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Lotus Notes to Quickbase Migration Video

July 7 2016

The second in a series of demonstration videos, my coworker Ken Lamey shows our IBM/Lotus Notes to Quickbase migration services that PSC Group, LLC provides. Please enjoy the video - and feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in services like this with Quickbase! You can reach me at

Why IBM XPages developers should care about IBM Bluemix - from the business/sales point of view

March 4 2015

There has been a bunch of chatter about IBM Bluemix and why it should be a consideration as a platform for any current Notes & Domino and XPages customers. Most of those are focused on the technology side - such as Mark's posts and Notesin9 - or about the upcoming support for Domino & XPages that IBM discussed at IBM ConnectED. All of that is very cool stuff. What excites me most is what it means in terms of building applications and getting customers excited. The sales process for Bluemix is very new and I am still finding ways to talk about it with customers. For me, having an application development platform is not a selling point. Being able to produce great applications that solve problems with new deployment options is a selling point. So my partner-in-crime Andrew Barickman put together a demo that I believe really will help me in my sales conversations. Below is one of our XPages demonstration applications called Pursuit Tracker Here is Pursuit Tracker running o

IBM Whitepaper- Notes and Domino Applications: A road map for modernization using XPages

January 22 2015

As a follow-up to the "Collaborative and business applications for the connected company" white paper I posted earlier this month, IBM has published a follow-up white paper that focuses specifically on application modernization with Notes and Domino applications to XPages. John Roling and I teamed up on this to cover application modernization methodology and a customer story that highlights the power of XPages. You can download it here.

Where to find PSC Group at IBM ConnectED 2015

January 22 2015

PSC at IBM ConnectED 2015 PSC will be presenting the following sessions at IBM ConnectED 2015 – we hope to see you at one of them! Speaker Title Abstract Date/Time Location Mark Roden BTE102: The Future of Web Development - Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino AngularJS is currently the most popular JavaScript MVC framework. It's driving more adoption and interest in the MVC/ REST API application architecture model. The ease of use, portability and re-usability of the code makes it an ideal solution for modern web developer needs. We'll show you how to use AngularJS to modernize your existing Domino apps, while leveraging Domino's best features. The speakers will also demonstrate how the power of architecting a solution based on AngularJS allows your Domino application to be made available through other platform interfaces. Taking "Write once, run everywhere” in the literal sense, you will see the same Angular/ Domino based app running natively in XPages, IBM Conne

Win a week of consulting from a PSCGroup IBM Champion!

January 20 2015

PSC is proud to have five people selected as IBM ICS Champions for 2015. This is the second year in a row that PSC has the most ICS Champions of any organization worldwide. In celebration of this achievement, PSC is offering the opportunity to win a free week of consulting, including travel costs, from one of our IBM Champions. More information and nomination form can be found at Congratulations to the team - Kathy, Brad, Mark, and Andrew!

I co-authored an IBM Whitepaper - Collaborative and business applications for the connected company

January 5 2015

I co-authored an IBM Whitepaper titled "Collaborative and business applications for the connected company" and it is available for download today. Here is the description: This paper outlines the continued application development value of refreshed platforms like IBM Domino and IBM XPages technology, while also looking at how they take advantage of newer innovations, including: IBM Worklight Platform, IBM Connections and its open APIs, cloud innovations and more. It's a good overview on the application development options in the IBM collaboration software stack. I wrote it with a few great IBM Authors that are not named (but you know them). It's the first of two whitepapers. This one is more general. The second one, coming later this month, will cover application modernization at a deeper level. It will also include a detailed customer vision from one of my good friends and colleges - John Roling. More on that in a few weeks. I am also proud that IBM agreed to dedicate this white

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Lotus Notes - Ray Ozzie’s Tweets in Slide Format

December 7 2014

It's been talked about before, but Ray Ozzie's tweets share a great a story about Lotus Notes and it's 25th anniversary. I know Mat did a blog post, but I thought a slide format would be best to read them. Feel free to share, use, download, etc. Happy Birthday Lotus Notes - again!

Happy 25th Birthday to Lotus Notes!

November 27 2014

Hard to believe that Lotus Notes was officially released 25 years ago today. Now, we can trace the birth of Lotus Notes back to University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana (Go Illini), but as far as the official product - today is that day. Hard to believe the product is 25 years old and still around. Most of those 1.0 applications still work in the current 9.0.1 product - which is just another testament to what an amazing product Notes is. Thanks for the career Lotus Notes. Thanks for friends and coworkers and much more.

Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!

October 15 2014

So I was remiss on blogging about the death of Lotus SmartSuite, but I am basically here because of it. I need to give it some proper due. Back in 1993, I picked up my first copy of Lotus Ami Pro 3.0 and my technical career started. I then moved on to Lotus SmartSuite, Word Pro, and the other apps. I became the go to person for intergration of SmartSuite with other products. I got to speak at Lotusphere - and Lotus Europe in Berlin. It led me into working with Notes, integration, and so much more. It took me from Artron to Boom Vang. Synergistics hired me because of the mail merge work I did. PSC hired me mostly because of my Notes work, but we did plenty of SmartSuite. I was proud to host the SmartSuite developers website, write magazine articles, and be quoted in the press. So it's death is sad. I will miss the best macro langugage in any app ever (hello Ami Pro). The amazing divisions and subdivisions in Word Pro. The flaming trash can in Organizer. The vastly overlooked Fast Si

Result’s of the PSC IBM Notes/Domino Community Survey

October 6 2014

The results are in. You can access them at this page: The results are interesting and can be interpreted in many ways. I will save some personal thoughts on it until people can consume the information, Infographic: Presentation: Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Inviting you to particpate in the IBM Domino/Notes Community Survey

September 16 2014

Have you ever wondered what other companies plan on doing with IBM Domino? Now is your chance to find out. PSC has committed to collecting feedback from Domino users worldwide, and sharing the results of this survey back to the community. Please take 30 seconds to answer the questions below and share this URL via social media. The more responses gathered, the more valuable this information is. Let’s work together to capture the big picture view of where companies see Domino in their future. The poll will run until October 3rd, 2014. We will release the results on October 6th at - or you can enter your email in the survey to get them emailed. We are not doing this to gather anyone's info for solicitation. This is about trying to get a handle on active use and strategy around the IBM Notes & Domino products. We plan to share the data with the community so we can all have access to the numbers. You can access the survey at http:/

MWLUG 2014: BP110: The Mobile Distruption - Why XPages Development is targeting Mobile First

August 28 2014

BP110: The Mobile Distruption - Why XPages Development is targeting Mobile First from John Head

The #IBMConnect Slide that caused some interesting feedback #free1352

February 11 2014

So in my session with John Beck at IBM Connect 2014 - I put this slide up and just watched the reaction of the room. So I am just going to let this generate some discussion before I post more about it later this week ...

IBM Connect 2014: AD502: The Mobile Disruption: Why XPages Development is Targeting Mobile First

February 3 2014

PSC 2014 IBM Champions!

December 5 2013

One of the amazing aspects of my job is that I get to work with amazing people. Today shines the spotlight on that. Besides being named a 2014 IBM Champion, I am beyond honored to be working with 4 others who were named IBM Champions today. Kathy Brown is a returning IBM Champion, and Andrew Barickman, Mark Roden, and Brad Balassaitis are new for 2014. Congratulations to the entire team!!!!

Honored to be a 2014 IBM Champion!

December 5 2013

Getting the email this morning that I was accepted as an 2014 IBM Champion. It is both an honor and a challenge. Being an IBM Champion is about representing the IBM Collaboration Services in the wild as best as you can. Thanks for those that nominated me. Here is the entire list.

MWLUG 2013: What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino

August 22 2013

Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, mobile, or social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive potential return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you! What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino from John Head

My #IamLUG 2013 Presentation - What’s Next - Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino

May 8 2013

Attached is the presentation that John Beck of IBM and I gave at IamLUG 2013 yesterday: Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, mobile, or social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive potential return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you! For those of you that have seen

MWLUG 2012 - AD112: Usability Lessons From the Worlds Largest XPages Project

August 21 2012

Andrew Barickman's session on XPages AD112: Usability Lessons From the Worlds Largest XPages Project (MWLUG) from John Head You can find the demo database here.

MWLUG 2012 - SB103: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino App. Dev. Competitive Advantage: The Social Business Edition

August 21 2012

Attached are the slides that John Beck and I gave at MWLUG 2012 IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition (MWLUG Edition) from John Head

NELotus - Mobilize your XPages applications with the Mobile Controls

May 13 2012

Kathy Brown and I presented at the New England Lotus User Group last week. Here are the slides: NELotus - & XPages Mobile Controls View more presentations from John Head Thanks to NELotus for having us!

Why does the Domino community have a "Domino or nothing" mentaility?

January 31 2012

The above thought has been on my mind since the middle of December but I have not figured out how to blog about it until recently. Let's start with a public comment from Ed Brill's blog: 14 Erik Brooks | 1/26/2012 11:46:38 AM @Ed - I actually *did* know. I'd still like to hear the reasons why this direction was chosen, because it's eyebrow-raising. My apologies to Erik (didn't go out of my way to call you out Mr. Brooks, your comment was just the easiest one to find) but this is exactly what I mean when I ask 'Why does the Domino community have a "Domino or nothing" mentality? First off, I get why people love Domino so much. Hell, I am one of those people. It's easy to install, easy to administer, and in basic use is easy to maintain. You can ramp Domino up to enterprise levels with clustering and lots of other great features. You can turn on DAOS and get incredible results of disk saving. You can install Traveler, which folks like Andrew Pollack call one of the best Domino featur

Lotusphere 2012 - BP107 : IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition

January 22 2012

Bp107 1.19.2012View more presentations from John Head.

Lotuphere2012: JMP304 - Master Class: Integration in the world of Social Business

January 18 2012

Jmp304View more presentations from John Head. You can get the Getting Started Database Here

Thoughts on Notes & Domino 8.5.3

October 5 2011

By now most of my readers have read the deluge of IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 8.5.3 news. For those that have not, here is a bit of a recap: Ed Brill: Introducing IBM XWork Server IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.3 now available, including entitlement to IBM Connections Files and Profiles New license terms in Notes/Domino 8.5.3, including changes to Domino Express Some great new resources for Notes/Domino 8.5.3 Niklas covers My Favorite Domino 8.5.3 XPages Features very well. My thoughts: XPages: 8.5.3 is the release you want to get on if you are doing XPages development. If you have done work in 8.5.1 and 8.5.2, yes, you will feel some pain getting your existing apps there. But 8.5.3 is going to become the foundation of all the roll up of features that we have seen on and on the blogs. When the extension library and mobile controls get implemented in the product vs. a download from, 8.5.3 is going to be the platform you need to be on. I also feel li

MWLUG 2011: The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

August 26 2011

The Integration Story started in 1994, with the first ways to combine Lotus Notes and Lotus Ami Pro to create custom applications. In 2011, the Integration story is still going strong. This session will start with the basics and ramp up in skill and capabilities. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your user's machines: Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET custom applications, , LibreOffice, Lotus Symphony, and more. We will look how the ODF and OOXML standards are changing the integration story and how they will impact you. You will walk out of the session with lots of sample code and extending your own integration story! MWLUG 2011: The Never Ending Integration Story View more presentations from John Head

MWLUG 2011: The Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage

August 26 2011

Speaker: John Head - PSC Group, LLC, Director of Enterprise Collaboration, David Via - IBM Corporation, BUE, WW Messaging and Collaboration Sales Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss PSC's "Application Modernization" strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages and advanced collaboration functionality. MWLUG 2011: Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage View more presentations from J

@IamLUG 2011 - The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

August 3 2011

This is the integration session I gave at IamLUG 2011 IamLUG 2011: The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus SymphonyView more presentations from John Head. "The Integration Story started in 1994, with the first ways to combine Lotus Notes and Lotus Ami Pro to create custom applications. In 2011, the Integration story is still going strong. This session will start with the basics and ramp up in skill and capabilities. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your user’s machines: Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET custom applications,, LibreOffice, Lotus Symphony, and more. We will look how the ODF and OOXML standards are changing the integration story and how they will impact you. You will walk out of the session with lots of sample code and extending your own integration story!"

@IamLUG 2011 - The Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage

August 1 2011

This is the session that David Via and I gave this morning at IamLUG 2011 The Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage - IamLUGView more presentations from John Head. "Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss PSC’s “Application Modernization” strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages and advanced collaboration functionality."

MWLUG 2011 - PSC will be there, will you be?

July 21 2011

MWLUG is back again for the third year. And once again PSC will be there. PSC is a sponsor and myself and Luis Guirigay are speaking. I am speaking on why developing modern apps in Notes/Domino makes sense with David Vai of IBM and on the integration of applications with Notes & Domino. Luis, together with Kim Greene, will deliver their ever-popular session on Domino Health Checks. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Milwaukee! The third annual Midwest Lotus User Group Conference 2011 is coming soon to Milwaukee, WI at the Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel, August 24-26, 2011. This year we have over 37 sessions from some of the best and most knowledge speakers. We have added a new track this year, the Social Business track. This track includes real business cases of companies using Social Media to successfully market and drive their business using a variety of different tools including IBM Connections. Social Business sessions include business cases from the retail and heal

IamLUG 2011 - PSC is sponsoring and speaking - See you there!

