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Happy Memorial Day Weekend - Please remember more than what your going to put on the grill

May 23 2009

To all of those of you in the United States, I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. Everyone loves the three day weekend that is the unofficial start to the summer season around here. Pools open, BBQ's fire up, and air conditioning gets turned on. I love this weekend - one of the rare 3 day weekends where I do almost no work. But this weekend is far more than grilling and relaxing. Monday is about remembering those that fought to protect our country and the citizens who live here. Memorial Day is about honoring the living and the dead - from all wars since the Revolutionary War. With U.S. soldiers in harms way in two wars today - a new wave of memorials are happening every year. Please, along side that cold beverage and whatever you put on your grill, take time to remember those that have fought for us, defended our way of life, and for some - made the ultimate sacrifice. This is the time to remember them.