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Lotusphere2009 files showing up on LotusLive

February 10 2009

Great too see this stuff showing up on LotusLive (even if it is a bit later than announced). Make sure you are part of the Lotusphere2009 group and then go to the My Services \ Files page. You should see this:

Final Thoughts on Lotusphere2009

January 28 2009

As I sit here back in Chicago, dealing with the exceptional cold weather we are having , I am still reflecting on Lotusphere2009. What an amazing time in Orlando this year. We can all find things that could have been better, but can anyone really complain about the conference? Nitpicking aside (and I give Bob and Ed both major credit from bringing the issue of the wireless network to the forefront, not hiding behind it) I think everyone had an energizing week. For me, I personally over extended myself in 2009. 4 sessions (OK 3, but one of those is a repeat of the Jumpstart - and Alex and I had to do one version in 90 minutes and another in 120) and lots of new content. I got to do a major preview of the Lotus Symphony LSX for LotusScript in my session. I had a great conversation in my session "The Document Format Dance" and really brought out this idea of Application Automation vs. Document Generation. I was also part of the first Lotusphere Blogger program and had so many scheduled

Lotusphere2009 Relection - The Community

January 28 2009

Lotusphere has this perception of being a giant party. Did you follow the Twitter stream of #ls09 this year? Just look at what I wrote on Sunday night after the Opening Party from Kimonos ... a true party. But what people do not realize is how much work and energy goes on during the day that we need to network and sing and drink and dance in the evenings to to release it all. I dare anyone to find another conference where people show up 2 days early to hang out. Where once the conference is over, a bar like Kimonos is as busy as the first night. Where people stay up until 5 am sitting in the main lobby of the hotel just being with each other. I have heard Mac World is like this, but for how long with Apple removing itself? Lotusphere is far more than the sessions or the show floor or the Opening Session. It is about the people. For seven days, all of us who talk via blogs, twitter, IM, and email, come together. We meet new people and our community grows. I am so proud to be part of

Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Products

January 27 2009

Some thoughts on the Lotus product line and their announcements at Lotusphere2009: Lotus Notes & Domino Lotusphere2009 was really the celebration of the 8.5 release. The OGS might have been anti-climatic since the product shipped the Jan 4th, 2009. The conference was all about 8.5, with DAOS, ID Vault, and XPages all over the sessions. We also saw LinkedIn integration coming in the client with a great sidebar app. Project Atlantic became Alloy, the joint project between SAP and IBM. We need to see more of these - official plug-ins or applications for integration or web 2.0 inclusion to the Notes & Domino product line. I was expecting more Lotus Protector announcements but those did not come, but we got the big shocker of the week - IBM was working to add ActiveSync support to Lotus Traveler in 2009. This is a big move for IBM, providing an ability to allow certain devices COUGH iphone COUGH to connect to the Domino server. It will be interesting to see how this works out

Attention All Lotusphere Speakers - Lotusphere Session Wiki Page is here!

January 26 2009

I came up with a great idea for all Lotusphere speakers. We are going to create a wiki page, based on the brand new Domino XPages Wiki template created by Steve Castledine of IBM. This is the first template contributed to by IBM since the big announcement at the Lotusphere2009 OGS. I figured why not put it to good use, create a reusable resource, and put the template thru some real testing all in one. I also think we need to have a resource in the Notes client, so I contacted Ben Langhinrichs @ Genii Software and he has agreed to update the Lotusphere2009 Sessions Database from this session listing every so often. It is being hosted on BleedYellow servers. No login today, but we will add that at some point. Thanks to Nathan Freeman made this suggestion and it is a great one. Please, no posting of the slides or demo files in this database, but let's use it as a single listing that links to everything. Maybe even IBMers can post their stuff somewhere we can all download.

Missed the Lotusphere2009 Innovation Labs? eWeek has a great slideshow for you

January 26 2009

If you were not able to make it to Lotusphere2009 or missed the Innovation Lab, eWeek has a slideshow with an overview. They missed Dandelion, my favorite thing in the lab, but still worth a read.

Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Lotus Symphony

January 24 2009

For me, Lotus Symphony had a break-out year at Lotusphere2009. Yes, I did some presentations around Lotus Symphony, so maybe my opinion was skewed, but what a year for Symphony. The 1.2 release that ships with Notes 8.5 (and stand-alone since December) is a rock solid release. The preview of the 1.3 features, including Office 2007 compatibility (reading of files), major enhancements to Pivot Tables (replacing the default Data Pilot from and the LotusScript LSX that I previewed in BP110. For those that have not seen it, Symphony 1.3 will have the first version of a LotusScript API that is very familiar to Lotus Notes developers. At the same time, we will also get a Java API. Documents and Spreadsheets will get the most attention in the first release of the APIs coming in 1.3. Mail Merge, basic document operation, basic spreadsheet operation, charts, and pivot tables can be generated in Lotus Symphony from Notes. Presentations will get more attention in a future release.