July 19 2011

PSC is proud to be sponsoring and speaking at IamLUG 2011 coming to St. Louis on August 1st and 2nd, 2011. We are a Gold Sponsor at the event and have three sessions: The Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage Speakers: John Head and David Vai Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss PSC’s “Application Modernization” strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages and advanced collaboration

The IBM loss of University of Nebraska - the missing piece of the discussion

July 6 2011

There has been a bunch of discussion about The University of Nebraska dropping the use of their in-house IBM Lotus Notes implementation and deciding on a cloud based solution. Tom Duff was the first to write about it on PL, and Palmi Lord wrote about it. It seems that Google and Microsoft were the only two players in the game and that Microsoft 'paid' U of N $25,000 to get the deal. I say 'paid' because giving incentives to close a software deal is what every software company out there does. That part really does not bother me. We should stop focusing on that. The university issue is a big one, but not what worries me. It seems that Google and Microsoft want to fight it out for the education and not-for-profit spaces with the lowest possible prices. I have never seen IBM play at the low end. I realize people in that space will disagree, but I think that space is outside of IBM's comfort zone, even if we had the marketing backing of the IBM Collaboration Services products that we all

Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage - UKLUG 2011 Edition

May 24 2011

Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage - UKLUG 2011 Edition View more presentations from John Head This is the presentation that Ted Stanton and I gave yesterday at UKLUG. It is an updated version of the session that David Via and I gave at BLUG. Thanks for the comments and feedback on the session. Seems like everyone enjoys that way we designed this - to get the IBM vision and then a partner practical experience back to back. If anyone has a user group where they would like this presentation to be presented, please contact me. David and I are planning on presenting this in the American Midwest at least once this summer.

#BLUG : Domino App Dev Competitive Advantage w/ @johnhead & @davidvia

March 31 2011

Domino app dev competitive advantage for blug View more presentations from John Head Slides from Belux Lotus User Group ( BLUG ) with David Via of IBM

PSC’s Collaboration team gets a shot in the arm with some geek ...

March 24 2011

As many of you know, PSC has been hiring quite a bit the last year. In the past 6 weeks, we have hired 8 new members to the PSC Chicago team. Our collaboration team has seen new team members as well. In the past year, we added Andrew Barickman as the practice manager (since Alex went off to do something new). We also hired Wil How who is rocking with XPages work. Our business is growing and the demand for high end Notes, Domino, XPages, and Integration work has had us looking for more help. It was about this time that I realized I had a chance to help out a good friend. About 15 years ago, I met someone who had a major impact on my life. We did work together here and there. He brought me in to his company as a consultant to do the first Notes to Word mail merge implementation. Based on that, he was a major reason I went to go work at Synergistics. After working with him and Henry Newberry for a year, I came to PSC. And the rest, as they say, is history. So let me be the first to we

PSC is hiring: including people with IBM Lotus product skillsets (and more)

February 23 2011

PSC Group, LLC is again looking for consultants to hire. We are looking to hire people with any of the following skillsets: 1. IBM Lotus Notes Developers who can develop Notes and traditional Domino Web Applications 2. XPages Developers 3. Administration skills with Domino, Sametime, Connections, Traveler, and other IBM Lotus products We are also looking for developers who have SharePoint, .NET, and Java skills. These are full time positions in the Chicagoland area. If you are interested, please contact me and I will get you to the proper person. Please note: We are only looking for candidates in the US. You must have legal status to work here. Ideally, we are looking for people in Chicago.

Interview with IBM’s Doug Heintzman and Konrad Lagarde : IBM Project Vulcan, IBM Social Business Toolkit, Mobile, and ODF/ Interview

February 22 2011

Due to scheduling issues at Lotusphere 2011, I was not able to do some of my press interviews. I was offered the chance of a make-up interview with Doug Heintzman, Director, Lotus Strategy. During the interview, he brought in Konrad lagarde, who is working on the IBM Project Vulcan team and has direct experience with the IBM Social Business Toolkit. Here is my transcription of the interview with some commentary at the end. Project Vulcan and the IBM Social Business Toolkit JH: IBM Project Vulcan as a project vs. a deliverable. Can you help map the progression of Project Vulcan from what was seen at Lotusphere 2010 vs Lotusphere 2011: DH: IBM is making a lot of progress and the vision is quite bold. IBM is devolving a bunch of packages and applications into a group of discrete services. Added to this will be an aggregation service, sharebox service(s), analytic services, etc. There will also be a set of toolkits, which the IBM Social Business Toolkit is one of them. The goal is to

My humble suggestion to the IBM PM team: Please do XPages RDBMS before DDE for Mac

February 21 2011

Ed has continued the discussion about Domino Designer on (DDE) on a Mac today. He talks about how he is convinced it needs to be done, but asks at what cost? What gets left off the to-do list in place? There is some chatter about server work vs. DDE Mac. While I have never been part of the IBM triage process for deciding what goes in a release, from what I have heard, observed, and been told, there is usually a bucket for server, client, and DDE/Development. So I am going to go with the assumption that DDE for Mac and Domino Server improvements are different groups and won't compete with each other for resources. So while I talked about DDE for Mac last week, I must say to all those at IBM listening, I would give up any further DDE platform support for RDBMS support. Allowing XPages to connect directly to JDBC or other third-party relational systems would be a major boon for the platform. XPages has the ability to become the middleware development platform for collaboratio

IdoSphere: Super feats of integration: XPages with Symphony, SharePoint, and Office

February 16 2011

Super feats of integration x pages with symphony sharepoint and officeView more presentations from John Head. Demo files and more coming soon

IdoSphere: Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage

February 15 2011

Domino app dev competitive advantage finalView more presentations from John Head. This is the presentation that David Via of IBM and myself gave today.

To all the DDE on Mac supporters, a few thoughts

February 15 2011

So there seems to be a meme today for the Lotus bubble to ask IBM to make Domino Designer on Eclipse (DDE) work on the Apple Mac OS. I have no horse in this fight, but a few thoughts. 1. Be exact in what you are asking for Are you really asking for DDE to come to the Mac OS? The entire thing? Or are you OK with an XPages only IDE for the Mac? Think long and hard about what your asking for and be very specific. Being too generic and broad in the request will likely prevent this from happening. Why? Because DDE or Designer didn't come to any platform in a single release given all the current features. Create a DDE on Mac 1.0 feature and requirement list. Can you live with English only on an English only Mac OS release? Only the latest 10.X instead of support for all current supported Mac OS versions? Be surgical in what your willing to have come in a later version. 2. Do you really know what it takes for DDE to come to the Mac? Has anyone done the work to figure out what the effort e

Follow the Product Managers and Executives on Twitter - this is for Marie and Stuart :-)

February 7 2011

Before and during Lotusphere 2011, there have been some discussions about how to engage with the IBM Lotus Executives and Product Managers outside of the stage and event. There has been some discussion on if this is needed, and I get Ed's point, but it is always good to engage with folks on a regular basis. I thought it was very interesting that the IBM executives new to the social software team (i.e. Lotus) , Sandy Carter and Nigel Beck ( I love how his url directs to his page ), are both very active in social media with their own personal brands. You can even use Tungle with Nigel - the first IBM VP I have seen do that. So to facilitate this interaction, and in Marie and Stuart's honor, I have created two public Twitter lists. IBM Lotus Ask the Product Managers: A list for any IBMer who is a Product Manager in the Lotus space IBM Lotus Executives: A list for anyone on the management team in the Lotus space These are meant to grow over time, so please let me know if we

Where was Project Vulcan? Say Hello to the IBM Social Business Toolkit

January 31 2011

Rich asks where was Project Vulcan in the Lotusphere 2011 OGS today? It was there, but you had to be really paying attention to the Project Vulcan evolution in 2010 to add it up. At Lotusphere 2010, we got the introduction of IBM Project Vulcan, a roadman or blueprint to adding new social features to the portfolio. And as the year progressed, Alistair talked about how IBM was going to ship a first version of the IBM Project Vulcan toolkit in 2010 and make it available to partners. They did that ... but today it is finally publically available. Go here to download it. Go here to see the wiki explaining all of the pieces. Activity Streams? Check. Sharebox? Check. One UI V3? Check. OAuth support? Yep. Here is the rub. In the transition of blue print to deliverable, IBM changed the name. It is now called the IBM Social Business Toolkit. I actually like the name, but there was no proper transition from IBM Project Vulcan to the new name. I think the main reason for that is IBM Project V

Lotusphere 2011: Domino Applications Coming to the IBM Cloud

January 31 2011

One of the major announcements from IBM this week is that in 2011, IBM will add support for hosted Domino applications to the LotusLive. Ed blogged about the announcement that was covered in the OGS and his session this afternoon. Let's cover some highlights: Public or Private Access 3 Licensing models: free developer or test deployments, bring-your-own-license or pay-as-you-go licensing for production deployments. Flexibility to have pay-as-you-go licensing in as little as hourly increments Amazon's Elasticompute will get updated with updated images, credit car payment options and improved activation IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive with support for the IBM Cloud and Amazon I think it is important to notice that the mention of hosted apps is on the IBM Cloud, not LotusLive servers. While Notes client will have single sign-on because of the PKI, it will be interesting to see that if web applications launch with SSO or we need to wait for a SAML implementation. I think t

JMP208 The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

January 30 2011

JMP208 The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus SymphonyView more presentations from John Head. Downloads coming shortly

PSC at Lotusphere 2011 : Health Check Best Practices, Integration in 2011, and David Via and I talk XPages for the Executives

December 3 2010

Yesterday was the day where session acceptances were sent out for Lotusphere 2011 and PSC has three presentations at the conference. Luis talked about his on Domino Health Check Best Practices. Luis, along with Alex, do the hands on work on our health checks and has a wealth of info to share. We do quite a few health checks so this is a session we are very excited to see get accepted. Alex and I return to Sunday Jumpstarts with "The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony" The abstract: The Integration Story started in 1994, with the first ways to combine Lotus Notes and Lotus Ami Pro to create custom applications. In 2011, the Integration story is still going strong. This session will start with the basics and ramp up in skill and capabilities. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your user’s machines:

Notes/Domino Express with Clustering, DA, and web access - Thoughts on how IBM can solve the issues

December 1 2010

So watching the reactions of people to Ed's announcement that Domino Express was going to get clustering as part of the entitlement has been interesting. I think IBM adding clustering to the Express offering is great, but also agree that the Directory Assistance should not be withheld from the Express entitlement. It is a no brainer and I hope it gets added in the short term. Ed's second post about this brings even more discussion, but really focuses on the thought around applications access on the web. Express does not allow external authenticated or anonymous web access to Domino applications. The Utility Express Domino license covers this. Utility Express is not cheap nor expensive - US$2700 for 100 PVUs. But should IBM really be charging for something like a blog, running the IBM blog template, on a server? I think there are two ways to solve this problem. The first is that IBM make the following to the IBM Domino Collaboration Express entitlement: 1. Allow DA for all Domino

ILUG 2010 - Lotus Symphony and you - how to stop giving microsoft your money!

November 14 2010

Lotus symphony and you - how to stop giving microsoft your money!View more presentations from John Head. Download the PSC Integration Samples database here. The Contacts Experience project is located here.

Comparing the Lotus Symphony and 3.0.0 Presentations LotusScript API

November 10 2010

So how does one tell if the APIs in Lotus Symphony 3 have been updated? Compare to the previous version: Lotus Symphony Presentations Lotus Symphony Presentations 3.0.0 Much nicer :)

IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Installer and Editor Component for Notes 8.5.x Ships

November 10 2010

So for everyone waiting for the Notes 8.5.X update installer for Lotus Symphony 3, your wait is over. Here is how you get it: 1. Go to PartnerWorld (partners) or PassportAdvantage (customers) 2. Search for Lotus Symphony 3 or the part number CRD8VML. You are looking for the eAssembly titled "IBM Lotus Symphony 1.3 and 3.0 for Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly" 3. Expand this 4. Look for the version for your operating system: There is also something called the Add on Pack but not clue what that is :-) Install and enjoy.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 - Coming tomorrow (10/21/2010)!

October 20 2010

Tomorrow will be a big day for fans of Lotus Symphony as Symphony 3 will be released in it's gold form tomorrow! Expect a website refresh and a link to download the stand-alone version sometime tomorrow. For those looking for the Notes 8.5.1/8.5.2 update installer, expect that from your typical IBM download site (Passport Advantage for customers, Partnerworld for partners) sometime soon. Expect a lot of info on this blog about the updated release, the new APIs for developers, and quite a bit about the updated and new plug-ins. I guess this means I need to update my ILUG Symphony presentation!

Did you notice the IBM Lotus news that came out of TriState LUG yesterday?

October 12 2010

Yesterday at the TriState Lotus Users Group meeting in New York City, a bunch of IBM Lotus news was soft announced. By soft announce, it was talked about in sessions during the day. I tweeted a bunch of the news, as you can see here (in reverse order of course): #tristatelug I think @curiousmitch planned the speakers and timing to be the week after #lola2010 on purpose :-) 17 hours ago johnhead john head #tristatelug IBM Project Vulcan brings rich experience to mobile devices - mobile device gets top tier priority in client 17 hours ago johnhead john head #tristatelug IBM Project Vulcan conceptual UI adds inline quick replies - to mail, posts, etc 17 hours ago johnhead john head #tristatelug IBM Project Vulcan - cross product Share box for posting in any app from a single place 17 hours ago johnhead john head #tristatelug IBM Project Vulcan conceptual demos work in a browser and in the Notes client. 17 hours ago johnhead john head #tristatelug IBM Project Vulcan adds em

PSC Symphony Services listed in the Lotus Catalog

October 4 2010

After the success of the Insert Graphic for Lotus Symphony video I posted on Youtube, IBM asked that we add our Symphony services to the Lotus Catalog. We finally got thru the process! and here is the specific page More to come from PSC in the catalog over the next month.

