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XBox Live Artist of the Month - Dream Theater

December 3 2007

How cool is this! Great to see DT getting some good press and advertising ... and looking forward to the content that should be downloadable later today!

Dream Theater annouces new Package Festival "Progressive Nation"

November 5 2007

Straight from the press release bin: OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: November 5th 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DREAM THEATER’S “PROGRESSIVE NATION” featuring OPETH, 3 and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME to embark on inaugural tour of North America throughout April & May 2008. New York progressive metal pioneers DREAM THEATER are set to unveil their maiden voyage of “PROGRESSIVE NATION”. A package tour they will headline that will also feature the talents of OPETH, 3 and BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. The tour is the brainchild of DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy who explains: “I’ve been wanting to assemble a package tour like this for many years now. With all of the festivals and package tours that go through America, I’ve been talking with our manager and agent for over 10 years now about doing something that focuses on the more progressive, musician-oriented side of hard rock and metal. I decided it was time to stop talking the t

Even rock stars make mistakes

November 3 2007

Man, even rock star 'gods' make mistakes ... warning .. this is not safe for work or young ears .. Mike gets a little angry and the language reflects that :P

Best tour radio commerical ever ...

September 27 2007

Ok, you have been warned .. this is NSFW (Not Safe for Work for those that do not know the anacrom) and not for the faint of heart :-) ... Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God are teaming up for a tour this winter, with Devildriver and Soilwork. Now, I have said it before, Killswitch Engage is one of my new favorite bands. Lamb of God is a great live band. But this radio commerical is one of the funniest tour commericals I have ever heard! If you click the link, I warned you.

Rumors for the Spring 2008 Dream Theater tour

September 27 2007

So, it seems taht someone at Roadrunner Records has let loose some killer info. Dream Theater will be returning to the US to tour in April and May of 2008, with Opeth opening. Damn!

Childhood dream realized ... Iron Maiden annouces "Somewhere Back in Time" World Tour

September 5 2007

One of the concerts I always wanted to go to as a kid, as my love of hard rock and heavy metal was starting to form, was the Iron Maiden "PowerSlave" Tour. The Egypt landscape, Eddie coming out as a mummy thru the Eddie scarcofagus ... and the great songs on the album like "2 Mintues to Midnight" and "Rhime of the Ancient Mariner" ... I was hooked. I was way to young back then to go on my own, and the parents were not big Maiden fans. Fast forward to today ... reading my Blabbermouth RSS feed IRON MAIDEN have announced their most ambitious and extraordinary touring plans ever — and are very pleased to announce that this will include Australia for the first time in 15 years! The Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008 will be in three sections, starting in February and March 2008 with the first leg encompassing major concerts in 20 selected cities on five continents in seven weeks including India, Japan, North America, Central and South America, and, of course, Australia, opening

One last goodbye to AEINMA

August 19 2007

Last night was the final concert of the Tool cover band known as AENIMA. The guys have decided to disband and persue original music projects. While it will be sad to not have AENIMA shows to go to, I applaud the desire of the guys to work on their own music. I do not think we will see these guys in a band, but I think all of them will be playing in new bands around Chicago in the near future. Thanks for the music guys ... honestly, it was better than seeing Tool themselves most the time. :-)

Time for another review ... Dream Theater / Redemption / Into Eternity

August 11 2007

Another Dream Theater (or was it another 4 ;) ) concerts down. Here is my take: Into Eternity is acquired taste. 5 very talented musicians who are playing a mixture of death, thrash, and progressive metal. Those guys can play super fast, and when have you heard of 3 part harmonies ... of death growling and screaming. The crowd treated them well, but I think the 30 minutes was all people could handle. Redemption put on a great show. You can tell they have major Dream Theater and Fates Warning influences, but still have their own 'voice.' It was rough to watch Ray Alder struggle thru losing his voice, but he still sounded great. I was impressed ... they did well. They need a lot more live playing, but I expect big things from them. Then, I noticed something interesting. The sound board on the side of the stage was moved and replaced by a much larger version for DT. That totally explained why both Into Eternity and Redemption sounded so damn muddy. What a change for DT. Dream Theater

oday is Monday, July 30, the 211th day of 2007. There are 154 days left in the year.

