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Lotuphere2012: JMP304 - Master Class: Integration in the world of Social Business

January 18 2012

Jmp304View more presentations from John Head. You can get the Getting Started Database Here

IamLUG 2009 - Integration and Coexistence: Leveraging Lotus and Microsoft products to build better solutions : Slides and Demo database

August 4 2009

In the real world, you use both Lotus and Microsoft technologies in your environment. You do not want to be in the middle of a product selection war, you want to solve your business problems. This session will show you how to integrate Lotus and Microsoft technologies, including: Lotus Notes Lotus Domino Lotus Symphony Microsoft Office Microsoft .NET Microsoft SharePoint You will go home with real world samples and lots of tips and techniques. Iam Lug 2009 Integration And Coexistence SessionView more documents from John Head. Download the demo database here.

Lotus User Group Virtual User Group Meeting - Real World Integration - Slides and Demo dbs

January 14 2009

Here are the slides and the demo files for the Virtual User Group meeting that took place today on the Real World Integration topic. We had over 150 people attend and had some great questions. Slides Virtual User Group Meeting - The Real World IntegrationView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: integra4notes) Download the demo database There will be a replay available sometime tomorrow. Alex and I will answer the questions we could not get to in the moderated forum. Thanks for attending!

Prediction: I see the end of Application Automation

July 9 2008

How many times in your life can you say you have seen the demise of your best skill set and had a chance to react ... before that happened. I believe that situation is upon me, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts. For the past 15 years or so, I have focused my technical skills on using one piece of software to automate another. Starting with Ami Pro macros that wrote data to an Excel spreadsheet, this has evolved. SmartSuite and Notes. Microsoft Office. Lotus Symphony. Microsoft Project and Visio. And many more applications. I focused on direct automation (where one application controls another, like Notes using COM and OLE to generate a Word document) and indirect automation (where Word would call a web service to display and generate information, and that web service was from a Domino server). I saw this as a niche I could become the expert on. I believe I have done that and still find new and interesting things I can do for customers and pass along to folks at

New Whitepaper: Off-the-Shelf or Custom Development

May 27 2008

I am releasing a new white paper I wrote that covers the reasons on why I have been endorsing the move from being an advocate of pure custom development to supporting the use of a framework and/or a product. This white paper discusses my journey to find Integra for Notes and my personal experiences with the world of integrating IBM Lotus Notes and Domino with Microsoft Office,, and Lotus Symphony. You can download the PDF of the white paper here: Off-the-Shelf or Custom Development: How Frameworks Can Save the Day I look forward to feedback and thoughts! Printed copies will be available at ILUG 2008 next week.

Microsoft adds ODF support to Microsoft Office

May 21 2008

The official press release is out now, so I can comment on this ... Microsoft Expands List of Formats Supported in Microsoft Office Move enhances customer choice and interoperability with Microsoft’s flagship productivity suite. REDMOND, Wash. — May 21, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. is offering customers greater choice and more flexibility among document formats, as well as creating additional opportunities for developer and competitors, by expanding the range of document formats supported in its flagship Office productivity suite. The 2007 Microsoft Office system already provides support for 20 different document formats within Microsoft Office Word, Office Excel and Office PowerPoint. With the release of Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) scheduled for the first half of 2009, the list will grow to include support for XML Paper Specification (XPS), Portable Document Format (PDF) 1.5, PDF/A and Open Document Format (ODF) v1.1. When using SP2, customers will be able to open

Integra thought for the Week: No impact to your applications

March 17 2008

One of the features of Integra for Notes that seems to really impress people (including one of the major bloggers in the Lotus community last week) is the fact that Integra has no impact on your applications. What does this mean? First, Integra is a single Notes application/database that gets installed on your server. You create that application/database from the supplied template. You setup the ACL and you are good to go. One the desktop, if desired, you can push out an icon that gets added to the toolbar. This is not a necessary feature, but many use it. No client install, but a process that sends a link to the users that they click. Next time the start Notes, the Integra Icon is added to their toolbar. Administrator function within Integra for Notes to send an email to users to install the Toolbar icon What the user sees when they click the URL link ... Integra Icon added to Notes 8.0.X toolbar The other aspect of this is the entire Integra report, called a Profile, is se

Why Integra?