Lotusphere2009 gets personal & sentimental - Lotus Awards Reception with Bob Picciano

January 22 2009

On Wednesday Night at Lotusphere2009, all of the Lotus Award winners were invited to a reception with Bob Picciano, General Manager of Lotus Software. I have to tell all of you reading, I got really sentimental and emotional during this hour. The Zain Africa Challenge project, which won on the 2009 Lotus Awards Best Philanthropy Solution, has been such a huge part of my life. I started working with the client that manages Zain Africa Challenge in 1993. I was 19. 15 years later, at 34, the project gets highlighted as the top philanthropic business partner project. Words can not detail how I feel right now. It is almost like this is the completion of a chapter of my life and it's time to find that next client & project that will change my life and the lives of others. I love what I do. Thank you to everyone that has been involved in this project.

Lotusphere2009 Innovation Lab Highlights

January 22 2009

Every year at Lotusphere2009, IBM Lotus sets aside an entire lab to showcase new and innovative projects that are going on in the IBM Research Labs around Lotus products. I make an effort to spend a good amount of time in the lab every year as you can see the future of the Lotus product line on the monitors in this room. Here are my highlights from 2009: EditSpot: Web Office Editor EditSpot has the tag line of "Document collaboration anywhere, anytime you need. The solution worked from a web browser on multiple platforms, multiple browsers, and on multiple devices like an Android device or iPhone. It has integration with Bluehouse/LotusLive which allowed a shape in a document to be tied to an Activity. Live Synchronization of page changes and annotations was seamless. ODF DOM support allowed for documents to become widgets for use in Mashups. It was even optimized for accessibility issues like screen readers. EditSpot also had multi-touch interaction. Next Generation Lotus Mobile

Lotusphere2009 Chat with the Experts

January 22 2009

On Lotusphere2009 Day 4 (Wednesday), I had a chance to participate in the Chat with the Experts Press event. There were 5 tables with different technical team leads who were available for a discussion. I got to the event late due to it's overlap with my BP305 The Document Format Dance. When I got there, I went straight to the table with the core Notes & Domino team. Sitting at the table was Jeff Eisen, Chief Architect for the Notes Client, Sandesh Bhat, and Russ Holden, Chief Architect for the Domino Server. There was one member of the press sitting at the table: Volker Weber. Many of my readers might think I would want to head to another table, but I saw this as an excellent opportunity. I sat down and just listened for a while taking in the surreal experience. I was there for about 30 minutes, asked a couple of my own questions, and learned a lot. As a 'blogger' I have much to learn and I saw this as a great chance. Volker asked great questions and kept the conversation moving.

Slideshare Event Created - Add all of your slides to Lotusphere2009

January 22 2009

I have created an event on for Lotusphere2009. You can get to it via It would be awesome if we could get presenters to upload their presentations and assign them to the Lotusphere2009 event. You need to join the event first and then once the presentation has been processed, you can tag it to the event. I am also using the tag Lotusphere2009 on all the presentations. Let's see how many we can get on Slideshare!

Interesting Places Lotusphere2009 news showed up: LinkedIn Blog

January 22 2009

Check out the LinkedIn Blog: LinkedIn: Coming Soon to an Inbox near you!

Interesting Places Lotusphere 2009 news showed up: Blackberry Cool

January 21 2009

Check this out: Blackberry Cool - IBM, RIM Mobilize Business With Lotus Software and Developer Tools for the BlackBerry Platform

The Lotus Symphony team ...

January 21 2009

I made a comment to Michael Karasick, head of the IBM China lab and to others on the Symphony team that I wanted to share with the greater Lotus community. The Lotus Symphony team has to be the most amazing software team out there, not just inside IBM, but across any software brand I know of. They have done far more than any other group in the past 12 months. 4 releases of Lotus Symphony, a major investment in the new LotusScript API and an accompanying Java API that hides the UNO interface from the developer. Add on top of that what I saw on Dandelion: a web based document generation toolkit that uses the Lotus Symphony ODF to HTML/MIME converter which is some really cool technology. They did all of this and produced it at a quality level that far exceeded my expectations. Congratulations to the Lotus Symphony team. 2008 was an amazing year for you. I can not wait to see what you do in 2009!