July 30 2007

There Are: 1 day until Babylon 5: Lost Tales - 1 day until 300 on HD-DVD / Blueray - 1 day until Shaun of the Dead on HD-DVD - 1 day until Hot Fuzz on DVD - 3 days until Quakecon 2007 - 4 days until The Bourne Ultimatum - 5 days until SIGGRAPH - 11 days until Survivor Man Season 2 - 15 days until Lair for the PS3 - 20 days until Brain Age 2 - 22 days until BioShock - 23 days until Games Convention - 25 days until PAX - 28 days until Metroid Prime 3:

Offical Dream Theater Bootlegs on Ytsejam Records annouced

July 27 2007

Mike Portnoy annouced the latest round of Ytsejam Records releases ... otherwise known as the Dream Theater Official Bootlegs: We have gotten a limited amount of copies of some of the new Ytsejam Records titles and they will be available at the shows on the current tour. The 4 latest Ytsejam Records titles are: New York City 3/4/93 (2 CD's) --- including Eve and the original version of A Change Of Seasons Falling Into Infinity Demos (2 CD's) --- including the never before heard original rehearsal version of Metropolis Pt.2! Made In Japan (1 CD) --- DT's version of the classic Deep Purple album --- Mixed by Roger Glover Bucharest, Romania 7/4/02 (2 DVD's) --- the entire Bucharest Concert TV Broadcast and a Bonus Disc with: --- 8 Songs filmed in Mexico City - March 2002 --- Bulgarian TV Documentary - July 2002 --- Nine Degrees Of Backstage Turbulence Fan Club Video - November 2002 Some titles will be available at the shows - and ALL titles w

Redemption Video for "Bleed Me Dry"

July 24 2007

This one is for Chris Blatnik ... Great video for the single "Bleed Me Dry" from their new album. CD is spinning in my car as I prepare to see them MULTIPLE times next month! p.s. Ray Alder looks a lot older with short hair

Country meets Hair Metal

July 23 2007

As much as I am a progressive metal head, I do enjoy country music here and there. Part of it comes from Sarah's love of country rubbing off on me .. but anyway, I am really a fan of Carrie Underwood. She has a great voice and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. And yes, she is a hottie as well. But imagine my surprise when I got a link to this on YouTube ... Carrie covering Skid Row's "I Remember You" Man ... Carrie hits the notes and does the hair metal anthem justice. Nice.

Lost in Paradise at the Museum of the Field ... a day of contrasts

July 22 2007

Today was a day of contrasts ... I started the day with a meeting for the young executives group of the Field Museum, called the Field Associates. I will detail more why I joined, but this was a programming meeting to plan future events. It was neat to plan a scavenger hunt while sitting under Sue. I ended the day by seeing Symphony X play live. One of the premier power metal progressive metal bands, they play sold out shows in Europe all the time. I do not think they expected a sold out show here in Chicago. These guys are great in concert, but everything I do not like about the band just stands out like a sore thumb. Except for my favorite song of theirs, Paradise Lost, all of their songs could be one long song. They just all sound the same. Ending on the Odyssey was great ... but they only played 90 minutes! WTH! One list ... things that bother me about concerts: 1. Long hair was cool for the 80's hair metal bands. But do we really want to see a guy with reseeding hair and a b

Top 5 Side 1 Track 1 - My list

July 17 2007

So Nathan Freeman wants us all to blog our Top 5 song list, but it has to be Track 1 on Side 1 of the LP (or first song on the CD). Here is my list: 1. Change of Seasons - Dream Theater's Change of Seasons, 1995 - best DT song ever, and I would only let myself select one DT song for this ... and that is hard with Pull Me Under and 6:00 being Track 1 Side 1 songs 2. Demanufacture - Fear Factory's Demanufacture, 1995 - the band that invented NuMetal and was always the best mix of metal and mixing 3. Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment's 2, 1999 - my favorite instrumental of all time 4. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth's Rust in Piece, 1990 - The best Megadeth song of all time ... and the introduction of Marty Friedman to the general public 5. Daylight Dies - Killswitch Engage's As Daylight Dies, 2007 - I wanted something current, and this song just kicks my ass 6. Cowboys from Hell - Pantera's Cowboys from Hell, 1990 - I know many will say Mouth for War might be their

What am I listening to today?