Lotus Quickr Connectors - IBM it’s time to take these seriously

October 4 2010

Now that IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 has shipped, it is time for a bit of commentary on the Lotus Quickr Connectors. I covered the Quickr 8.5 release in these posts last month. For many users, their main interaction with IBM Lotus Quickr is thru the Lotus Quickr Connectors. The Connectors install on your (windows) machine and allow you to interact directly with places. The connectors allow the Lotus Notes client to save files from emails directly to Quickr. They allow users to have a plug-in for direct access to the files without using the web interface. Lotus Quickr Connector Toolbar in the Notes client Lotus Quickr Connector Sidebar Plug-in in the Notes client The Lotus Quickr Connectors also integrate with Lotus Symphony (both the embedded version with the Notes client and the stand alone install). Lotus Quickr Connector Plug-in for the embedded version of Lotus Symphony The Lotus Quickr Connectors plug-in for Lotus Sametime Stand-alone client The Lotus Quickr Conne

Time for another review ... IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide

October 3 2010

I was asked by Packt Publishing to take a look at one of their newest releases IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 User Guide. As I read thru the book, the thought that kept coming to mind was "the single most comprehensive resource for any end user of Lotus Notes 8.5" and I mean that. I think this book was written to be very approachable to the end user - either a twenty year veteran user of the product to the newest of users. Karen Hooper does a wonderful job of distilling a large amount of information and presenting it in a digestible format. While slightly different than the 8.5.2 experience I am using myself, I found myself learning things I have missed for many years. I got a bit disjunctured with the order of covering chat, feeds, and widgets before mail and calendaring, but otherwise the flow is very natural. I also thought the chapter on Lotus Symphony was a bit on the light side - but that is coming from someone who lives and breathes Symphony and should probably write the Packt book

Time for another review ... IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials : A User’s Guide

October 3 2010

I was asked by Packt Publishing to take a look at one of their newest releases IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User's Guide. While written by community friends Tom Duff and Marie Scott, I can safely tell you that if you use Sametime 8.X in any form, you can not go wrong with this book. I could have never believed that you could have written a 300 page book, for users, about Sametime. Is there really that much to know about sending an instant message or setting up a web conference? After reading this book, I can tell you there is plenty to know - and far more you never did. For me, this is a great reference. As a user of Sametime since the first version came out, I learned a new tip or feature every chapter. For a user who is not as technical as many of us, this will be a great source for learning. Well organized and very well written. One of the things I dislike most about books with more than one author is disjuncture writing styles across chapters or within, this book has

Speaking at ILUG 2010 - Coming this November!

October 1 2010

Another upcoming Lotus user group is ILUG 2010 - the return of the granddaddy of them all! ILUG 2008 was a blast in Dublin, but this time it will be in Belfast in Northern Ireland. I am excited - I have not been to Belfast before. I am going to use this as an opportunity to do some touring around the island. For the first time since Lotusphere, I am doing a session on Lotus Symphony: Lotus Symphony and You - How to stop giving Microsoft your money! For years, you have given Microsoft money for Office Licenses. Would you be interested if we could show you how you could save the money and still produce great documents, spreadsheets and presentations? This session is for you. The first half of the session will be a real-world comparison of Lotus Symphony to Microsoft Office and We will help you decide what type of workers and situations should use which product. We will transition the session to cover the Application Development story. What can you do to integrate Lot

Speaking at Tri-State LUG 2010 - What a killer lineup!

September 30 2010

Tri-State LUG is happening October 11th, 2010 at 590 Madison Avenue in New York City at the IBM conference center. A great lineup of speakers; Alistair Rennie is giving the keynote. Kevin Cavanaugh is giving the Collaboration Roadmap session (Ed usually does this, but it will be very interesting to see Kevin's perspective - great to hear from the top boss here). Other amazing speakers in our community, and myself. I am doing the following session: Kumbaya Meets Let's Kick Butt: The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony Welcome to 2010, where Lotus Notes and Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies,, & Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and build up to mail merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentations, and integration on the Web. Advanced topics such as Vi

So IBM wants us to vote on Symphony Next ideas on IJ - how about attention to old ones?

September 29 2010

Stephan and Ed both posted that we should go into the Lotus Symphony idea space and vote for features for Symphony Next (Symphony 3 is shipping sometime in Q4). That is awesome, but I would like to see ideas posted previously to get some attention. Here is one of mine: This has the most votes in this idea space. We got the LotusScript API for Notes ... but what about all of the other items?

IBM Announces Notes & Domino win with Singapore Airlines

September 23 2010

IBM announced that Singapore Airlines has selected IBM Lotus Notes and Domino over the competition. The official press release: Singapore Airlines Strengthens Global Communications with IBM Software ARMONK, N.Y...September 23, 2010...IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Singapore Airlines to empower the airline's geographically distributed workforce to collaborate and communicate more effectively. After a comprehensive total cost of ownership study that evaluated the merits of IBM Lotus software versus the competition, Singapore Airlines decided to expand its collaboration initiatives with IBM software. As part of the new undertaking, Singapore Airlines will upgrade to the latest version of Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 by the end of 2010, and will further enhance its collaboration, knowledge management and mobility using IBM social software. "Enterprise collaboration and communications is critical for a company whose employees are as dispersed as S

Quickr 8.5 Ships - Is this truly the Domino.Doc successor we have been waiting for?

September 21 2010

Today marks the 'shipping' of IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 for IBM Lotus Domino. While there are many important new features in this release, one of the biggest goals of Quickr D 8.5 is to be the successor to the Domino.Doc product line. With the cease of development of Domino.Doc, IBM has targeted this release for DomDoc customers to migrate their document management systems to. A bit of history: Last March, I spent the month in Cambridge working on the Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager red book. There are many references to a future version of Quickr that will help with the migration of Domino Document Manager applications and use cases - Quickr 8.5 is the release we were talking about. Now that Quickr 8.5 is out, is this the magic bullet release that gives Domino.Doc customers a migration path? As you might expect, that is a loaded question. The answer is Maybe. The best way is to answer by use case. Use Case #1: High End Document Management w

LotusLive Notes - Why this is just the tip of the iceberg

August 16 2010

Last week, IBM announced LotusLive Notes, the cloud (hosted) version of IBM Notes & Domino. I didn't have time to blog about it last week, so here is a reply of what took place. First, Ed announced LotusLive Notes. You can also read the IBM press release for IBM LotusLive Notes and IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 8.5.2. Both are coming August 24th, 2010. Then, reporting from a blogger conference call, Tom, Peter, John Roling, and Nathan wrote their thoughts and impressions - and some questions - about the announcements. Nathan wrote about how this really is just the Lotus Domino we all know and love - and why tha tis a good thing. So I can share now, I have been participating in the LotusLive Notes beta. But to highlight how 'real Domino' this really is - I just added a new location to 8.5.2 CD5 and created a connection document to the LotusLive Notes servers. Everything else worked just like Notes. I added the LotusLive community to Sametime - and that was up and running immediate

Yellow Day Release: Updated Contacts Experience

August 11 2010

In honor of Yellow Day, I am going to post a new version of the Contacts Experience. Here is what is new: - Support for Microsoft Office 2010 - Updates to Microsoft Office Label and Envelope Functionality - Started work on adding Label functionality - The beginnings of custom field functionality: The goal is to have custom templates that the user can select, but first we need custom fields. The first release just defines the basic fields and a way to customize them. More to come. I have also been working on the first release to support Symphony 3.X when it is embedded in Notes 8.5.2. While not coming on August 24th when Notes 8.5.2 ships, Symphony 3 will have an update toolkit for Notes. This will give us a bunch more functionality, including presentations and labels and envelopes. Enjoy Yellow Day!

Yellow Day is coming August 11th!

August 9 2010

As Nathan blogs, Yellow Day is coming in just two short days! Yellow Day is a celebration of the Lotus community - how are you going to celebrate? Some folks like Nathan will release new projects. Others make product or services announcements. Lots of folks post tips & tricks to their blogs. Others make updates to projects on And many just wear something Lotus branded; t-shirt, hat, etc. So how are you celebrating Yellow Day? Whatever you do, you should do something and share that! Blogs, Facebook, Twitter should be a buzz on Wednesday. Get involved and have fun!

IamLUG 2010 - The Collaboration Agenda – Putting It to Work in your Organization - Slides Posted

August 2 2010

The Collaboration Agenda – Putting It to Work in your OrganizationView more presentations from John Head.

John Speaks 2010: 2 Sessions at IamLUG 2010 (in just two weeks!)

July 20 2010

User Group season is upon us and I am pleased to be speaking at the second installment of IamLUG. I have two sessions. The first is an hour version of the two hour Lotusphere 2010 jumpstart entitled “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Let's Kick Butt”: The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony: Welcome to 2010, where Lotus Notes and Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies,, & Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and build up to mail merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentations, and integration on the Web. Advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office, advanced development with C#, and integration with Lotus Domino Web Services are included. Integration with Xpages, Google Docs, Sharepoint, ODF, OOXML, and Windows Explorer will highlight the options available. Ev

The Lotus Solutions Catalog is NOT an ’app store’ nor is it ’app store’ like

June 22 2010

With all the chatter about an 'App Store' for Lotus Notes, I am really starting to get a bit testy when I hear IBMer's call the Lotus Solutions Catalog anything along the lines of 'app store like' - and here is why. It's on Greenhouse. Until it has a url of or or even its just part of a R&D website. Get it off Greenhouse - RIGHT FREAKING NOW! Until I can purchase a product with a credit card and have it install directly into my notes client (or download the .ntf directly) it is not an app store. It is a website that lists first and third party applications. Since this would be an App Store from IBM, no reason the IBM cert couldn't be used to bypass the client policy lock down of plug-ins. We all trusted the "Lotus Notes Template Development/Lotus Notes" for our Notes/Domino templates for years. Do the same for the store so end users can actually install stuff. Until it is available from within the Notes client itself

The Notes / Lotus Bubble: Why "community" and "change" invoke such wide emotional responses

June 16 2010

I have stayed very quiet in this weeks blogging explosion that has happened within the Lotus bubble. I reached out to jonvon personally and made a comment on both Gab's and Ed's posts. Nothing really serious and definitely not bringing my voice and opinion into this discussion. For right now - I am going to stay clear of the specific discussion on what IBM can do. Ed's blog post is the beginning of what should be a bigger conversation IBM has with the community - in whatever form or shape that turns into. Andrew is writing some good posts to get the discussion going. We will see everyone put forth their thoughts on what IBM should do - and with good cause. I certainly see both sides of the conversation. What makes it more interesting for me is PSC has always had multiple practices around different technologies. We have had a thriving Microsoft practice for a couple years. I have been doing work with Microsoft since 1995. I branched out three years ago to start a Document Generation p

Blogging from Enterprise 2.0: Lotus Knows Social Computing Session

June 16 2010

Here is my twitter stream (laptop battery was struggling) from the session that Kevin Cavanaugh and Chris Crummey gave yesterday at Enterprise 2.0: in the IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf with @lbenitez @edbrill @elsua and many more oh @ccrummey on stage with @kevincavanaugh at IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf @ccrummey is demoing Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 at #e2conf - showing off Live Text with @edbrill name - searching connections profiles @ccrummey showing off an IBM templates addin for Lotus Symphony 3 - why this isnt public I have no idea! #lotusknows #e2conf #lotusknows that @ccrummey is showing off Project "Concord" live - first I have seen since Lotusphere2010 #e2conf IBM Project Concord looks great - except for 3 rows of toolbars. edit the UI please :-) IBM Project Concord is about collaborative editing - its not just another web based document editor #e2conf #lotusknows IBM Project Concord has sections that can be assigned and co-authored #e2conf #lotusknows RT lbenitez

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 Plug-ins

June 8 2010

To go along with IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3, IBM has released a bunch of new plug-ins specific to this version: LotusLive Connector : Links you to LotusLive by simple click Mass Convertor : Batch converts MicroSoft Office files into odf format Organization Chart: Generates organization charts in Lotus Symphony Presentations Embedded SharePoint: Manages SharePoint server documents in Lotus Symphony Media Wiki : Lets you write and publish your wiki in Lotus Symphony Wiki Convertor: Converts Lotus Symphony Document to Confluence or Lotus Connections wik Send to Mail: Automatically starts your default mail system to send your current document Spreadsheet to HTML: Converts Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets into HTML files Document to HTML: Converts documents to HTML files Open HTML File: Opens and converts HTML files into Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets FTP Document Management: Manages your FTP server documents in Lotus Symphony Embedded Calculator: Does calculations without leaving Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 gets IBM’s first collaborative editing in the cloud functionality with LotusLive integration

June 8 2010

It is a first release within a beta release of Lotus Symphony, so there is a lot of room for improvement. I would like to see: auto-refreshing a cleaner UI the ability to launch to LotusLive directly from the sidebar plugin Type-ahead support for the sharing dialog Group support for the sharing dialog and I think that if IBM really wants to compete with the other tools out there, there needs to be a LotusLive account that is free for users. Let them store documents and then be able to connect up to a paid corporate account. That will be a great solution. IBM has also released an add-in that provides LotusLive functionality as well. I think this is a great move on their part - embrace the greater community as the same time as deepening the functionality in their own products. Overall, this is a great first step. Lots of polish is needed, but I look forward to how this evolves as the Lotus Symphony 3 Beta continues.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 Performance Results Video (WOW)

June 7 2010

I just recorded this video of the performance of IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3: So I know my hardware is pretty fast, but these results are still an amazing improvement over Symphony 1.3 and Symphony 3 Beta 2. WOW!

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 is Out!

