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Redbook Weekend #1 Part 3 - Driving thru Maine and a visit with Andrew Pollack

March 8 2009

Day three of this first weekend found me driving up to Maine. I have never been to the state of Maine and decided this was my chance. About 90 minutes north from Boston. My first stop was York County and Cape Neddick "Nubble" Light. A great view of a lighthouse near a seaside town that screams tourist summer location. My second stop was to Fort Williams Park and the Portland Head Light I then drove to Andrew Pollack's house in Cumberland. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me a tour of the firehouse he is a volunteer firefighter at. He treated me with a drive in the truck and a tour of the town. As we got back to Andrew's house, we were chatting about the Lotus community and techy stuff. Andrew had to leave to head to an alarm - something that turned out not to be serious. Great to see Andrew and get his feedback on things. I then drove up to Freeport to the flagship LL Bean store. I took a few pics and walked around, but not being super outdoorsy, it was mos