July 15 2007

So what are you folks listening to these days? Right now, I have the following six CDs in my car changer ... 1. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos What can I say ... I really like this album. No surprise there to most of you. But being honest about a DT CD, I think this is their best "band" cd since Awake. Everyone is on fire. The songs are great ... I have a hard time picking my least favorite on the CD and do not hit skip on any songs. I can not wait to hear some of this stuff live! If I have to pick out favorites, "Forsaken" and "Prophets of War" are my two favorite tracks. 2. Symphony X - Paradise Lost There seems to be this war between Dream Theater and Symphony X fans ... that one band is better than the other. I happen to like both quite a bit. One issue I have with Symphony X is that all of their songs tend to sound the same ... Power metal with speed. Luckily, SX has one of the best singers in the hard rock

Dream Theater’s "Constant Motion" Video

July 14 2007

Here it is .. the first Dream Theater video in many years. For the song "Constant Motion", it is the band and some animation. I like it. A good focus on the song and the band.

A gaggle of Dream Theater "Systematic Chaos" info

May 10 2007

With the release of Systematic Chaos just 3 weeks away, quite a bit of info about the album is being made available. I, your friendly DT fan, have collected it in one spot for you! :-) DREAM THEATER will be IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson's guests on Saturday, May 26 during Bruce's weekly BBC 6 Music radio show, aptly named "Rock Show". Listen to the program live via the Internet between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. (midnight) U.K. time (between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST) at A DREAM THEATER EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the group's new album, "Systematic Chaos", is available. A new track, entitled "Constant Motion", is available for free here. Simply fill in your details and the download link will be sent directly to your e-mail. A video interview with DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy, capured by The Mirror during Mike's recent promotional visit to Germany, has been posted online at YouTube. A nine-minute video clip shot during the the recording of the DREAM TH

Dream Theater’s "In Constant Motion" - Download it now!

April 27 2007

Roadrunner records has released the first single from the new Dream Theater album, "Systematic Chaos", for download. You can get "In Constant Motion" from this link. There is also a quicktime movie you can get. Yeah!!!!

Updated Dream Theater Chaos in Motion World Tour US dates for this summer

April 17 2007

Fri July 27th - Gibson Amphitheater - Los Angeles, CA Mon July 30th - E Center - Salt Lake City, UT Tues July 31st - Paramount Theater - Denver, CO Thurs Aug 2nd - Dallas, TX - Nokia Theater Fri Aug 3rd - Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Tues Aug 7th - Riverside Theater - Milwaukee, WI Thurs Aug 9th - State Theater - Minneapolis, MN Fri Aug 10th - Rosemont Theater - Chicago, IL Sat Aug 11th - Tower City Amphitheater - Cleveland, OH Tues Aug 21st - Bank Of America Pavillion - Boston, MA Fri Aug 24th - Holmdel, NJ - PNC Sat Aug 25th - Wantagh, NY - Jones Beach

Dream Theater’s "Systematic Chaos" gets release date, special edition

April 13 2007

From Roadrunner Records: DREAM THEATER's new album, "Systematic Chaos", will be released on Tuesday, June 5 (date may vary in different countries) through Roadrunner and will be available in two formats: regular-edition CD special-edition CD and DVD (cover). The special-edition DVD will include: * The entire album mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound * "Chaos in Progress - The Making of Systematic Chaos" (a 90-minute documentary directed by Mike Portnoy) The CD track listing for both editions is: 01. In The Presence of Enemies Pt. 1 (9:00) 02. Forsaken (5:36) 03. Constant Motion (6:55) 04. The Dark Eternal Night (8:51) 05. Repentance (10:43) 06. Prophets Of War (6:01) 07. The Ministry of Lost Souls (14:57) 08. In The Presence of Enemies Pt. 2 (16:38) The band will shoot a video next week for the first single off the album, "Constant Motion". DREAM THEATER had spent its entire career on Elektra and Atlantic, an arrangement that ended with the 2005 studio album "Octavarium". Accordi

Dream Theater 2007 Summer Tour Dates - Including the US!