June 7 2010

Just released today, you can find the release here. The highlights of what is new in Beta 3: What's New in IBM® Lotus® SymphonyTM 3 Beta3? General Quality Improvements Improved ODF file fidelity to better support processing files which were generated by previous versions of Lotus Symphony Fixed key Mac OS specific stability, functional and usability bugs Fixed Lotus Symphony Presentation table functional and usability bugs Improved memory leak issue during long run of Lotus Symphony Fixed additional bugs on general stability, function, usability and Microsoft Office interoperabilityNew Features More VBA APIs are supported Ability to customize toolbar content and layout Enabled Sidebar panel management to show or hide sidebar panels More sidebar pages and sections containing new property controlling Spreadsheet cell appearance, including cell borders Graphic Word processor page settings, including margins More sidebar panels in presentation editor Color palette, eyedropper, image a

Notes and Outlook Speed Tests Redux - Measuring the Lenovo T410s

May 11 2010

So just about 3 weeks ago I wrote about how fast the Notes 8.5.2 client was on my new Dell desktop. The numbers got a lot of attention, but there was a bunch of chatter from folks that the machine was not standard. I agree, it's not a standard desktop in the business world. I am lucky enough to have gotten a second new machine in the same time frame, this time replacing my laptop. I got the Lenovo Thinkpad T410s. Here are the specs: Lenovo Thinkpad T410s i5 540 @ 2.53 Ghz 4 Gigs of Ram 128 Gig SSD Hard Drive nVidia NVS 3100M and lots more that don't have any effect on the Notes client (WiMAX, Verizon WAN, eSata, DisplayPort, BluRay Drive, Touch Screen, etc) I installed the Notes client 8.5.2 CD 4 / M2 release. Here are the times: Cold Boot (I restarted the computer, made sure Symphony wasn't preloaded, and started Notes from the Start Bar) 1.65 seconds to the login prompt 2.39 seconds from clicking OK on the login prompt to the Workspace - meaning I could click on a database icon

HTML5 Follow on thought ... and how it applies to Notes SQL

April 20 2010

So after I showed the amazing HTML 5 Presentation to Nathan Freeman, he said the following to me: 6:34:02 PM hrmm 6:34:08 PM I wonder... 6:34:15 PM the JS SQL API... 6:34:25 PM can you write a driver for the SQL backend? 6:34:36 PM John D Head im not sure 6:34:49 PM wouldn't that be interesting? 6:34:53 PM John D Head of course 6:35:00 PM cause then you could use SQL as a declarative syntax 6:35:06 PM would be a reason to revive NotesSQL Nathan of course was talking about Slide 8 - JS APIs : Web SQL Database. Go play with that slide. And then, assuming you are using Chrome, go look at what it did. Here is a screen shot: So we now have a local database in the browser that takes SQL commands. It seems to be installed by default with Google Chrome (not sure of other browsers, will need to check). What if we had a modern day Notes SQL driver that allowed a web app to talk to Domino via SQL. What if IBM Project Vulcan's web client could merge data in an NSF and data in a local

8.5.2 Finally Makes Database Icon’s Rock

April 19 2010

So with 8.5.2 Code Drop 4, IBM removed the limitation of not being able to talk about what is coming in the release. There are a lot of great new changes coming, but the one will make most people smile is the changes to Database Icons. When you select the Icon resource in 8.5.2, you will get this dialog: You can select a full color icon of type BMP, JPG, GIF, and yes folks, PNG. Where do they apply? Well, how about the bookmark bar, database tab, search icon, in Designer, and on the Workspace. I have not found a place they don't show up. You can still create an old style Icon if you want ... there is not image editor built into Designer. Hard to not ask for more than we are getting, but over time, I would love a Save dialog so we can save the source image to the hard drive. But beggars can't be choosers. :-) So thanks to Maureen and her team for getting this one finally taken care of. It's funny, besides DXL and the LSX Toolkit, Database Icons were the item most asked about at "As

SymphonyThursday: A LotusScript Mail Merge API Tip

April 15 2010

Here is a great tip for anyone working with mail merge in Lotus Symphony Documents 1.3 using the LotusScript API. One of the first things people want to do with automating mail merge is to automate just enough so the user can write a form letter without having to automate the whole process. Just get the selected documents, map the fields, and open the mail merge wizard/process. We do this pretty easily with Microsoft Word Mail Merge and the Mail Merge Wizard. Until now, this was not possible with Lotus Symphony Documents. The key is the ShowMailMergeSideBar function on the Mail Merge object. We (PSC) was using the document text as stated, and it was causing issues. The Sidebar would come up in strange ways and the completed merge would not have the field data. Totally strange. So before I reveal the solution, let's look at the documentation for the method: Method ShowMailMergeSideBar This method opens mail merge sidebar in Lotus Symphony. Be sure that the document is visible, othe

Interesting Thought: DOLS and the Weblicator are hot again

April 14 2010

So I find myself thinking back to the time when we had the Lotus Weblicator; it took web pages offline; and Domino Off-line Services (DOLS) and they were pretty active and hot technologies. The ability to take web applications off-line with no Notes client installed? I remember being very impressed - seeing as this was the R5 time frame. The DOLS Manager gave us a client-front end to manage those applications and even allowed admins to have some level of control. Click a link on an applications and it was added to my DOLS Manager list. Replication was supported too. The problem with DOLS is it basically ran a Domino Server (nserver.exe) with the HTTP task on the client machine. Hardware couldn't handle that back then. Have you tried using DOLS today? On some of the new hardware, like an i5 or i7 desktop, it screams! Yes - DOLS is still supported and ships with Domino 8.5.1 ... even if DOLS Manager seems to dislike Windows 7 64 Bit OS. With all of this talk about off-line Web 2.0 appl

OpenNTF Contacts Experience 8.5.1 V1 is available for download!

April 13 2010

You can get it here. For those curious, here is the Design Element listing of what is New and Updated from the default Contacts (pernames.ntf) template:

If IBM Project Vulcan succeeds, the IBM Lotus Notes Client we know today is dead

April 13 2010

Peter Presnell wrote a very interesting blog post entitled Saving Notes: Why The Notes Client Must Die that has gotten some attention (via and a bunch of comments. What I find funny is that it has taken just under three months for this discussion to take place in the Lotus blogsphere since IBM Project Vulcan was announced. Yes, the Notes client we know today is dead. What do I mean? Well, if IBM Project Vulcan is successful, the Notes client we have today will be dead. The goal is to build a modern application platform using Web 2.0 technology. The goal is to build a new platform for the future which also keeps the existing Notes application model present. Xpages are the app model. So looking at that direction, why could the Notes client not be just a packaged, installable application that made off-line mobile applications easy to deploy and control? Why not take a complete web experience, wrapped with the off-line capabilities of HTML5, and make an EXE out of it

OpenNTF Contacts Experience Version 1.0 is coming ... and here is some proof!

April 12 2010

I swear, it's coming "Real Soon Now" ... Version 1.0 is just in final testing. And here is a preview of some of the features: Version 1.0 will be released here this week. I promise! :-) We won't be submitting this release to the catalog, we want to get some of the "Coming Soon" features done first.

Public Service Announcement for anyone using the Domino Blog template

April 7 2010

Many of you who read this blog or any of the other IBM blogs that PSC hosts noticed that since Sunday evening, the blog server was very slow. Sometimes not reachable at all. Since fixing it last night, I figured I would pass along a few thoughts on how others can prevent this problem. 1. If you are using the Domino Blog template from IBM, please make sure you have the Anti Spam Check? Option turned to YES The mix-and-mash blog did not have this turned on ... and had gotten over 250,000 comments in about 36 hours. They were from different IP addresses, but this was causing the HTTP server task to pretty much die 2. I figured out that the mix-and-mash blog was the issue specifically because Luis found out that a blog entry from 2008 on that blog was open in HTTP threads a lot ... like over 10,000 active connections. This must have been how the botnet software was keeping the connection to the server and passing the information along to the different machines that were auto-generatin

PSC Getting Started Sample Database for Microsoft Office and Lotus Symphony Integration from Lotusphere 2010

February 8 2010

In both of my Lotusphere 2010 sessions, JMP106 “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Lets Kick Butt” : The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony and BP214 IBM Lotus Symphony : Finally, A Developer's Friend, we used the PSC Getting Started Sample Database. I promised to share it with everyone - and I apologize for the delay. This database has samples for the following technologies: Lotus Notes automating Microsoft Word Lotus Notes automating Microsoft Excel Lotus Notes automating Microsoft PowerPoint Lotus Notes automating Microsoft Project Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Documents (UNO) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets (UNO) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Presentations (UNO) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Documents (LotusScript) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets (LotusScript) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Presentations (LotusScript) Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) reading Lotus

IBM Lotus Symphony Website gets a makeover

February 3 2010

With the Symphony 3 Beta 2 Download, there is a new look and feel for the webpage Love the logo in the bottom right :-)

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 is now available

February 3 2010

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 is now available! Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 is now available! Give it a try. Tell us what you think. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 represents a major new advancement for our Lotus Symphony users. Based on current 3 code stream. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 offers loads of new features and capabilities and improved file fidelity. The Lotus Symphony team is excited to get it out to you and get your feedback. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 introduces support for Visual Basic Macros, OLE Objects, and embedded audio/video as well as delivering business card and label templates commonly used. Users will also find enhanced support for and interoperability with Microsoft Office 2007 files and file formats. We've enhanced the user interface and added features throughout the product, such as support for nested tables, presentation masters and Digital Signatures. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 also makes improvements on commonly used features such as comments and Da

Time for another review ... IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1

January 31 2010

So like many of the other bloggers in the Lotus Community, I was asked to check out the new "IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1" book from Packt Publishing. I got thru the book today and here are a few thoughts on it. First and foremost, the book is designed to be an overview of the product and an update on what is new. In many ways, it feels like the content you would get from a super duper "What's New in Notes" help file or something from Lotus Education to take the new certifications. I do not think that is a bad thing. If you were expecting a really detailed book on Xpages, this is not that book. I will get to the Xpages issue in a bit, but first - lets talk about what is good in the book. I found the chapters on the Domino Server, Deployment, Upgrading, and Coexistence to be very good, even if there are two chapters about Domino (Chapters 4 and 10) which should have been consolidated into one. I thought for anyone who was a beginner to mid level IT professional would learn someth

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Notes & Domino Keynote

January 18 2010

Review 2009 Notes 8.5.1 - Oct 2009 - "More than a maintenance release" - DDE w/ new LotusScript and Java editors - Xpages in the client - Traveler for the iPhone - Focus on deployability Notes 8.5.2 is a maintenance release Domino Designer was made available for free New Client Access Client License model - 11 done to 2 - removed client types in licensing - Lotus Mobile Connect Messaging Economics - DAOS - Simplified ID Management (ID Vault) - Reducing operating costs by 30% or more Forrester Research - 147% ROI for Upgrading to Notes and Domino 8.5 - Payback in only 12 months Kirk Gutmann - CSO and CTO, CM - 3000 users on Notes 8 - 93% user satisfaction - moving to 8.5.1 now - upgrading a 1k people a day - Mobility Today - Rich Client, 3% Light Client 1%, 96% at home - Mobility - Projected - Rich Client 10%, Light Client - 70%, Basic Unmanaged 20% - Traveler for iPhone use - Unified Communications - shifts the focus from the device to you - presence awareness, single phone nu

Thank you Bob Picciano

January 12 2010

As most of you in the Lotus community have heard, IBM made some organizational changes today that will take Bob Picciano into a worldwide sales leader role for IBM Software and promote Alistair Rennie to the role of Lotus General Manager. My initial reaction was "WOW" - just like the rest of us. But I am not worried here - I am excited. Bob has the ability to energize the people he works with. I think Alistair has the same ability. So if Bob can energize the world wide IBM Software team AND bring more attention of the Lotus brand, products, and people to a larger audience, and Alistair can continue Lotus on the path is is on, then I am look forward to 2010. We, the community, often complain that Lotus does not get the attention and respect from the general IBM folks, in marketing and sales, and if Bob can make any progress on this, we will all be better off. Personally, I just wanted to thank Bob for being the first Lotus GM to really be a part of our community. From his interaction a

Announcing the Contacts Experience project!

November 18 2009

For those of you that have attended any of the integration sessions I have given this year (and years before), I have a demo database that has very specific feature demos for integration topics. I make sure the slides and demo numbers match the demo database. Attendees have told me they love the demo database because it is organized and each demo is self contained. So while I will not stop doing this demo database, I have wanted to do something a bit more usable for a while. So in an effort to rebuild the Integration and Symphony sessions at Lotusphere that I will be giving, we are going to take a new approach. So enters the Contacts Experience project. I have always wanted to extend the Contacts application with real world, usable features. I didn't got that route as the templates were not distributable (officially), but now they are. So for the Lotusphere sessions, we are going to build functionality that an end user can use AND highlight integration functionality. Advan

PSC and "Insert Graphic in Lotus Symphony" demo video featured on Symphony Website

November 10 2009

PSC is one again featured on the Lotus Symphony website. And on the partner page: I was always skeptical on recording videos for this kind of business purpose, but the response from IBM and customers has been off the charts. Expect more videos! Thanks to IBM for the link love.

TriStateLUG 2009 - Integration and Coexistence Session Slides and Demo Database

November 9 2009

Tri State Lug 2009 - Integration And Coexistence SessionView more documents from John Head. Demo database available for download here

New Video showcasing a Lotus Symphony API Solution

October 27 2009

Here is a video I recorded that showcases the PSC Insert Graphic for Lotus Symphony technology demo More videos to come!

Lotus Symphony Documents "Hello World" in LotusScript

October 21 2009

To get started with the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API, let's write our first code sample - the ever popular "Hello World" sample. To start, create a new button in a Rich Text field in a document. Change the code selection drop-down to "LotusScript" and enter the (Options) section. To begin, every time you want to use the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API, you need to call the LSX. You do that with the following code: %INCLUDE "symphonylsx.lss" This tells LotusScript to load the Symphony LSX. It also enables LotusScript to do cool things like provide type-ahead for the custom LSX - even in buttons or in actions on a form or view. Now let's write some code. Go into the Click section of the button and enter the following: Dim application As SymphonyApplication Set application = New SymphonyApplication To begin, we are creating an application variable and setting it to the SymphonyApplication class. We then set that variable to a new instance of that c

Introduction to the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API

October 14 2009

As you might have heard, Notes 8.5.1 includes a new API for Lotus Symphony - in native LotusScript. It works with all three of the Symphony applications, but the Lotus Symphony Presentations API is very bare in this release. I will cover more about each Symphony application in individual blog entries to follow, but I wanted to give an overview of the LotusScript API first. To begin working with the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API, you need to download the file lotus_symphony851_win_CZ5SZEN.exe. You can get this from both PartnerWorld or Passport Advantage. There is also a version of the file for Linux. Once you have downloaded and unzipped the Toolkit, you will see the following: Here is a description of each folder: docs - contains two pdf's: "IBM Lotus Symphony Developer's Guide.pdf" which is all about working with the Symphony API for modifying the menu, sidebar, and menu bar and is targeted at Expeditor developers and "Symphony Developer's Guide for Notes.pdf" which is for No

Notes 8.5.1 bring us a true Lotus Symphony API!