BP305: The Document Format Dance

January 21 2009

No matter your preference for OOXML, ODF, or PDF … the document standard requirements are going to become a fact of life for users of IBM Lotus Notes & IBM Lotus Domino in the next year. This sessoin will review the technical capabilities of all three formats and how they work with Lotus Software. We will check the format debate at the door and look at which format will provide you the functionality you need. We will then look at how you can generate all three documents from your applications using third-party tools and custom code. You will take home samples that allow you to export Lotus Notes data to OOXML, ODF, and PDF in LotusScript and Java – be prepared for a deep dive into code! Swan 1-2 : Wednesday, 1/21/2008 : 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM BP305: The Document Format DanceView more presentations or upload your own. (tags: ibm lotus)

News you will hear from IBM tomorrow

January 21 2009

On Tuesday evening of Lotusphere2009, IBM tried a new approach with press announcements by hosting a blogger event. Almost two full days after the Opening Session, IBM had been holding a few announcements for Wednesday. They are: That IBM was working to implement ActiveSync support in Lotus Traveler in a 2009 release of the Domino product - this was demonstrated in two different session A recap on the Sametime 8.5 release which includes a rebuilt rich and web client for meetings Lotus Foundations Remote Office with full support of additional servers in an existing Domino Domain Both news items 1 and 3 were not news but the format of a formal Q&A was appreciated by the bloggers in the room. Most of us are not formal journalists but members of the community. We were treated like press. It really showed how IBM is trying to embracing the blogging community. After the announcements we saw a demo of a prototype of Foundations working together with Xerox software and copier/scanner te

Boiling down the feeling of energy here at Lotusphere2009

January 20 2009

You might have heard this on other blogs that are reporting on Lotusphere2009, but there is a change in the energy this year. It is almost like someone spiked the water that has in the bottles the executives are drinking. But then again, how does that explain the energy that is showing up in all of the IBM Lotus staff? EVERYONE here from IBM is far more upbeat, excited, and confident. And I think I figured out why. IBM came to Lotusphere with a message they believe in. They are excited about what they are showing and have a road map they plan to travel in 2009. That road map has things for the Notes faithful and for companies that are on the bleeding edge of Web 2.0. I may not agree with everything they are doing, but I love the confidence, detail, and passion they are moving forward with. More importantly, they are not here playing defense to any of their competitors. You do not hear "Well, Company X is doing this, so we are doing that." IBM Lotus is on the offensive. They are not b

I wish Lotus would ... (thoughts from the Blogger Q&A with Lotus Executives)

January 19 2009

The Blogger Q&A with the Lotus Executives was an interesting time this year .. as always. Someone always asks a question that makes the rest of the room talk about the weather ... :-) I asked how IBM Lotus was going compete with Sharepoint in 2009. Quickr and Connections are good products that will become great products in 2009. The problem is that they are not the platform or message that is Sharepoint. Sharepoint is something you can install in 30 minutes. It is a platform you can build your website on, use as a document store, make your content management system, run all of your workflow, and integrate with every server product on the Microsoft platform. There are thousands of web parts from partners available and web parts and lists are becoming defacto tools that END USERS can use. This is the beast Lotus has to go up against and win. Lotus - the technical aspect of your products have never been your problem. Your development story is great. You need to get the platform stor

The #1 thing I saw in the Lotusphere 2009 OGS ...

January 19 2009

was the LotusLive / Sametime Unyte meeting working on the Blackberry Bold emulator. Imagine being able to attend a web conference AND get audio (on a 3G device like the Bold) at the same time from anywhere. WOW Even more impressive is that I learned that IBM, not RIM, built the Lotus Live Meeting client for the Blackberry. Speaks volumes about the Blackberry platform and development environment. Nice job IBM and RIM. You impressed the hell out of me.

Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session Impressions

January 19 2009

Lots of people have blogged about the session details but I wanted to get some thoughts after the fact. First, this is by far the best OGS that Lotus has done in years. The tone was right, the energy was high, the pace was great. All of the brands got about the same amount of time and the demos were quick and to the point. Well done IBM. Second, I think they missed an opportunity to highlight the LotusScript editor coming in 8.5.1. All they had to do was have Ron show it and say it's coming and show the class library. That would have gotten a standing ovation and just lit up the room. Third, I really like the new Lotus GM Bob Picchiano. You can tell the team working around him are soaking up his energy and passion. I can not wait to see him duke it out in the marketplace in 2009. The funny thing about the OGS is that they did not need to cram in all the announcements as years past. They highlighted the new things coming in Quickr 8.2, Quickr Next, Sametime 8.5, Sametime Telephony,