April 12 2007

Direct from Mike Portnoy himself, here is the current Dream Theater summer tour schedule, including the first US dates and info about the openers (which are surprisingly not from their new label) DREAM THEATER CHAOS IN MOTION - WORLD TOUR 2007/2008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EUROPEAN SUMMER TOUR Sun June 3rd - Gods Of Metal Festival - Milan, Italy (DREAM THEATER, HEAVEN & HELL, BLIND GUARDIAN, DIMMU BORGIR, SYMPHONY X, ANATHEMA, SADIST, DGM) Tues - June 5th - Posthof - Linz, Austria (DT Headlining show with opening band TBA) Wed June 6th - Petofi Open Air - Budapest, Hungary (DT Headlining show with opening band TBA) Thurs - June 7th - Jarun - Zagreb, Croatia (DT Headlining show with opening band TBA) Sat June 9th - Newcastle City Hall - Newcastle, England (DT Headlining show with opening band TBA) Sun June 10th - Download Festival - Donington Park, England (DR

Soundtrack of your life

April 11 2007

So I got this email from one of my friends ... of course sent to a huge group and all that. I usually delete them but this one was fun. Here is what you do: take your music library (ipod, itunes, etc) and put it on shuffle. Hit skip 3 times and then write down the songs in order ... no cheating! Then match them up to the following steps. Here is mine: Opening Credits: World of Warcraft Soundtrack: Song 2 The Shaping of the World Waking Up: Fear Factory "Scapegoat" from Soul of the New Machine First Day At School: Fates Warning "Monument" from Inside Out Falling In Love: Metallica "Ride the Lightning" from Ride the Lightning Fight Song: Pain of Salvation "Inside Out" from One Hour at the Concrete Lake Breaking Up: TransAtlantic "Mystery Train" from Smpte Prom: Staind "Reality" from 14 Shades of Grey Life: Megadeth "Sin" from Cryptic Writings Mental Breakdown: Pain of Salvation "Her Voices" from The Perfect Element Part 1 Driving: James Labrie "Crucify" from Elements of Persuasion Flas

Is Dream Theater’s "Octavarium" the largest "nugget" album of all time?

April 6 2007

So today, Good Friday, is supposed to be a day of contemplation. A day of fasting and reflection. While I am not working on client projects today, I found something that had me thinking ... get the connection? :) So Dream Theater loves to throw in references to other music and pop culture references into their music. They also love to add little things for the fans. If you look at the "Songwriting Characteristics"section of the DT wikipedia page, they list some of these: Beginning with Train of Thought the band began deliberately inserting small, hidden elements to their music and packaging for the benefit of the more dedicated fans. The most famous of these is the so-called "nugget" placed in "In the Name of God", which was a sample of the phrase "eat my ass and balls" (a famous Mike Portnoy quote) in morse code hidden deep within the mix of that song (specifically, from timestamps 5:50 through 6:07). Ever since, Dream Theater fans have actively looked for these small quirks that a

True Symphonic Rockestra

April 5 2007

So, for all the DT/Progressive fans out there ... I had heard about this before, but I finally got to hear a song. You can hear a clip of "Nessun Dorma" on the TSR Myspace Page (I know, MySpace sux but they seem to get lots of good info these days .. the Heroes exclusive video and music clips like this). Anyway, check out the TSR home page for more info. This could be very interesting :)

Dream Theater’s "Systematic Chaos" Album Artwork Revealed

April 3 2007

Coming in June ... Thoughts?

