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Saying Goodbye to Wheaton Community High School / Wheaton Central High School / Hubble Middle School

May 17 2009

On Saturday I made a trip back to the building where I went to high school for the first time since I graduated in June of 1992. Back then, it was called Wheaton Central High School. It was the building that hosted the original Wheaton Community High School On Saturday, they held a good bye to the building as a new middle school is being built. The building will come down and something new, probably condos, will be put in its place. A sad day for a school that has served the community so well. It was erie to walk thru the halls again. See my old lockers and the rooms of good and bad memories. I was able to see the room where I took drafting and architecture with Mr. Ken Holland - the room where my dream that lead me to University of New Mexico began. It might have been all purple - not the orange of my Tigers - but it was still my building. Wheaton Central from the front My Senor Year locker - the open one Mr Holland's classroom Every high school has it's famous alumni