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Lotuphere2012: JMP304 - Master Class: Integration in the world of Social Business

January 18 2012

Jmp304View more presentations from John Head. You can get the Getting Started Database Here

ISVs will love Domino 8.5, and so will customers

June 26 2008

So Bruce Elgort wrote a blog entry about Domino 8.5, XPages, and the issue of backwards compatibility. He brings up some excellent points. Personally, I believe we will see Domino 8.5 adoption be one of the fastest of any prior release. Why? 1. Domino Attachment Object Services (DAOS). We have seen a 50% reduction in database sizes. It works beautifully. Very well designed with some minor beta bugs I am sure will be gone by 8.5.0 2. ID Vault. This will change the way that user IDs are dealt with. It is also the precursor to id-less Notes client use in a future version 3. Updates to the router, disk I/O, and document compression will have significant impact on server performance 4. Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) will provide some great info about servers 5. XPages All of those, plus the rest of the features of Domino 8.5 (Auto Groups, Policy Updates, etc) will really provide a very easy to sell to management server upgrade. Serves are far easier to upgrade than clients. But Bruce,