Demand Dream Theater

March 24 2007

I know this like totally bleeds of MySpace blah blah blah, but its for DT ...

Dream Theater’s "Systematic Chaos" Track Listing

February 21 2007

Coming in June 2007 ... 01. In The Presence of Enemies Pt.1 02. Forsaken 03. Constant Motion 04. The Dark Eternal Night 05. Repentance 06. Prophets of War 07. The Ministry of Lost Souls 08. In The Presence of Enemies Pt.2 Interesting that the two part song bookends the disc ... You can not judge a DT song by it's name, but these song titles sound dark. Can't wait

Dream Theater News ... New Record Company, New Album

February 11 2007

Dream Theater has annouced that they have a new record company, Roadrunner Records, and a new album coming in June, "Systematic Chaos" FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FEBRUARY 8, 2007 WHEN DREAM THEATER AND ROADRUNNER RECORDS UNITE! BAND AND LABEL JOIN FORCES WITH NEW STUDIO ALBUM PLUS WORLD TOUR TO FOLLOW ROADRUNNER RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of progressive metal pioneers Dream Theater. A new studio album, Systematic Chaos is due in June. Dream Theater will hit the road in support of the album for a world tour, including major festival appearances in Europe. Since their first studio release in 1989, this US based five-piece has notched up record and DVD sales in excess of six million and headlined to audiences of 20,000. Having undertaken seven world tours across 42 different countries, Dream Theater has established a live reputation that has swept them to arena-status around the globe. They have appeared alongside acts such as Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Yes. Recognized

Ozzfest 2007 ... is ... Free!

February 7 2007

Wow .. how cool is it that Ozzfest 2007 is going to be free !!! It will be interesting to see what bands decide to tour without getting paid a daily fee, but I think it is a great idea. With all of the great concerts this summer (Dream Theater, The Police, Van Halen, Genesis, and Rush) there was no way I was getting to Ozzfest.

Dream Theater to release "Score" on 8/29/2006

July 12 2006

Not sure how I missed this, but Dream Theater is releasing a new live CD and DVD in August titled "Score." Score captures the entire 20th Anniversary Concert in New York City that took place April 1st 2006. The second half of the concert was with a 30 piece orchestra! Here is the press release: DREAM THEATER concluded its lengthy 20th Anniversary World Tour earlier this year with a triumphant sold-out concert at New York City's famed Radio City Music Hall. The emotional performance included songs representing two decades of music from the acclaimed progressive hard rock quintet and featured the band backed by a 30-piece orchestra during the show's second set. Rhino Records captures every note from that special evening with CD and DVD versions of "Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live With The Octavarium Orchestra". Both are available from Rhino August 29 at all retail outlets and for a suggested retail price of $24.98 for the three-CD collection and $24.99 for the

Today might be a day that a few people are on edge ...

June 6 2006

So today is one of the freaking calendar days that people will interrupt in various ways. The date, June 6th, 2006, can be interpreted as 06/06/06. So people are considering this a reference to the number associated with the Devil, 6 6 6. Other's are using the day to celebrate their favorite hard rock band. There is even a creepy, scary movie being released. To me, it is just another day that I get to work :) MSNBC has a great article about the commercialization of Satan. Interesting read. Enjoy the day ... and don't forget to look over your shoulder from time to time :-)

Time for another review ... Queensryche Operation:Mindcrime 2

April 26 2006

This review has taken me almost three weeks to write. I have tried and tried (and hoped) that more time and exposure would bring me an appreciation of this album. That time has only made me realize why Queenryche's Operation:Mindcrime 2 is a failure. It is also a success, but averages out to about 3 out of 5 stars. OK, lets back up. I admit to being a complete Queensryche fanatic at one time in my life. I first heard Rage for Order and loved it. The band might have looked like a cross of a movie vampire and a bad cross-dresser in the band photos on the back, but the music was so, well, progressive. Songs like "Screaming in Digital" really pushed my appreciation of music into a new realm. I went back and got The Warning and the Queensryche EP and liked both of them. Then they released Operation:Mindcrime. A conceptual CD, like The Who's Tommy and Pink Floyd's The Wall, it told a story. It told the story of lust, weakness, corruptions, and personal loss. It came

Can we be on the verge of the redemption of Metallica?