October 14 2009

One of the features of Notes 8.5.1 that is getting buried under the local XPages and other killer features is the new API that allows Notes developers to write LotusScript and Java to automate Lotus Symphony. No longer does one need to learn the UNO hacks we have been using for the past couple years with and the past 18 months with Lotus Symphony. I am queuing up a bunch of articles on the new Lotus Symphony API for this week and next. Here is a quick rundown on them: 1. Introduction to the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API 2. Lotus Symphony Documents "Hello World" in LotusScript 3. Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets "Hello World" in LotusScript 4. Lotus Symphony Presentations "Hello World" in LotusScript (and why it doesn't work) 5. Lotus Symphony Documents and Mail Merge via LotusScript 6. Using the Symphony LotusScript API in a Document Action 7. Using the Symphony LotusScript API in a View Action 8. Building Cha

UKLUG 2009 - Lotus Symphony and You : How to stop giving Microsoft your Money!

October 12 2009

Here are the slides from my session at UKLUG 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK last week. Uklug 2009 Lotus SymphonyView more documents from John Head. Demo databases can be downloaded here

My bulleted list of what you care about in Notes/Domino 8.5.1

October 6 2009

The pieces you care about: Domino Designer is now FREE for anyone - and its a pleasure to use Traveler supports iPhone mail, calendar, task, and personal address book sync XPages works locally in the Client Lots of XPages and Composite Applications (CA) fixes and enhancements Symphony toolkit with LotusScript and Java support will get a bunch of the out-of-box templates donated. You can now officially use these templates as part of your projects - and have them committed to the catalog. This includes Vince's mail experience and much more. What is your favorite feature in 8.5.1?

Notes / Domino 8.5.1 officially announced

October 6 2009

As many of you have read, IBM officially announced Notes and Domino 8.5.1 IBM PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release IBM Brings Lotus Notes and Domino Software to Full Spectrum of Web Devices No Charge Option Available to Developers for Domino Designer to Extend Domino Business Applications ARMONK, NY – October 6, 2009: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a major extension of Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration software for the full spectrum of proliferating mobile and Web-connected devices such as the Apple iPhone, Nokia smartphones, thin clients, laptops and desktops used to access corporate applications and business processes. To spur broader growth of Lotus Notes and Domino applications for the increasingly diverse range of devices in corporate use, for the first time, IBM will make Lotus Domino Designer tools available at no charge. Lotus Domino 8.5.1 is the first version to natively support the iPhone via Lotus Notes Traveler software. This extends Lotus Domino automatic synchin

Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager Redbook has Shipped!

September 28 2009

Months of work by many fine people have finally come to completion. The ILDDM Migration Redbook is complete! Here is the full announcement: Form Number: SG24-7747-00 Title: Self Assessment and Strategy Guide for Migrating from Domino Document Manager Can now be downloaded as a PDF file and ordered in hardcopy two weeks following the Publish Date! (see for online access) This IBM® Redbooks® publication is intended to help your organization plan and prepare for a migration away from Lotus® Domino® Document Manager (formerly known as Domino.Doc). This IBM Redbook focuses primarily on analyzing, planning, and preparing with only a small portion devoted to the actual process of migrating to another solution. While there is no exact equivalent to Domino Document Manager (DDM), we discuss IBM Lotus Quickr™ in detail and illustrate how your organization can achieve many of the same functional goals using Lotus Quickr services f

Thoughts on LoLA and #LotusKnows

September 27 2009

I haven't been able to write much about the events of LoLA and "Lotus Knows" last week as I had wanted too. The Lotus Leadership Alliance (LoLA) event was an great change for Lotus to interact with it's top customers and partners. What is different between Lotusphere and LoLA is that the gloves come off. Customers present to IBM on what they can do better. IBM takes time to meet with it's partners in one on one meetings. Exchange of ideas and suggestions is encouraged. No media to impress. No flash. Just hard core discussions and sharing of what everyone can do between now and Lotusphere. For me, I spent most of my time outside of the presentations given on the products and their futures. I spent my time talking with fellow partners, customers, and IBMers in the hallways. Some great discussions - and lots of time bantering back and forth with Nathan. We even came up with a killer idea for a Lotusphere submission. LoLA also was the official kick-off of the "Lotus Knows" campaign. Se

Symphony Thursday: New Widgets Released

September 10 2009

IBM has sent out a press release announcing new widgets for Lotus Symphony: Contact: Mike Azzi IBM Communciations 914-766-1561 IBM Now Offering Microsoft Customers Lotus Symphony Software with Popular Widgets ARMONK, NY, September 10, 2009 --- IBM is now offering Microsoft customers free of charge Lotus Symphony software that is compatible with Microsoft Office formats and supports a wide range of widgets which extend the functionality of the software. IBM and a variety of third parties -- including independent software vendors, individual developers, customers and IBM business partners -- are writing a variety of widgets to take advantage of this new feature. Popularized by consumer Web sites and third parties, widgets allow Symphony users to tap into everything from Web-based Google Gadgets, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections and popular wikis, to Microsoft SharePoint and MSN, all from within Symphony. Users can easily drag-and-drop widgets

MWLUG 2009 - Integration and Coexistance Slides and Demo Database

August 27 2009

MMLUG 2009 Integration And Coexistence SessionView more documents from John Head. Download the Demo Database here

Lotus Knows Marketing - Some Personal Thoughts and a Challenge

August 17 2009

You can read all about the blogger briefing this morning here, but I wanted to share some personal thoughts on this. We all know that marketing is the dirty word in the Lotus community. Partners fret over it all the time - many have blogged about it in all forms. Rational and completely irrational. Customers wonder why there is no marketing to back up their decision. And IBM always answered with IBM brand and messaging focused advertising. Like Smart Planet. The Lotus community, or the "Lotus Loyals" as IBM calls us, just shook their head and laughed. But this time, IBM is answering. Kristen Lauria and her marketing team have created the first Lotus branded campaign that I can remember since the R5 days of "I am Superman" ads. It is telling when the campaign is yellow and black - and the IBM logo and masthead on the website is not the focal point. This is also not a "one quarter and done" type of effort. IBM is talking about 24 months of effort - unheard of for the Lotus brand since

Lotus Knows Campaign - Blogger Briefing

August 17 2009

Kristen Lauria - VP of Marketing, IBM Lotus and Ed Brill hosted a call for the Lotus bloggers to brief us in the upcoming "Lotus Knows" marketing campaign and jam. Here are my notes: Overview Campaign - 24 month marketing campaign targeting the influential end-user audience to broaden and deepen enthusiasm for Lotus collaboration technology. Inside out approach - tapping into the energy in the Lotus community to generate real content and excitement at campaign launch. Use the "Lotus Loyal" and partners to spread the message to installed end-users and then end-user prospects. Experience matters - awareness elements will reach target audience where they spend their time and drive them to a web site where they can use the technology and share thoughts Extend reach - 360 degree campaign leading with air cover to build preference from end-users Global campaign - creative media beginning in NA, social media extending worldwide, potential media expansion into select markets "This is the ne

Who Watches ...

August 6 2009

Who Watches the Lotus Watchmen? The answer? The Composite Wonder Attack Kittens Brigade of course! :-) I thank @fakeedbrill for the name and t-shirt idea! (OK, before anyone get's out of shape here - this is meant to be funny and as a laugh. Nothing backhand, negative, or under the radar. Just a great idea of embracing the chatter of the community and laughing at myself)

IamLUG 2009 - Integration and Coexistence: Leveraging Lotus and Microsoft products to build better solutions : Slides and Demo database

August 4 2009

In the real world, you use both Lotus and Microsoft technologies in your environment. You do not want to be in the middle of a product selection war, you want to solve your business problems. This session will show you how to integrate Lotus and Microsoft technologies, including: Lotus Notes Lotus Domino Lotus Symphony Microsoft Office Microsoft .NET Microsoft SharePoint You will go home with real world samples and lots of tips and techniques. Iam Lug 2009 Integration And Coexistence SessionView more documents from John Head. Download the demo database here.

PSC sponsoring IamLUG, John and Alex speaking on Integration

June 23 2009

I am happy to announce that PSC is one of the Gold sponsors for the first I am Lotus User Group (IamLUG) in St. Louis on August 3rd and 4th, 2009. PSC will have a booth and we hope to have some very cool friends joining us (more on that later). Alex and I are also doing an version of our Lotusphere presentation on Notes/Domino and Integration with Microsoft Technologies and Lotus Symphony: Integration and Coexistence: Leveraging Lotus and Microsoft products to build better solutions In the real world, you use both Lotus and Microsoft technologies in your environment. You do not want to be in the middle of a product selection war, you want to solve your business problems. This session will show you how to integrate Lotus and Microsoft technologies, including: - Lotus Notes - Lotus Domino - Lotus Symphony - Microsoft Office - Microsoft .NET - Microsoft SharePoint You will go home with real world samples and lots of tips and techniques. We are going to use this conference to debut s

John Speaks 2009 - Speaking at UKLUG 2009

June 22 2009

I am super excited that I am going to be speaking at the United Kingdom Lotus Users Group (UKLUG) in Edinburgh on October 8th and 9th. I am presenting the following session: Lotus Symphony and You - How to stop giving Microsoft your money! For years, you have given Microsoft money for Office Licenses. Would you be interested if we could show you how you could save the money and still produce great documents, spreadsheets and presentations? This session is for you. The first half of the session will be a real-world comparison of Lotus Symphony to Microsoft Office and We will help you decide what type of workers and situations should use which product. We will transition the session to cover the Application Development story. What can you do to integrate Lotus Symphony with your applications? We will cover Composite Applications, Plug-ins, and Automation - UNO, LotusScript, and Java. Last we will preview Lotus Symphony 2.0. Come to this session with an open mind! Th

More IBM Press Release Coverage and a discussion w/ Caleb Barlow and Ed Brill

June 4 2009

First, here are the final versions of the press releases that IBM put out today: Companies Choosing Lotus Collaboration to Work Smarter and Lower Costs & 200+ Microsoft Partners Per Month Flocking to Sell IBM Lotus Foundations Second, there was an interview conference call with Caleb Bralow and Ed Brill for the Lotus Blogger program earlier today. Here are some thoughts based on that discussion: Foundations: Caleb Barlow: "Lotus Foundations is a change in business strategy in competing with Microsoft Small Business Server." Some people in the press have asked "Can IBM build a channel for the SMB market?" most of these customers have not purchased from IBM for many years New partners that are traditionally Microsoft partners More often than not, these new clients are a competitive replacement. Microsoft has created this situation, artificial licensing and platform decisions based on number of users. Relationship of buyer and seller is changing. partners moving to a

Two More Notes & Domino 8.5 Workshops Announced

June 4 2009

After our very successful and sold out Notes & Domino 8.5 Upgrade Workshop last week in downtown Chicago, PSC is announcing two more of these workshops. June 24th and 25th - 1051 Perimeter Drive, 9th Floor Conference Rooom, Schaumburg, IL 61073 August 25th and 26th - Chicago IBM Innovation Center, 71 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60606 Here is a description of the workshop: Introduction Presentations and Hands-on Lab Exercises for a 1 or 2 day Proof of Technology, with materials focusing on Notes® End User, Domino® Administration, and Domino Application Development enhancements in version 8.5. (Please indicate which day or days you will attend in the Special Instructions box when you register.) Objective The Notes & Domino 8.5 Upgrade is intended to provide the customer with an in-depth examination of the new capabilities of version 8.5 of the products. For existing customers, this exploration will help them assess the additional value and potential impact to their exi

We asked for IBM to get more serious with competitive marketing ... Lotus Foundations Partner & Lotus Software Competitive Win news

June 4 2009

The Lotus Community has been asking IBM to get more serious about its marketing this year - and it seems IBM is listening. A change in attitude is what we asked for, and it seems we are getting it. Today, IBM is making two announcements: 1. IBM is announcing that signed up 1000 Microsoft Business Partners to sell Lotus Foundations. ARMONK, N.Y. -- June 4, 2009 -- Facing waning demand for Microsoft products, more than 1,000 Microsoft Business Partners have already signed up to sell IBM Lotus Foundations ( "office-in-a-box" appliance for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the first five months of 2009. According to Microsoft Business Partners, sales of Microsoft's Small Business Server (SBS) software bundle have stagnated due to lack of innovation and partner dissatisfaction with their inability to add solutions and services. Microsoft partners are looking for an alternative that provides SMBs with more collaboration computing power for less

4 Days of Lotus Awesomeness in Chicago this August

June 1 2009

If you really want to submerse yourself into Lotus Notes and Domino this summer, the best way to that is a stretch of four days in August, starting on the 25th. August 25th and 26th is another IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 8.5 Upgrade Seminar like the one we co-hosted last week. The Midwest Lotus Users Group (MWLUG) then has it's first Conference on August 27th and 28th. Registration opened today. PSC is a sponsor and I will be speaking at it (not sure of the topic yet - any suggestions?). So come to Chicago for a 4 deep dive of Lotus technologies. Stay the weekend and enjoy the Chicago summer :-)

Postmortem of the PSC and IBM Notes 8.5 Upgrade workshop & News about more!

