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Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony Architecture - Current and Future

February 2 2010

At the Lotusphere 2010 session "AD207 IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Overview", Yue MA and Erik MA talked about the architecture of Lotus Symphony. I thought the following three slides were great for illustrating how Lotus Symphony is architected and sheds some light on what is coming with Lotus Symphony 3 aka Vienna. Here is the current architecture of Lotus Symphony 1.X: As you can see, Symphony 1.X is derived from 1.1 code. IBM uses the Louts Expeditor toolkit to provide functionality and then has custom code for The user interface and other services. The Symphony Toolkit API sits on top of both of these to provide Java, LotusScript, and Composite Application support. Here is the architecture for Lotus Symphony 3.X: Let;s look at the major changes: First, Lotus Symphony is based on the 3.X code base (insert applause here) Second, we get a VBA run-time added to the architecture stack There has also been a reworking of the Toolkit API's and how

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony Development - Comparing UNO vs LotusScript

February 1 2010

One of my favorite slides at Lotusphere 2010 was in "AD207 IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Overview" when they were comparing the code needed by both UNO and LotusScript to create a table. Let's look at this in detail: Here is a screenshot of the table to be created: The code required in UNO to create this table: Object desktop = factory.createInstance(""); XComponentLoader loader = ( XComponentLoader ) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XComponentLoader.class, desktop); PropertyValue[] args = new PropertyValue[1]; args[0] = new PropertyValue(); args[0].Name = "Hidden"; args[0].Value = Boolean.FALSE; XComponent component = loader.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/swriter", "_blank", 0, args); XTextDocument document = ( XTextDocument ) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XTextDocument.class, component); XMultiServiceFactory docfactory = ( XMultiServiceFactory ) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XMultiServiceFactory.class, document); Object ob

Lotusphere 2010 : More Details about Lotus Symphony 3.0

February 1 2010

One of the more interesting announcements for me at Lotusphere 2010 was Lotus Symphony 3. While I have know about a few things here or there, the name was a bit of a shock. But I like it. So yes, Lotus Symphony is jumping a version number. This is being done to align the version numbers with the version of the code base it is based from. I think its a good idea. If you made it to the session "ID 612 IBM Lotus® Symphony™ Overview and Update" Session, they had some great slides on what is new in Symphony 3, otherwise know as "Vienna". I wanted to share those details with everyone who was not at the session. Here is the new features slide from that presentation: But let's break down the new features in each application with a bit more detail: Lotus Symphony Documents Master Document Support Richer Fields Nested Table Support New comments/notes Numbers & bullets enhancement Multi-page View Export to PDF enhancements Business card & Labels Templates and suppor

Lotusphere 2010 : IBM Project Vulcan and thoughts I have not read elsewhere

January 25 2010

In an effort to not reproduce other thoughts out there, before I go on, here is some great IBM Project Vulcan reading for you: Nathan, Peter, and Volker. I don't agree with everything all three of them said, but they really cover the news that came out. As with Peter and Nathan, I got a chance to attend the 60 minute "Nachos and News" event for bloggers. This year, instead of saving a specific announcement saved for the event (like last year's Traveler for iPhone press release), we got 60 minutes to ask about IBM Project Vulcan. A few thoughts that came from that: IBM Project Vulcan as it is today is not a bunch of screen shots (like IBM used for the Hannover announcement a few years ago). It is actual code. It might not be code you would implement in the real world, but it is code. Those saying that it is not code are the same people who couldn't be bothered to make it to the event. IBM Project Vulcan is really not just about a vision for the Lotus product portfolio. It is more lik

Lotusphere 2010 : Lots of blogging to come

January 22 2010

So Lotusphere 2010 has come to a close. The flags on the walkway are down and most people have left Orlando. As the event winds down, my thoughts on the week are starting to come together. I plan on having a bunch of content on the blog about the event, including: Thoughts on the Opening Session and the Press Announcements Specific thoughts on Project Vulcan Lots more content about Symphony 3 "2010 - The quiet storm for Lotus" Some competitive pieces around Lotus Quickr and Connections and the Alfresco announcement A bunch of reviews on products An overview of the research lab, including lots of specifics on IBM Project Concord I plan on spreading those out over next week.

