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Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager Redbook has Shipped!

September 28 2009

Months of work by many fine people have finally come to completion. The ILDDM Migration Redbook is complete! Here is the full announcement: Form Number: SG24-7747-00 Title: Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager Can now be downloaded as a PDF file and ordered in hardcopy two weeks following the Publish Date! (see for online access) This IBM® Redbooks® publication is intended to help your organization plan and prepare for a migration away from Lotus® Domino® Document Manager (formerly known as Domino.Doc). This IBM Redbook focuses primarily on analyzing, planning, and preparing with only a small portion devoted to the actual process of migrating to another solution. While there is no exact equivalent to Domino Document Manager (DDM), we discuss IBM Lotus Quickr™ in detail and illustrate how your organization can achieve many of the same functional goals using Lotus Quickr services f

Why I am in Boston for 21 days - ILDDM / Domino.Doc Redbook

March 2 2009

So those that follow me on Twitter know that I arrived in snowy Boston for an extended stay - 3 weeks to be exact. The purpose of this trip is to participate in the writing of the IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager / Domino.Doc Migration Redbook. The purpose of the redbook is to help customers decide what to do with their existing ILDDM / Domino.Doc installs and what their options are. It will also cover the migration tool that IBM will be releasing. I have an interesting perspective on the withdrawl of ILDDM / Domino.Doc from the marketplace. I was at the first Domino.Doc Advisory Council meeting before the product even went into beta. With my focus on integration of Lotus Notes & Domino with other technologies, Domino.Doc was the perfect container. Originally released right after Notes 4 - that is before the Domino HTTP web server folks - the product did things that Notes could not. It did document locking and versioning / revisioning in a way that it worked in Notes, even in a

Why does IBM think Domino Document Manager/ILDDM/Domino.Doc is dead?

July 24 2008

So Ed's comment sparked me to write this blog entry .. and it won't be pretty. IBM seems to think that Domino Document Manager, also known as ILDDM, also known as Domino.Doc, is in maintenance mode. How can IBM put a product into maintenance mode when there is no replacement for it? No folks, Lotus Quickr does not match the functionality requirements that ILDDM fits. Nor does any of the other document management systems that IBM owns, including FileNet. For large customers, FileNet is a great solution. For those looking for replacing network share drives with some basic collaboration, Lotus Quickr works pretty well. Heck, you can even use that amazing Mainsoft Sharepoint Integrator for Lotus Notes for document sharing. Their sidebar app for Sharepoint is absolutely killer! But if you want a SMB document management solution or a document management solution that is so customizable it can become part of a larger process (for example, a major manufacturer using a custom Notes based