May 31 2009

The general of PSC's Lotus / Collaboration practice, Alex Kassabov, has posted a review of the two day Notes 8.5 upgrade workshop and news about more of them coming to the Chicago area: Notes 8.5 upgrade workshop Posted on May 31, 2009 by Alex On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we [PSC] and IBM hosted a Notes 8.5 upgrade workshop. The workshop was held at IBM Innovation Center downtown Chicago and it was a great event. Thank you everyone who found 2 days in their busy schedules to join us for the workshop. The event was “sold out”. We had no empty seats in the room and unfortunately we had to turn away a few people who tried to register at the last moment. Not to worry, we are planning to hold more workshops during the summer. Please come to the PSC site for event information and registration. The workshop focused on showcasing the new and exciting features of Notes and Domino 8.5: things like DAOS, ID Vault, Shared Logon, XPages. The agenda is a good mix of presentation

Lotus Notes & Domino 8.5 Upgrade Workshop

May 14 2009

PSC is hosting a Lotus Notes & Domino 8.5 Upgrade Workshop on May 27 & 28, 2009. We only have room for 30 people and it is half full as I write this, so if your interested, sign up now! If you can't attend this one, watch my blog for more info about a similar event this summer. Overview The Notes & Domino 8.5 Upgrade is intended to provide an in-depth examination of the new capabilities of version 8.5 of the products. For existing customers, this exploration will help them assess the additional value and potential impact to their existing Notes environment. For new customers, this exploration will not only give them a hands-on experience with a product new to them but it will also reinforce the Lotus Notes advantages over the competition, such as the power of its application development platform. At the conclusion of this Proof of Technology, the participant will leave with excitement and perspective about the business problems this new version can help solve. Who Shou relaunches, PSC named to the initial steering commitee

May 12 2009

I am happy to announce that PSC has been asked to be part of the initial steering committee for the newly relaunched site. As you all know, IBM is taking a much larger role in - a good thing and something we all wanted to happen years ago. To make sure this is not something where IBM has all the control, they have created a 9 member steering committee. One one of those members is IBM. I think this is a great place to start helping grow and become the center of the Lotus development community. Dusseldorf, Germany 12 May, 2009: Deutsche Notes User Group (DNUG) – OpenNTF, an open consortium of developers that provide templates and applications for the IBM Notes and Domino Platform announced the transformation of the OpenNTF to open source licensing and its new governing steering committee. OpenNTF is a development community devoted to getting groups of individuals all over the world to collaborate on Lotus Notes/Domino applications and release the

Offense vs. Defense (a follow-up to my life lesson post from yesterday)

April 29 2009

So I woke up this morning with a slew of blog comments, emails, and instant messages to read. The content varies but it seems what I wrote caused people to react - some negative, some positive. I know Ed blogged in response to what I wrote - and I will get to that in a moment. First, thanks for the feedback. 99% of it has been constructive, even if you did not agree with what I wrote. I LOVE when people disagree with me, even passionately. But you have to, in the worlds of Rob McDonagh, "be constructive and polite". I am not always right and like to learn from my actions. So thanks again. Second, I want to publically separate my comments from yesterday when it comes to the technical aspect vs the marketing, sales, and competitive side of Lotus Notes & Domino teams. Brent Peters commented yesterday about the technical state of the Notes & Domino product line - and I agree 1000000% with Brent. I think the state of the core Notes & Domino products are in the best shape in ma

Symphony Thursday: Briefings for Lotus Symphony

April 23 2009

Ed brings us news about the Lotus ExpertBriefing on Lotus Symphony from IBM Software Services. There is a podcast and a transcript pdf you can download that covers topics such as: What is Lotus Symphony and how does it fit into a set of tools? Open source movement - Is it safe to be moving in this direction for an organization? How does Lotus Symphony compare to Microsoft products? Who should use Lotus Symphony? What additional functionality or benefits does Lotus Symphony have beyond Microsoft's suite? What is our roadmap, long-term viability of Lotus Symphony? What do I do about technical support, what’s the best method for coexistence, what do I do about security and stability? If you are looking for a more in depth briefing for your company about Lotus Symphony, PSC has a Lotus Symphony JumpStart offering. Over two days, we do a briefing around executive, user, administration, development, and migration topics. At the end of the two days, your company will have an idea of the le

Symphony Thursday: In-depth product comparison white paper from IBM

April 23 2009

Mikkel Heisterberg brings us news of an IBM White Paper that provides (from the IBM position) a comparison of Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office, and You can get it here (once signing in to the IBM website). Thanks for the heads up Mikkel!

Symphony Thursday: Team Blog on Document Interoperability

April 23 2009

Most readers here know that I am very big on the document independence nad interoperability movement going thru the industry right now. The age of application automation and file format lock-in is giving way to document generation and open standard, document formats. The Lotus Symphony Team Blog has an new entry written by Wei Guo SHI, Development Manager for the product: In current Office market, there are a number of document formats, includes not only traditional binary formats, e.g. Microsoft Office binary format, Lotus SmartSuite format, but also XML based open standard document formats, e.g. ODF(ISO26300), UOF(China national Office standard format), and OOXML(ISO29500), as well as other popular formats, e.g. HTML, PDF etc. For each document format, there are multiple implementations, a large number of end users, and a huge amount of existing documents. With the requirements of exchanging document and sharing information across different formats, interoperability for documents

Symphony Thursday: New & Updated Plug-ins on the Symphony Website

April 23 2009

The following are the new and updated plug-ins available for Lotus Symphony: Plug-In Name Updated Date Plug-in Category Description Document2Html plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 File Conversion This plug-in is designed to convert Symphony supported document files into html format by batch. The supported format includes Open Document Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Rich Text Format, Text, Lotus Word Pro. Chart Sync plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 Utilities The Lotus Symphony Chart Sync plug-in adds the capability of synchronizing charts which reside in spreadsheet document, presentation document and text document. When you create a chart in a spreadsheet document, you might want to make a copy of the chart in a presentation or a text document. This plug-in helps you to automatically synchronize the three charts when the original chart data changes in the spreadsheet document. Symphony Calculator plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 Misc

Symphony Thursday: New Clip Art and Clip Art Collections on the Lotus Symphony Gallery

April 23 2009

This post is from the Notes Design Blog, by Mary Beth Raven: You can browse and download brand new Symphony clip art from the Gallery section of the Lotus Symphony website. From the Gallery, there are two ways you can download clip art, as shown in the figure below.: 1. "All In One" download: This is the most efficient way. You select your favorite category and then download the whole set of images. For example, if you want to download all of the "Bullet" icons, just click the "Bullets All In One", then from the details page, click "Download now" to get a .zip file (you need to unzip the file later). 2. "One By One" download: You can also browse individual clip art images and select your favorite ones to download one at a time. After you download them, just follow these steps to add them into the clip art gallery. 1. Open the clip art gallery dialog (main menu entry: Tools Gallery). 2. Click the "New Themes..." button, and you will see a pop up dialog. 3. Click

Symphony Thursday: It’s Back!

April 23 2009

Sorry for the past couple of weeks where Symphony Thursday went dark. My travel schedule got the best of me. So I am taking full opportunity of some down time this week to get a bunch of articles written for the next month. Some other pieces of news that go along with Symphony Thursday: 1. I have created the twitter account SymphonyThurs. That should have all of the Symphony blog topics I post on there later today. I am looking for ways to make that the defacto Symphony twitter account going forward. More to come there. 2. I will have a dedicated RSS feed for Symphony Thursday soon! I am getting ready to talk all about Lotus Symphony 1.3 and the long awaiting Symphony LSX that brings LotusScript and Java support to Domino Designer for automating Lotus Symphony. I should have complete overviews and detailed examples using the LSX when 1.3 ships! Technical tips will return next week!

XPages Presentation from the GRANITE User Meeting

April 20 2009

Domino X Pages 8.5View more presentations from John Head. Here is the presentation that I did with Philippe Riand of IBM this morning at the GRANITE (Chicago Lotus Notes User Group) on XPages. This is a near duplicate of the presentation that Phil did at Admin / Lotus Developer 2009 last week. Instead of having Phil travel to Chicago for this, it made more sense that I presented the slides and Phil ran the demos. It worked out very well and everyone in the room seemed to enjoy the presentation - based on the great comments! It covers the following: 1. What is XPages? 2. XPages Basics 3. XPages Advanced Topics 4. XPages Futures It also has links to quite a few of the XPages demos that are available around the community. One item of note: Just as the IBM legalize states in the slides, the futures stuff is not committed too. Don't plan around that functionality until you see it in the product :-)

Week 2 of the Domino.Doc Migration Redbook & poll wrap-ups

March 9 2009

Week 2 of the IBM Redbook that focuses on the termination of Domino.Doc and their migration path is in process. Last week was all about planning and strategizing. The team organized our outline and built our multiple scenarios for how we think the Domino.Doc customers will be segmented. We met with the Quickr team to talk about our thought process and talk about the future of Quickr. We also started getting our head around the IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions and how they fit into the picture. This week is about chapter assignments and starting the writing process. We are also having more meetings as we get into the specifics of Collaborative Document Management, Robust / Enterprise Document Management, and much more. Hard for me to talk more about stuff - but I am working on getting an official voice from IBM who can talk about all of this on-line and blogging very soon. Thank you to everyone who answered the polls. The good news is that I did not see anything that

The IBM Document Management Story & the Domino.Doc Redbook

March 4 2009

For the first week of the Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc) Redbook, the focus is on getting our hands around a few things. First, we have defined a goal for the Redbook and an outline. Because the move off of Domino.Doc has so many variables, this will not be just a technical redbook. The first section will have an Executive Overview and focus on the business issues. We are building scenarios and customer profiles on the current customer types that use Domino.Doc. From those, we will make recommendations on what to do - both in recommending a new software solution, but also in how to manage the cultural and business process issues. I am really happy that the entire team agrees with this approach. I believe this redbook is going to have real value to a CIO as well as for the developer and administrator. This week also finds us reviewing the IBM story on document and content management. There are so many options. The good news is that about the time this redbook comes out (May/June

Why I am in Boston for 21 days - ILDDM / Domino.Doc Redbook

March 2 2009

So those that follow me on Twitter know that I arrived in snowy Boston for an extended stay - 3 weeks to be exact. The purpose of this trip is to participate in the writing of the IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager / Domino.Doc Migration Redbook. The purpose of the redbook is to help customers decide what to do with their existing ILDDM / Domino.Doc installs and what their options are. It will also cover the migration tool that IBM will be releasing. I have an interesting perspective on the withdrawl of ILDDM / Domino.Doc from the marketplace. I was at the first Domino.Doc Advisory Council meeting before the product even went into beta. With my focus on integration of Lotus Notes & Domino with other technologies, Domino.Doc was the perfect container. Originally released right after Notes 4 - that is before the Domino HTTP web server folks - the product did things that Notes could not. It did document locking and versioning / revisioning in a way that it worked in Notes, even in a

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 - Presentations "Hello World"

February 26 2009

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 1. Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World" 2. Spreadsheets"Hello World" 3. Presentations "Hello World" Last time, I covered the basics of UNO Development and walked you thru a "Hello World" application for Writer and Lotus Symphony Documents. This blog entry will cover an introduction to Impress and Lotus Symphony Presentations. Introduction to Lotus Symphony Presentations In both Impress and Symphony Presentations, you work with presentations. From there, you work with slides / pages. On each of those slides / pages, you have shapes. The shapes contain text, graphics, or the other data on your slides. Once you navigate to the shape, you get a text handle to the text object and everything else is much like working with text in Symphony Documents or Writer. Let’s Start Lotus Symphony Presentations To create the instance of Impress / Lotus SYmphony Presentations, call its URL Set I

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 - Spreadsheets "Hello World"

February 19 2009

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 1. Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World" 2. Spreadsheets"Hello World" Last time, I covered the basics of UNO Development and walked you thru a "Hello World" application for Writer and Lotus Symphony Documents. This blog entry will cover an introduction to Calc and Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets. Introduction to Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets Just like we did with Lotus Symphony Documents, we have to call the Service Manager and the Desktop. Set SM=CreateObject("") Set Desktop=SM.createInstance("") Next, we need to start the Calc / Spreasheets appplication. They use a different URL to define the application, one specific for Calc / Presentations. Set CalcApplication = Desktop.loadComponentFromURL_("private:factory/scalc","_blank",0,args) The command above creates the workbook and opens it for the user. We then need to get the

A DDE tip or two from someone who has been using it for 8 months

February 10 2009

So based on a couple of conversations that I have had the past 48 hours, I wanted to pass along a few tips that I have. I started using DDE full time on both a client project and XPages development right around the XPages Training that took place for Design Partners in Cambridge in June 2008. Tip 1: Work Locally Unless you absolutely have too, work locally. Either in a database or a template. Working locally will drastically speed things up Tip 2: Recompile your application if a version of Designer before 8.5 has done any touching of a design element If you have to mix versions of Designer when working on a database, do a Recompile of database before using DDE. It will clean up and convert all the design elements to the 8.5 version and any glitches DDE might have with older version design elements will not hurt you Tip 3: If you are doing fancy C API calls or multiple levels (like more than 5) of script library nesting with LotusScript, DDE might not behave nice. Fall back to 8.0

Lotus Symphony Overview from GRANITE (Chicago Lotus User Group) Slides

February 9 2009

I put these together for the Chicago Lotus User's Group (GRANITE) and figured the general community would like to check them out Lotus Symphony Granite 2.9.2009 2008 Review And 2009 PlanView more presentations from John Head. (tags: ibm lotus)

Preview of topics for Symphony Thursday

February 7 2009

Any other suggestions?

Symphony Thursday : Developer 101 - Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World"

February 5 2009

This is the first of the Symphony Thursday developer articles. In this post, we will cover the introduction to UNO development, a bit of history, and our first "Hello World" application. Introduction to Development Designed on an interface-based component model called Universal Network Objects (UNO) UNO definition UNO offers interoperability between different programming languages, different object models, different machine architectures, and different processes; either in a local network or even via the Internet UNO components can be implemented in, and accessed from, any programming language for which a UNO language binding exists StarOffice? Lotus Symphony? StarDivision StarOffice written in the mid 80s Bought by Sun Microsystems in 1999, StarOffice released in August 1999 Source code released October 2000 1.0 released May 2002, 2.0 in October 2005 OpenDocument format becomes international standard ISO/IEC 26300 November 20

Lotus Developer 2009 Sessions on-line ... and I will be presenting 3

February 2 2009

I am excited to announce here on my blog that I will be doing three presentations at Lotus Developer 2009 in Boston on April 15th thru 17th, 2009. Get your taxes done early and come learn all about the Lotus product portfolio at Lotus Developer 2009 and Admin 2009. Here are the sessions I am giving: Integrating Lotus Symphony,, and Google Docs with Lotus Notes and Domino Go behind the scenes of Lotus Symphony and and learn how the Universal Network Objects (UNO) API provides development opportunities for very customized integration with external applications and data sources. Get the lowdown on using the new LotusScript LSX for Lotus Symphony, and see how to build additional functionality into Notes applications that provide access to Symphony objects, such as using Notes as the data source for a Lotus Symphony document Mail Merge. Walk through integration of web based document tools such as Google Docs and investigate how AJAX and Web 2.0 technologie

Symphony Thursday - New Weekly Blog Entry and the Lotus Symphony 2009-10 Roadmap

January 29 2009

One of the things I decided to do at Lotusphere is put in a weekly blog that focuses on Lotus Symphony. They will cover Lotus Symphony news, technical tutorials, and other info. I will not be rehashing news you might find elsewhere, but I will include some links at the bottom of entries. I have the following as topics for the next couple months: Lotus Symphony road map Lotus Symphony Tutorials - UNO via LotusScript Lotus Symphony Tutorials - UNO via Java Lotus Symphony Tutorials - LotusScript API via LSX Lotus Symphony Tutorials - Addins (sidebar, menu, toolbar) Lotus Symphony Tutorials - Composite Applications Lotus Symphony Tutorials - ODF Training Deployment Migration Document Conversion Available Applications Migrating Office Addins to Lotus Symphony Template conversion and management I have a few other items I want to cover as well. Of course, if you have some ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment here. To kick this off, I want to go back and cover the Lotus Symphony ro

Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Products

January 27 2009

Some thoughts on the Lotus product line and their announcements at Lotusphere2009: Lotus Notes & Domino Lotusphere2009 was really the celebration of the 8.5 release. The OGS might have been anti-climatic since the product shipped the Jan 4th, 2009. The conference was all about 8.5, with DAOS, ID Vault, and XPages all over the sessions. We also saw LinkedIn integration coming in the client with a great sidebar app. Project Atlantic became Alloy, the joint project between SAP and IBM. We need to see more of these - official plug-ins or applications for integration or web 2.0 inclusion to the Notes & Domino product line. I was expecting more Lotus Protector announcements but those did not come, but we got the big shocker of the week - IBM was working to add ActiveSync support to Lotus Traveler in 2009. This is a big move for IBM, providing an ability to allow certain devices COUGH iphone COUGH to connect to the Domino server. It will be interesting to see how this works out

What should I blog about when it comes to Lotus Symphony?

