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Could David Cook be the next big progressive metal singer?

July 8 2008

It was great to see American Idol pick a winner this year with real musical talent, but is this picture of David Cook and Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater a preview of Cook's album to come? :-) ... read more about this picture on Mike's forum : Actually, I was SHOCKED to see that he did in fact know who I was.... In fact, he was totally psyched to meet me and immediately asked me to autograph his hat for him. I thought that was very cool of him. The guy is currently in the heart of a media frenzy and I am real happy for him as I think he's a real talent and deserves all of the success he is now enjoying.... For those wondering how on earth we even ended up in the same room in the first place... I took my family to the American Idol tour kickoff in AZ and brought my family backstage afterwards. We met all 10 performers and I got pix of each of them with my kids. They were all incredibly nice to them... David Cook was the only one of the bunch who got excited to meet me.