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Business and Life Lessons Learned from the Mosh Pit

May 18 2009

I know what you are thinking ... what the heck can one learn from the mosh pit that would have any relevance in the workplace or general life. Well, you would be surprised. I was thinking about how to solve some issues recently and when I came up with the solution, I figured out how to explain it using my experiences in the mosh pit as the description. This was the best way: For those of you that have never been in the middle of a mosh pit, a bit of background. Mosh pits are typically viewed as violent and potentially dangerous parts of a rock concert. Having spent many concerts engaged in the mosh pit, I disagree. Many times, they are the safest place in the concert - and are not about violence. Sure, the activity that takes place can be viewed as violent, but they are really just a group of people who are finding a way to experience the music - and channel their agression. You will find that people are looking out for each other, helping those that fall, and most people enjoying the