January 25 2009

I am soliciting feedback here. I want to start a weekly blog entry/column but need some topics. I can just start with breaking down the Lotusphere presentation into small chunks to start .. but what do you all want to hear? I can cover the development stuff easy (UNO, the coming LotusScript and Java APIs, using Symphony in Composite Applications, Symphony Plug-ins, and Lotus Expeditor stuff) but what else do people want to learn about, talk about, and in general learn about Symphony?

Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Lotus Symphony

January 24 2009

For me, Lotus Symphony had a break-out year at Lotusphere2009. Yes, I did some presentations around Lotus Symphony, so maybe my opinion was skewed, but what a year for Symphony. The 1.2 release that ships with Notes 8.5 (and stand-alone since December) is a rock solid release. The preview of the 1.3 features, including Office 2007 compatibility (reading of files), major enhancements to Pivot Tables (replacing the default Data Pilot from and the LotusScript LSX that I previewed in BP110. For those that have not seen it, Symphony 1.3 will have the first version of a LotusScript API that is very familiar to Lotus Notes developers. At the same time, we will also get a Java API. Documents and Spreadsheets will get the most attention in the first release of the APIs coming in 1.3. Mail Merge, basic document operation, basic spreadsheet operation, charts, and pivot tables can be generated in Lotus Symphony from Notes. Presentations will get more attention in a future release.

Interesting Places Lotusphere2009 news showed up: LinkedIn Blog

January 22 2009

Check out the LinkedIn Blog: LinkedIn: Coming Soon to an Inbox near you!

BP305: The Document Format Dance

January 21 2009

No matter your preference for OOXML, ODF, or PDF … the document standard requirements are going to become a fact of life for users of IBM Lotus Notes & IBM Lotus Domino in the next year. This sessoin will review the technical capabilities of all three formats and how they work with Lotus Software. We will check the format debate at the door and look at which format will provide you the functionality you need. We will then look at how you can generate all three documents from your applications using third-party tools and custom code. You will take home samples that allow you to export Lotus Notes data to OOXML, ODF, and PDF in LotusScript and Java – be prepared for a deep dive into code! Swan 1-2 : Wednesday, 1/21/2008 : 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM BP305: The Document Format DanceView more presentations or upload your own. (tags: ibm lotus)

Lotus Awards 2009 Winners featured on ChannelWeb

January 5 2009

This is very cool. ChannelWeb has featured the Lotus Awards 2009 Winners! And here is PSC highlighted for the Best Philanthropy Award

PSC wins the 2009 Lotus Award for Best Philanthropy Solution

December 18 2008

The 2009 Edition of the Lotus Awards were announced today and PSC won for the Best Philanthropy Solution! Here is a brief overview of the winning solution: Africa Challenge S.A. (ACSA), has joined with Zain, Africa’s most successful pan-African mobile network, to create the Zain Africa Challenge (ZAC). ZAC, the first-ever televised academic competition among students at African universities across the continent, is a major undertaking for ACSA. The Zain Africa Challenge (ZAC) is an event that celebrates higher education in the continent of Africa. ZAC unites students and creates a forum for like-minded individuals and educators to meet and collaborate. A great benefit of the ZAC is the social networking that begins as students from many nations intermix and compete. These future leaders come to respect peers from neighboring countries that have often had poor relations. The leaders are learning the value of networking, education, and collaboration. The collaboration tools of Note

My Lotusphere 2009 Sessions with Date and Time

December 15 2008

Today brings dates, times, and room assignments for most of the Lotusphere 2009 sessions. Here is my speaking schedule: Jumpstart JMP205 - Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony Welcome to the real world, where Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8 and 8.5 with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies,, and Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and gradually build up to advanced integration. Mail Merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentation building, and integration on the Web will all be covered. Advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office and integration with Lotus Domino Web Services will round out the session. All new samples including integration with XPages will provide samples you can use as soon as you get home. John Head & Alex Kassabov Dolphin Americas Seminar : S

Lotusphere 2009 Approved!

November 13 2008

I am a bit late to the blogging about these, but I had three Lotusphere 2009 session abstracts approved! First, we have the Jumpstart that Alex and I have given the past couple years Introduction to integration of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony. The session has been completely revamped with all new demos and new technology demos including the integration of Google Docs with Notes and Domino applications and some intro samples around creating OOXML and ODF documents. This session has been popular in the past with a back to back repeat pre-scheduled. That is 4 hours of integration demos Sunday afternoon in Orlando to kick off the week. If we do that again this year and you see my Sunday night at the party or eating Ed's sushi at Kimono's after, you will understand why I am punchy :-) Second, I will be giving Lotus Symphony and You - A Developer's Perspective, which is a revamped version of my Irish Lotus User's Group session with less Execut

Are you a Lotus Professional in the Chicagoland Area? If so, join the new LinkedIn Group

November 12 2008

If you are a Lotus Professional in the greater Chicagoland area, please join the new LinkedIn group created just for us! Administrator, Developer, User, IBMer ... everyone is invited to join! Special thanks to Nathan Freeman for the cool graphic

Download Lotus Symphony 1.2 for the Mac

November 3 2008

You can download the Lotus Symphony 1.2 for Mac beta from here right now

PSC is the featured Lotus Symphony Business Partner

November 3 2008

Today, the Lotus Symphony website launched the Lotus Symphony Business Partners Page and a Business Partner Spotlight feature on the home page. PSC is the first partner in that spotlight: Very cool!

Debunking the Lotus Awards = Websphere Portal talk

November 3 2008

So there has been some talk about how the 2009 version of the Lotus Awards are skewed to be more favorable towards Websphere Portal vs Lotus Software, specially Lotus Notes & Domino. So let's break each award down and look closely to see if this talk is correct. The award info is located here. Award 1: Breakout Technology Award This Award will be presented to an IBM Business Partner who offers a solution that extends the software user experience by leveraging new technology innovations introduced into the IBM Lotus® and IBM WebSphere® Portal portfolio. These technologies must be new since Lotusphere® 2008, such as XPages, Live Text, Composite Application integration with the Sidebar, and the Portal Web 2.0 client. They provide IBM Business Partners and customers with the capability to integrate and blend heterogeneous applications and data in the context of the end user's role, transforming solutions into a single seamless work environment that boosts end user and organizational

EditLive for Quickr for Domino goes Beta and upcoming Webinar

October 29 2008

Ephox's EditLive for Quickr for Domino, implemented by PSC, is now in beta! The first implementation replaces the standard rich text editor, powered by Dojo, with EditLive! 6.5 in three places: Quickr Blog: and the custom implementations of the Insert Internal Link, Insert Wikipedia Link, and Insert Internal Image (these were in the Dojo editor) on the Insert menu Quickr Wiki: Quickr Standard Page: Some of the great features you will get with EditLive within Lotus Quickr are: Copy and Paste from Microsoft Word, which converts the pasted text into HTML Track Changes within the same page In-line Spell Check Fully featured tables with drag support for resize A much improved HTML/Code tab for viewing the raw rich text Complete Find and Replace Full Screen Editing of just the Rich Text window Format Painter much more! Ephox is also sponsoring a webinar, given by Warren Elsmore, on about Upgrading to Lotus Quickr. You can register here. For those interest

Lotus Symphony 1.2 coming November 5th, with Mac support!

October 29 2008

So Eric Otchet just told the Design Partners that Lotus Symphony 1.2 will be shipping on November 5th, 2008 and will include the first Mac build! It will be English only for 1.2 and it will have a 'beta' tag attached. The gold release will be in the first quarter of 2009 and we can expect Symphony to be bundled with the Notes client around that time as well. More news about 1.2 coming soon!

Thoughts on the Websphere Portal Technical Conference

October 19 2008

This past week, I attended the IBM Websphere Portal Technical Conference in Nashville, TN. I was a guest at the Ephox booth, showing off PSC's work on the implementation of EditLive! within IBM Lotus Quickr for Domino. Here are some thoughts about the conference: The vendor's area was much smaller (under 20 partners) but the booth sizes where much larger. Each partner had what seemed like a 10' x 10' space .. with multiple tables, custom backdrop, etc. The booth setup was great The food at the event was far superior to anything at Lotusphere. Maybe it is the scale (650+ here vs the 6000+ at Lotusphere). It seemed like 1/3 of the attendees were IBM employees .. and not of the product type. Lots and lots of IGS folks there Even though Websphere Portal is a Lotus brand product, most people were surprised to see so much yellow at the conference. Lotus Quickr for J2EE, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Mashups, and even a presentation on widgets and Composite Applications was on the agenda I met

Go to the Lotus Collaboration Summit in Chicago tomorrow - see The Dark Knight on IMAX for FREE!

October 1 2008

So how many folks in Chicago are going to the Lotus Collaboration Summit tomorrow at Navy Pier? You can still RSVP. After the event, IBM is hosting a free screening of The Dark Knight in IMAX at 3 PM. If you have not RSVP'd for the movie, just tell the folks at the registration desk. How cool of IBM to do this! Seeing the movie of the summer in full IMAX glory in the city it was filmed (at a location in the movie)!

PSC is hiring - IBM Lotus Consultant

September 22 2008

So with how busy Luis, Alex, and myself have been (along with everyone else on our team), PSC is looking to hire someone to join our IBM Lotus team. From Alex's site here is what he is looking for: Strong Lotus Notes development skills @Functions, of course LotusScirpt is a must Strong web development skills Know how take a Lotus Notes application to the web Know how to write JavaScript Knowledge of DHTML, AJAX is always a plus Experience building enterprise applications Know how to build applications without hardcoding everything Know how to write code that won’t break if an application is moved to a new server or some people leave the company Know to connect a Lotus Notes application to a back-end data source, for example, DB2, MS SQL, Oracle. Consulting skills Have experience working face-to-face with the customers, end users, business users Know how to work off minimal specifications/ideas from business users and how to build development specifications out of them Kn

IBM’s website is adding widgets in places

September 8 2008

So while looking at the Lotus Collaboration Summit website today, I noticed that IBM has started adding widgets to their site. Click the widget and then click More at the bottom right to get a full list of the services supports: Nice to see IBM getting into the web 2.0 tagging world. I love and have it on the site here.

Lotus Collaboration Summit dates appear - Chicago is 10/2/2008

September 8 2008

So the first dates of the Lotus Collaboration Summit for the fall seem to have been released. I see the following dates at the official website: Now, don't go making a stink that YOUR city is not on the list. Not all the dates have been announced and there will not be as many cities as the spring Lotusphere Comes to You events. The Chicago agenda looks like this: Go register for the Chicago event here.

Lotus Symphony 1.1 has new icons - is this the precursor for Notes 8.5?

August 29 2008

Check out the icons for Lotus Symphony Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. We have color! Hopefully this is a precursor to Notes 8.5 getting better icons for the client, admin, and designer!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 adds new preference options for performance, enterprise management, more

August 29 2008

Here is a first look at the preferences for Lotus Symphony 1.1 and what is new/changed We now have two options for performance optimization. With moderate I now load Lotus Symphony 1.1 in 9 seconds on my Dell laptop .. with Notes 8.0.2 running! I believe this is tied into the Expeditor Enterprise Management tools. Create to see Enterprise Management tools in Symphony. More about this in a future blog entry. Not only can you select what files will open in Lotus Symphony by default (which was in 1.0), you can tell Lotus Symphony to create Microsoft Office file formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt) when you create new files in Lotus Symphony. We need more granularity here, but this is a great step forward!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 has Notes mail merge built in!

August 29 2008

After all of those years of asking, we finally have Notes .nsf based mail merge. This feature comes from Lotus Symphony 1.1 (which will be included in the final Notes 8.5 final release). Here is a screen grab You can select any nsf file, and I selected a database based on the Notes Personal Name & Address book (Notes Contacts in Notes 8.X). It seems that it reads the Person document specifically, but I am already in the Symphony API and looking on how to build a mapping tool for custom contact forms in custom applications. Thank you IBM for this first great step! We need envelopes, labels, and a complete mail merge automation API in the future, but this is the beginning and it looks great!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 is out

August 29 2008

Lotus Symphony 1.1 can be downloaded now. Here is the new feature list: What's New in Symphony 1.1 Performance enhancements: Reduced memory footprintFunctionality enhancements: Enabled Expeditor Client Management support and added Enterprise Management Agent setting in preferences page. Added Mail Merge feature to Documents by which user can send out batches of letters that merge fields from a data source. Improved macro enablement in the following aspects: Enabled macro security policy in preferences page. Removed "Author list", "New author" and "New path" options from Macro Security preferences page. Added "Safe Mode" option in Macro Security preferences page. Macro run time supports the "safe mode" running mode. Enabled macro to be triggered by UI events.User interface enhancements: Created new file type iconsInteroperability enhancements with Lotus Notes: Defect fixes for copy/paste operation on picture with hyperlink, paragraph alignment, text font size and encoding. U

Monday is Lotus Day - How are you going to participate!