April 20 2006

I admit it, I was late to the appreciation of Metallica. I had friends who loved their early albums, but it took ... And Justice for All to get me hooked. Master of Puppets is one of the best hard rock albums of all time. I even really like the Metallica (otherwise known as the "Black Album") for its great songs and amazing production. Yeah, then we hit the Load and Reload era. No thanks. I do like S&M as I think it might be the best mix of a live orchestra and hard rock recorded to date (the second act of the 20th Anniversary show in NYC by Dream Theater this month is not out until fall :D ). The St. Anger period is a mixed bag for me. I love the Some Kind of Monster documentary ... its such a raw look into the lives of the band. The album was where most fans just shook their heads. Some great songs with such power and aggression ... with the worst production! The drums sounded like garbage cans and the mix was so muddy. So when I heard that Metallica was writing

Operation: Mindcrime 2 is almost here - "I’m American" Single on iTunes and Yahoo Music Video

March 20 2006

As we get closer to the release of Operation:Mindcrime 2, the first single "I'm American" has been released. You can preview/buy it on iTunes and see the video on Yahoo Music (click the I'm American link). The iTunes reviews are pretty good, but I will hold out to comment until I get the full CD. But I am really hoping that this is as good as we all want it to be!

Dream Theater 20th Anniversary Concert

March 18 2006

As frequent readers must be aware, I am a huge Dream Theater fan. Last night, they played the Congress Theater in Chicago. This is the biggest place they have played solo (This was an Evening with Dream Theater ... no opening bands, two sets) ... over 3000 people. And it was sold out and packed! It was a great show. The sounds was killer ... best I have seen DT sound in a long time. James Labrie's voice was spot on, even on the older stuff. The surprise of the evening was during Mike Portnoy's drum solo. He started out the solo for about a minute or so, and then told the crowd that his kit was too big for one (Mike's kit is actually two drum sets combined ... the big 2 kick, lots of drums and the small, Ringo Star like kit). He brought up Charlie Benante of Anthrax! Seems Charlie came to see the show (he was in the band section in the balcony for the entire show). They played back and forth, both improv and along with tracks. They did some Flyod, Zeppelin, Van Halen (Ho

"Amazing Journey" Tribute to The Who coming from Mike Portnoy

January 9 2006

To follow his Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Beattle tribute bands, Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy (drummer) is putting together a tribute band for The Who. Here is an excerpt about it: Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has put together a tribute band that will play three dates in late May, paying tribute to The Who. The lineup for Amazing Journey - A Tribute To The Who includes Portnoy, Gary Cherone (ex-Van Halen, Extreme), Paul Gilbert (Racer X, ex-Mr. Big) and Billy Sheehan (ex-Mr. Big, David Lee Roth). The three dates are: 5/27 - Whittier, CA at Center Theater Stage/Whittier Community Center 5/30 - Chicago, IL at Durty Nellie's 5/31 - New York, NY at BB King's Blues Club More info on the Dream Theater website and Mike's site. Very cool that I get to see this ... wonder what songs they will do?

Operation: Mindcrime II info

January 5 2006

A summary of all the info released about the upcoming Queensryche album (the sequel to the amazing Operation:Mindcrime from 1988) Album Release Date: April 4th, 2006 Track Listing: 1) Freiheit Ouvertüre 2) Convict. 3) I¹m American. 4) One foot in Hell. 5) Hostage. 6) The Hands. 7) Speed of Light. 8) Signs say Go. 9) Re-arrange You. 10) The Chase. 11) Murderer? 12) Circles. 13) If I could change it all. 14) An intentional confrontation. 15) A Junkie¹s Blues. 16) Fear City Slide. 17) All the Promises. The first single (and video) is "The Hands" Pamela Moore returns as "Sister Mary," which should be interesting since she died in the first release. Dr. X is being played by Ronnie James Dio. Now that is cool. A picture to leave us all in eager anticipation for the release ... I can hear in my head "Mary, my lady of pain, always alone ..."

