time was definitely needed

November 1 2003

I am really enjoying my time down here in Orlando. My computer use is way down, the weather is amazing (80s during the day with lots of sun, 60s at night) and spending time with family is good. Thursday night, 12 of us went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 13 at Islands of Adventure. Seth @ Kissworks helped me get the tickets, and he came and hung out with us for a while. We had the VIP tour, which meant no lines and access to shortcuts via the backstage lots. In 5 hours, we got in 6 haunted houses, Hulk twice, Spiderman twice, both Dueling Dragons, Dr. Doom's Deathdrop, the Bill & Ted's Halloween show, a full 20 minutes for dinner, and plenty of time to find and consume libations. Amazing time. Pictures coming soon. Friday I spent being lazy, watching the daytime "The West Wing" block on Bravo, reading, and catching up on some sleep. A family dinner and then it was time to hand out toys to the Trick-O-Treaters. As long as I can remember, my father has handed

Sorry for the white noise ...

October 30 2003

Hi everyone ... sorry for the disruption in service here. I had a big milestone for the Domino.Doc project I am working on. I hit that milestone just in time for some R&R in Orlando to visit with my family. And just in time ... I needed a break! So service will be spotty until Monday when I return to Chicago.