August 7 2008

If you have not heard by now, Monday August 11th, 2008 is Yellow Day. How are you going to participate? Here are some suggestions: Post a blog entry about something cool you are doing with Lotus technologies Post a podcast Release a new app or update something on Anything else that adds value to the Lotus community If you post something, use the tag "Yell8wDay" on your blog or pictures or whatever.

What is holding you back from building Notes, Sametime, and Symphony plug-ins with Eclipse & Expeditor?

August 4 2008

There has been some chatter out there about why we are seeing a trickle instead of a flood of plug-ins that work with Notes, Sametime, or Symphony. Besides the fact that they require knowledge of Java and development, what things are holding people back? I think if we could come up with a comprehensive list of suggestions and road blocks that we could communicate with IBM this is the time. I will post my issues and wish list as another post with a consolidated list from all of you. And please ... let's not make this a "Java is too hard" or "notes developers can't handle eclipse development" discussion. That issue is known but I want to offer constructive feedback on improvement not have the same discussion again.

Have you been to lately?

August 1 2008

Thanks to Greg Walrath for this one ... Besides the fact that Iris was just cool, I wonder what is going on here. You would think that would point to or devworks or at least Lotus or IBM ... hmmm

Why does IBM think Domino Document Manager/ILDDM/Domino.Doc is dead?

July 24 2008

So Ed's comment sparked me to write this blog entry .. and it won't be pretty. IBM seems to think that Domino Document Manager, also known as ILDDM, also known as Domino.Doc, is in maintenance mode. How can IBM put a product into maintenance mode when there is no replacement for it? No folks, Lotus Quickr does not match the functionality requirements that ILDDM fits. Nor does any of the other document management systems that IBM owns, including FileNet. For large customers, FileNet is a great solution. For those looking for replacing network share drives with some basic collaboration, Lotus Quickr works pretty well. Heck, you can even use that amazing Mainsoft Sharepoint Integrator for Lotus Notes for document sharing. Their sidebar app for Sharepoint is absolutely killer! But if you want a SMB document management solution or a document management solution that is so customizable it can become part of a larger process (for example, a major manufacturer using a custom Notes based

Lotus Products that are missing blogs

July 23 2008

So with the introduction of the Notes Design Blog, we now have 7 official IBM blogs (sorry Alan, you no longer count :) ) on the PSC external blog server. They include: Ed Brill Domino Blog The Sametime Blog Notes Design Blog (Connections) (Lotus Mashup) Jeff Eisen (time to blog again Jeff) We also host IBM blogs for Chris Pepin Alexandr Lysenko - Lotus Russia Adam Gartenberg - DB2 And coming soon - Rodrigo Borges Now, I know we are not the only place that IBMers blog, but we get a lot of the IBM products teams. But we are missing some: Lotus Quickr Lotus Protector Lotus Foundations Lotus Symphony Lotus Traveler Lotus Domino Document Manager Project Atlantic Lotus Forms Lotus Web Content Management Lotus Workflow So while I am making a public offer to any of those teams who would like to start blogging to host their site, we should encourage all of these teams to blog wherever they decide to go. If you know anyone on these teams, please, ask them t

Why did Lotus/IBM never add webdav to Domino?

July 10 2008

So one of the biggest holes in the Domino server product is the fact that Webdav is missing. With webdav, we could have iPhone connectivity ourselves. With Webdav, we could build connectors like the Quickr ones ourselves. With Webdav, web services become so much more powerful. IBM, why is there no Webdav support for Domino? Webdav should be in Domino 8.5 ... and you know it. Update: So yes, Domino supports WebDav for design elements ... I am talking about for documents. Where is full support of the WebDav standard that would allow me to navigate a Notes database using Office or other Webdav clients? That is what I am looking for ... and asking why IBM never did that

Lotus Community Slides Updated

July 7 2008

I did an update to the Lotus Community slides I put together back in June. I added (sorry about that folks, was a complete slip) and added urls for every site when they were not obvious. | View | Upload your own You can download the actual slides in PowerPoint, PowerPoint 2007, Lotus Symphony/ODF, and KeyNote here. Again, if someone wants to create a Keynote version, please do and send to me and I will post them. Thanks to Warren Elsmore, we have a Keynote version as well.

Listen to me on The Taking Notes Podcast Episode 83 - XPages and Yellow Water

June 29 2008

Taking Notes Podcast Episode 83 - XPages and Yellow Water" border="0" src="listen-to-me-on-the-taking-notes-podcast-episode-83-xpages-and-yellow-water/content/M2?OpenElement" / Rob McDonagh, Bruce Elgort, Julian Robichaux and myself talk about XPages on Episode 83 of The Taking Notes Podcast. Check it out!

Welcome to the PSC Blog Server - Lotus Mashup Blog

June 18 2008

Adam Gartenberg picked this up first, but I wanted to welcome the Lotus Mashup Team, with the Mix and Match ( blog to the PSC blog server. Another IBM product team blogging is a good thing. Nicole, Mark, and the rest of your team ... welcome to the family. And special thanks to Steve Castledine for making such a kick ass blog template that I could change the top bar color from yellow to something more blue without major work. Nice job mate!

The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G; Part 3 - A Call to Action

June 12 2008

This is the third and final part in a three piece thought process that came after the WWDC SteveNote that took place on Monday. To can read my initial thoughts, The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G, The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G: Part 1 - A hard look at the community, and The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G; Part 2 - Who is the real customer? So in a quick recap, I took issue with the community in part one. I took issue with IBM in part 2. To wrap this all up, I want to take the issues talked about and create a community call to action so we can begin to address the issues. That comes in two pieces: 1. Let IBM and Apple know that we want Domino support on the iPhone So Ed Brill and Brent Peters (VP of Development, Lotus) have asked us to contact Apple and ask for Domino support on the iPhone. Great. Here is a collection of the contact points: Apple Feedback on

The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G; Part 2 - Who is the real customer?

June 11 2008

This is part two in a three part thought process that came after the WWDC SteveNote that took place on Monday. To can read my initial thoughts, The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G, and The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G: Part 1 - A hard look at the community. Once we look harshly at the community, it is only fair to turn the same eye on IBM's view of who their Notes customer is. With all of my time working with IBM around the Lotus Notes and Domino product, we have heard so many things about who their customer is. I don't mean user vs developer vs admin vs executive. I mean who is their current customer base and what customers are being targeted for future license sales. IBM says there are a total of 120 million Notes customers over the life of the product. They will also say there are 46,000 active companies on maintenance. Those numbers have been used in so many places, that I do not doubt them. The issue I have is who the listen to. So

The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G: Part 1 - A hard look at the community

June 10 2008

Out of all of the discussion yesterday around the Microsoft Exchange support coming for the iPhone and OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) is that Apple is not hearing from IBM customers. For the sake of this post, let's pretend we all agree that is 100% accurate. So if that is the case, how do we make Apple hear us? So the next question we have to ask ourselves is how much communication does Apple need to hear? Let's look at that issue closer. First, there are 266 blogs on PlanetLotus. Since that includes some IBM blog, we get closer to 230 of non-IBM employee blogs. Not a bad number, but who do those blogs represent? As I can thru the list of blogs, at least two-thirds of those are Lotus Business Partners. Those blogs are the important foundation of our on-line community, but do they represent the important voices IBM needs? We all know that PAYING customers are the voice that get things done in the real-world. How many customers are blogging and represented on PlanetLotus? This is not an acc

The Lotus Community Echo Chamber and the Apple iPhone 3G

June 10 2008

So yesterday was an interesting day for all of us, was it not? I will not repeat the details of what happened, but I read two thoughts on blogs I want to point out and discuss throughout today: 1. A comment on Ed Brill 's blog by Ed himself I've seen five blog entries on the petition but only 21 signatures so far. Hope this isn't an echo chamber... 2. A comment on John Roling 's blog he made in his last blog post This is the last post I'll make about Lotus Notes / iPhone. After reading both of those, I think we need a harsh reality check and some massive self reflection on our community. And yes, I include myself in that. I have a crazy day, so this will come out in a couple of blog posts across the day. But here are the headlines for the posts to come: 1. A hard look at the community 2. Who is the real customer? 3. A Call to Action - Lotus Notes & Domino and the Apple iPhone Look for the first topic before lunch quote about Lotus Symphony

June 9 2008

I was quoted today by Colin Steele over at SearchITChannel. We talked about Lotus Symphony last week. Microsoft Office got a new competitor today: IBM Lotus Symphony, a free desktop applications suite based on the Open Document Format (ODF). IBM Lotus Symphony was previously tied to the Lotus Notes/Domino platform but is now available as standalone desktop applications software. Company executives and Lotus partners hope to attract business customers who don't see the need to pay the license and renewal fees for Microsoft Office. "The biggest thing it comes down to is cost," said John Head, frameworks manager for PSC Group, a Lotus partner in Schaumburg, Ill. "Office is expensive. Most users don't need all of Word and all of PowerPoint and all of Excel." The second half of 2008 should be very interesting for Lotus Symphony. PSC is participating with a dedicated Lotus Symphony page on our website. Also, If your company is interested in taking a good look at Lotus Symphony, PSC has

New PSC Hosted Blog: LotusCube ... Все о программных продуктах IBM

April 7 2008

Everyone please welcome to the PSC hosted blog environment. I have no idea what the blog of Alex Debian (Alexander Lysenko) and Vasily Demin says ... because this is our first international, non-English hosted blog for the IBM Lotus community. The LotusCube site is entirely in Russian, minus a few English things like the tags and archives. Welcome to both of you and to our new Russian readers! A few more blog announcements coming shortly. With Adam moving to the Information Management team, expect something shortly about a new Sametime blog. I am also pushing for someone to take over the Domino Blog that Rob Ingram was so good about updating, since he left to join the Sametime team. And a couple of surprises in store for everyone as well :-)

Lotusphere Comes to You Chicago

March 18 2008

Thoughts about Lotusphere Comes to You here in Chicago at the Intercontinental Hotel - Great location. IBM has the Collaborative Summit at the Field Museum last fall, and today at the Intercontinental Hotel right on Michigan Ave. This after years of being in the basement of a no name hotel - If it was not raining, foggy, or if I did not have a box of materials, I would have walked! 3 blocks from where I live ... love the location - IBM had over 300 people register for the event. I would say over half of that attended. In a world where 50% of the registered folks attend, if is better than average. That being said, the Microsoft Heroes Happen Here event in Chicago had over 2,000 people. I guess free copies of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio.NET 2008, and Microsoft Vista with SP1 on the DVD was the draw. Would having DVD(s) of IBM software lift attendance? - There is only one track and it is focused at product news and strategy. This year, LCTY is designed for decision makers. We

I am humbled and honored ... Integra calls me the Leading Expert on Office Integration

February 27 2008

I think everyone gets that Integra and PSC are working very close together, but I have to say this shocked me. I did not write it and only had an editorial review once it was posted. I am honored and humbled by this sidebar on their web page: I started my path in the Notes world in 1993 with the integration of Notes with Ami Pro. That transitioned to SmartSuite. Then Office ... 5 versions and counting. Recently and Lotus Symphony. I look back at this journey and am very proud of the work I have done. Being called the "leading expert" and "Notes veteran" and being only 33 always makes me laugh. 2008 is all about taking this "leading expert" position and really turning that into a viable business. Integra is just the foundation that makes the integration projects and solutions easier to manage and build. This year is going to be very interesting ... To the Integra folks ... thank you very much for the kind words.

Congrats to PSC’s Jimmy Minata for making the ITSO Virtual Residency for Best Practices for Building Web Applications for Domino 8

February 22 2008

I wanted to give a shout out to my co-worker at PSC, Jimmy Minata. Jimmy was accepted to the ITSO Virtual Residency for Best Practices for Building Web Applications for Domino 8! Jimmy and I have worked together for 8 years and he is a killer Notes and Domino developer. I encouraged Jimmy to submit for this, as it will be good for him, PSC, and the wiki. I am sure he will bring great experience to the Virtual Redbook. Nice job Jimmy .. and enjoy your busy March!

Listen to me on Taking Notes

February 16 2008

Listen to myself, along with John de Gorgio talk with Bruce and Julian on the Taking Notes podcast: Taking Notes Episode 76: 2008.02.16 - Reporting and Notes integration with MS Office and Lotus Symphony with Integra and PSC February 16th, 2008 Bruce and Julian talk with John Head from The PSC Group and John de Gorgio from Integra4Notes where we talked about: * Using Integra4Notes to generaated pixel perfect reports from Notes * Integra4Notes Personal Edition - FREE * Lotus Symphony * Some predictions about Lotus Symphony * and much more This podcast was sponsored by Instant Technologies. It is 20.7mb and runs 45:08 minutes at 64kps. Thanks for chatting with us guys. Podcast sounds really great!

Lotus - Integrating with Web 2.0 in Lotus Connections is just the tip of the iceberg

February 16 2008

I would like to ask Lotus to please rewrite their "How we integrate with Web 2.0" strategy. The current one sucks. Let me explain. Many people have been asking Lotus what they are going to do to fix the fact that none of the public websites in the web 2.0 world support Notes. What do I mean? Let's do a little test: 1. Go to your favorite Web 2.0 site. Pick any. Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, WorldMate Live, You could also try Ticketmaster or LiveNation ... not very Web 2.0 but still frequently used sites. 2. Go to the Invite page. 3. Look for the section where you can import from your address book. They probably will have a Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and maybe AOL web mail. Ignore that. Look for the corporate email supported. What do you see? I bet you see Outlook. Here is what I found: Facebook: LinkedIn: oh, and look at this ... They have an Outlook Toolbar add-in. Plaxo: WorldMate Live: LiveNation: I could have also selected, Dinin