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Taking a new role at Lumity - Outreach Director on the Executive Committee

September 19 2014

I am really excited to announce that I have accepted a position on the executive committee of the Board of Directors of Lumity as the Outreach Director. As a current board member, this just extends my involvement. I have been lucky enough to help with the business development processes and performance the past two years, and in July took over as the chair of the Operations Committee. My new role is slightly wide open in terms of specifics, but it will let me get more involved in an organization I believe in. Lumity has really double-downed our investment in STEM and Workforce Development. This summer, the organization hosted a Summer Youth Employment Program that had real impact on lives. I saw our Executive Director, Kara Kennedy, get really emotional this morning on the impact it is having on her. I am lucky to be able to give back to the community on a topic I believe in to much. We can only improve the quality technology professionals in the marketplace if we start in the schoo

Why STEM education matters - The Lumity Story

April 22 2014

I have talked about Lumity before on my blog, but I wanted to share why I think it's mission matters. Here is a great video that we created for our Annual Dinner earlier this month: I am proud to be involved with Lumity as a board member, and helping with the services arm, but the STEM initiative is something I really believe in. My career path was not a straight arrow, and my STEM schooling as a kid really had an impact. I am looking forward to hands-on involvement later this month with a school career fair visit. If you would like to get involved, please contact me. You can also donate here.

Are you a not-for-profit in Chicago? Join for a technology seminar

February 19 2014

For all of my friends and followers in Chicago - if you work for or participate in a not-for-profit, this free technology seminar is for you: Clearing up the Myth: The Cloud and Nonprofits - Free Nonprofit Technology Seminar - Please join us on February 26th at 10 AM and invite your nonprofit friends and colleagues. At this seminar you will learn: What exactly IS "The Cloud"? Why do I need to know about cloud computing? How will it help my organization? What and who are cloud providers? What about security and storage of data? You're invited to attend a FREE cloud computing seminar hosted by Lumity. You’ll learn everything you need to know about what the cloud is, how to transition to it and how to use it once you’re there. Mark Litwin, a Technology Solution Professional will guide you through the process so you leave with a full understanding and the confidence to make the change. What is "the cloud"? It's a server that’s accessible to you anywhere there is internet, not just at

Vote for Lumity as a Chicago Community Champion!

August 6 2012

Lumity, the technology not-for-profit that I am a board member of, is participating in a contest that Plante Moran Blackman Kallick is running. I would like to ask everyone who reads my blog to vote here ... Lumity could win a $25,000 grant to help us provide technology services to the communities of Chicago and other not-for-profits. You can vote once a day between now and 12 PM on August 10th. Thanks!