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Iron Maiden’s Somewhere Back in Time Tour hits Chicago

June 12 2008

Last night, Iron Maiden played the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Billed as the "Somewhere Back in Time" tour This tour ignores any music written or recorded since 1992. It has music from the albums: Iron Maiden Killers Number of the Beast Piece of Mind PowerSlave Somewhere in Time Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Talk about an Iron Maiden fan boy concert! Here is what they played: Winston Churchill speech into Aces High 2 Minutes to Midnight Revelations The Trooper Wasted Years Number of the Beast Can I Play with Madness Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner Powerslave Heaven Can Wait Run to the Hills Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden - with the Eddie sarcophagus and mummy! Encore Moonchild Clairvoyant - with the 15 foot Somewhere in Time Eddie walking the stage Hallowed be thy Name Talk about a show! I went with one of my best friends Dave and we were thinking. He and I went to our first concert without the parents in March 1990. I had just gotten my license and had ac

Iron Maiden and it’s custom airplane featured

March 19 2008

Yes, I know this is a story about a rock band, but watch the video. You will see that even rock stars think about what is best for business. I think this is a great case of an entertainment industry realizing that good business practices are things to worry about, not just how loud the guitar is