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Iron Man Deleted Sceens that we are glad never made the movie!

May 21 2008

So not sure how many people noticed, but in Iron Man, the best product placement in a movie this year was the cheeseburger Tony Stark eats at the press conference following his return from being held captive. Time Magazine has an article on their digging thru version of the script ... and here is what they found: T. TONY STARK’S LIMO - DAY TONY STARK: Pull over… right here. DRIVER: Where? TONY STARK: At Burger King. DRIVER: Are you serious? TONY STARK: Didn’t you hear me say the first thing I wanted after being tortured in the desert by terrorists for three months was a real American cheeseburger? DRIVER: Yeah, sure… but Burger King? TONY STARK: Yes. DRIVER: Let me get this straight. You kept your heart beating with a car battery while risking your life to build a suit of armor with a built-in flame-thrower… so you could eat at Burger King. TONY STARK: Yes. In fact, I got the idea for the flame-thrower while thinking about Burger King’s great flame-broiled taste. DRIVER: But there’s

Iron Man and The Dark Knight Trailer

May 11 2008

I probably was one of the last people to see Iron Man. All of my travel kept me out of movie theaters last weekend, but I made sure I got to go this weekend. I went to a digital projection at the River East 21 AMC Theaters here in Chicago. What can I say about Iron Man? Well first, Robert Downey, Jr. - welcome to the big time! He was a perfect Tony Stark. You believed he was a boozing, womanizer gazillionare. You believed he was mechanical. You believed he was Iron Man. As for the movie, I could nitpick a bit. Such as you knew Jeff Bridges was going to turn out bad, because you didn't meet the rest of the board. Loved the Nick Fury piece at the end of the credit though :-) But the real surprise for me was The Dark Knight trailer attached to Iron Main. It is the third trailer .. and WOW! See to me, The Joker has never been portrayed properly on screen. Jack Nickelson took the TV show Joker and gave it a spin, but the Joker in The Dark Knight comic is my Joker. Blood Thirsty. Psycopath