Lotusphere 2010 : BP214 IBM Lotus Symphony : Finally, A Developer’s Friend

January 20 2010

BP214 IBM Lotus Symphony : Finally, A Developer's FriendView more documents from John Head. Downloads coming soon

Lotusphere 2010 : JMP106 “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Lets Kick Butt” : The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony

January 20 2010

JMP106 “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Lets Kick Butt” : The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus SymphonyView more documents from John Head. Downloads coming soon

Lotusphere 2010 : The unheard commitment to LotusScript by IBM at Lotusphere

January 20 2010

So there has been lots of talk from IBM this week to developers about how 'your skills are still relevant' and 'your applications will still be supported' - many times in multiple sessions (Nathan and I were keeping track of how many times Brent said "relevant" in the App Dev keynote! ). But I have also heard some of the developers asking about specific statements around the current tools and apis like LotusScript. "Will I still write LotusScript in Project Vulcan?" and the like. But I just realized that IBM made a huge statement about the future of LotusScript just a couple of months ago. With Notes 8.5.1, IBM released a new integration API for Lotus Symphony - in both Java and LotusScript versions. We got 40 new classes around Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Lots of properties and methods. Sure, it's Lotus Symphony, but it's part of the core product. It was a huge level of investment to make this happen. The Symphony team is talking about how they are going to enhance it

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus is taking the lead in HTML5 and other technologies

January 19 2010

One of the many themes that IBM wanted people to come away from Lotusphere 2010 is that Lotus is going to be a leader in current technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Webkit, Open Social, and OpenID & OAuth. This is not just about IBM enabling these technologies, but in leading in how they are implemented and used. It's time for the amazing team of engineers at IBM to take the global stage and LEAD. I look forward to seeing how they do that, what tools they use to spread the message, and how the rest of the world embraces (or freaks out) the IBM leadership. Lotus knows that IBM has one of the best engineering teams in the world.

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony 3 Announced

January 18 2010

Ed and Kevin made the formal announcement during their session today and there is lots of great news. Lotus Symphony 3 is built on top of the 3.X code base (it's the latest) and has been numbered to align with that code base. I was able to see a demo of the product before today and a few things I wanted to highlight: The User Interface has had a complete makeover. I like it - it is cleaner, the properties panels are much nicer, and there is far less screen flickering Documents gets in-place notes for collaborative editing - even when you send files around thru email Spreadsheets get the ability to play VBA Macros. No editing, but buttons and actions in a spreadsheet work just like they do in Excel. I have seen this in action and it's pretty slick Presentations got major work around templates. You can now apply a template to an existing presentation and it reformats everything like you expect it should. The template organizer now allows you to import templates from yo

Lotusphere 2010 : Press & Analyst Briefing Recap

January 18 2010

Just following the Lotusphere 2010 Opening General Session, I got to attend the Press & Analyst Briefing. Here are some highlights from that: Alistair Rennie - 1. Great customers who were able to share their stories at Lotusphere 2. IBM Collaboration Agenda - Transforms the way people work by industry - IBM's vertical industry experts, software labs, and consulting services to help clients realize measurable ROI from improving the way people interact - Collaborate using the right social and collaboration tools based on specific role in the organization - connect easily and quickly with experts, partners, suppliers and customers beyond company firewalls - Develop into an expertise-based entity raising the collective IQ of the business - banking, insurance, healthcare, and government 3. LotusLive Expansion (Cloud Collaboration) - Largest Cloud Computing Deal ever w/ Panasonic - IBM Research & Lotus joining forces to create LotusLive Labs, the pipeline fo

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Notes & Domino Keynote

January 18 2010

Review 2009 Notes 8.5.1 - Oct 2009 - "More than a maintenance release" - DDE w/ new LotusScript and Java editors - Xpages in the client - Traveler for the iPhone - Focus on deployability Notes 8.5.2 is a maintenance release Domino Designer was made available for free New Client Access Client License model - 11 done to 2 - removed client types in licensing - Lotus Mobile Connect Messaging Economics - DAOS - Simplified ID Management (ID Vault) - Reducing operating costs by 30% or more Forrester Research - 147% ROI for Upgrading to Notes and Domino 8.5 - Payback in only 12 months Kirk Gutmann - CSO and CTO, CM - 3000 users on Notes 8 - 93% user satisfaction - moving to 8.5.1 now - upgrading a 1k people a day - Mobility Today - Rich Client, 3% Light Client 1%, 96% at home - Mobility - Projected - Rich Client 10%, Light Client - 70%, Basic Unmanaged 20% - Traveler for iPhone use - Unified Communications - shifts the focus from the device to you - presence awareness, single phone nu

Lotusphere 2010 : Yes, it’s true, I was locked out of Twitter during the OGS

January 18 2010

You might have seen this tweet during the Opening General Session from Tim Davis: I guess there is a 1,000 tweets in a specific duration limit that I hit. I am back up and tweeting, but that is pretty incredible :-)

Lotusphere 2010 : Opening General Session about to start - and I am live tweeting!

January 18 2010

The Lotusphere 2010 Opening General Session is about to start. Follow along with my tweets at

Lotusphere 2010 is now on Slideshare

January 9 2010

I have created the Lotusphere 2010 event on If you decide to post your slides on slideshare, please add them to the event. Personally, this is the best place for sldies to be shared with folks and provides a great way to embed them on your site/blog.