March 10 2008

Since Lotusphere and the announcements between Integra and PSC came out, I have gotten quite a few questions that boil down to "John, why do you like Integra for Notes?" So I figured this was perfect blog fodder. It gives me something to write about on a regular basis and its a topic (integration of Notes with Office and Symphony/ that I can really provide value. So the goal going forward will be to have a new post every Monday. Let's see how well I can do on this. So to kick this off, one of the man reasons I like Integra for Notes, and why you should be using it as your integration framework, is that it provides reporting and integration almost everywhere. Not only does it integrate with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (or Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets for the Integra for Notes Symphony Edition), it also provides Export and Import support for CSV and text files, as well as Export for XML. These Export and Import report profiles run on the Notes client, scheduled

CNet loves Lotus Symphony? Have pigs started flying?

February 28 2008

From Ed ... can this really be true? Love it!

Listen to me on Taking Notes

February 16 2008

Listen to myself, along with John de Gorgio talk with Bruce and Julian on the Taking Notes podcast: Taking Notes Episode 76: 2008.02.16 - Reporting and Notes integration with MS Office and Lotus Symphony with Integra and PSC February 16th, 2008 Bruce and Julian talk with John Head from The PSC Group and John de Gorgio from Integra4Notes where we talked about: * Using Integra4Notes to generaated pixel perfect reports from Notes * Integra4Notes Personal Edition - FREE * Lotus Symphony * Some predictions about Lotus Symphony * and much more This podcast was sponsored by Instant Technologies. It is 20.7mb and runs 45:08 minutes at 64kps. Thanks for chatting with us guys. Podcast sounds really great!

Integra and PSC plan to target the US and Candian market

February 12 2008

I am super excited to share this: PSC Becomes Integra for Notes Premier Partner for the United States and Canada CONTACT: David Hough 847.517.7200 Chicago, IL & Malta - February 6, 2008 PSC Group, LLC. (PSC) and Shireburn Software Ltd announced today that PSC has been appointed the Premier Partner of the Integra for Notes line of products for the United States and Canada. Integra for Notes is the leading Lotus Notes® to Microsoft Office® Integration solution. PSC will be providing sales and support as well as integration services to new and existing customers. "Integra for Notes, is already widely used in the USA with customers including Behr America, the US Navy, Air Force & Army, CB&I, Hertz and VF Corporation. By combining the Integra for Notes platform with services from PSC, an organization with great experience in Notes-to-Office integration, jointly, we bring the broadest platform for implementation of Notes-to-Office integration o

JMP201 - Introduction to IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Integration with Desktop Applications

January 20 2008

JMP201 Introduction to IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Integration with Desktop Applications Speakers: John Head, Alex Kassabov SW 5-6 - Sunday 1:30pm - 3:30pm Repeats: SW 7-10 - Sunday 4:00pm - 6:00pm Welcome to the real world, where Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8 with Microsoft Office,, and Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and gradually build up to advanced integration. Mail Merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentation building, and integration on the Web will all be covered. Advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office, use of BIRT for reporting and integration with Lotus Domino Web Services will round out the session. You'll walk away with sample applications and code you can use immediately! (Participation in the "Kum Bah Yah" sing-along is optional) | View | Upload your own Download Updated Slides here Do

Integra for Notes Personal Edition Announced ... FREE

January 16 2008

The word is out, and I am happy to be able to blog about the forthcoming Integra for Notes Personal Edition. Here are the details: Integra for Notes Personal Edition is a free version of Integra which allows users to generate the following from their Lotus Notes personal address book contacts: mail merge letters to Microsoft Word View Video of Mail Merge Letter e-mailshots to Notes mail labels to Microsoft Word View Video of Labels export to Excel of contact detailsIntegra Personal Edition ships with a number of ready made letters and label formats as well as reports while also allowing the user to create their own mail merge letters, labels and Excel reports. These reports also allow users to simply create Excel pivot tables, graphs etc. from their personal address book contacts. Integra Personal Edition contains the functionality of both the Integra for Notes product, used for predefined reporting, as well as the Integra Quick Reports product, used for ad-hoc reporting