Remembering Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott

December 9 2005

Last year on December 8th, Dimebag Darrell was killed at the beginning of the Damageplan show. RIP Dime. The music community remembers: Pantera's Website Damageplan's Website Vinne Paul talks about Dime on Remembering Dimebag - MTV Remembering Dimebag - For those that want to remember Dime, get a Dimebag Memorial Bracelet

LOTR Scores coming soon

October 4 2005

Wow, this is so cool! I am a huge fan of soundtracks and the Lord of the Rings soundtracks have gotten a lot of play on my ipod. From USA Today: Nothing about the Lord of the Rings trilogy has been scaled small. A big story took three lengthy films to tell, with even longer DVD versions. The same type of thinking has been applied to the films' music. The complete score for the first installment, The Fellowship of the Ring, will be released Nov. 22 by Reprise/WMG Soundtracks in a four-disc set. Three of the discs will encompass the first complete release of Howard Shore's score, including two songs by Enya. The fourth disc is a music DVD showcasing the score in 5.1 surround sound. DVD Audio! Very very cool.

DT Picture from Gigantour

August 31 2005

In Vegas, Evil has a new name ...

July 17 2005

Looks like it will be a "Metal" Summer

April 7 2005

Summer in the US is the peak of the music concert season, and this summer looks to be one of the best in years. Here is a rundown of the great concerts this summer ... and yes, I know ... they are mostly 'hard rock' or 'metal' tours. Anthrax Reunites The "Spreading the Disease" version of Anthrax is reuniting for a tour and a live CD/DVD and maybe more. Chicago gets the special honors of the debut of the tour. What is cool about the reunion is that they are raising money to help find a vaccine for the disease their band was named for. Chicago Dates: April 30th and May 1st at House of Blues Ozzfest 2005 Ozzfest returns with a great line up .. Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden (with Velvet Revolver replacing them for the last 2 weeks), Mudvayne, Shadows Fall, and Black Label Society on the main stage, with Rob Zombie, Killswitch Engage, In Flames and more on the second. Chicago Date: July 30th at Tweeter Center Judas Priest / Queensryche The return of the "

New Dream Theater Album to come out on 6/7/05

March 14 2005

The official Dream Theater website has information about the 8th CD: Dream Theater have completed work on their 8th full length studio album entitled "OCTAVARIUM" which is tentatively set for release through Atlantic Records on June 7th, 2005. The track listing is as follows: 1. The Root Of All Evil 2. The Answer Lies Within 3. These Walls 4. I Walk Beside You 5. Panic Attack 6. Never Enough 7. Sacrificed Sons 8. Octavarium Dream Theater's 2005/2006 World Tour will kick off on June 10th in Sweden with a leg of European Festivals and select headlining shows which will then be followed by a North American leg throughout July/August as part of a "package" tour with several other bands TBA very soon..... More info as I get it

Queensryche News!

August 6 2004

"Kill Her. That's all you have to do" "Kill Mary?" "She's a risk. And get the priest as well ..." If those three lines mean anything to you, then do I have news for you! First, they announced an evening with Queensryche tour. The first set will be the hits of the band, with local orchestras and a keyboard player. The second set is Operation: mindcrime it its entirety!!!!!!! For the first time in 15 years! I remember the Building Empires tour, where they played stadiums and did Operation: mindcrime without a break. I can't wait! And the news on their site says new videos and surround sound. But even more news! That's right folks ... the next Queensryche album will be a follow-up to Operation:Mindcrime! Even though the true fans know how Mary died, its promised her fate will be revealed. Check it all out on the Queensryche site and here is the press release.

AENIMA Dates in August

August 6 2004

Dream Theater in Chicago

March 21 2004

Anyone that reads this site knows that I am a huge Dream Theater fan, and on Friday night, I went to their first stop in Chicago on the "Train of Thought World Tour 2004" tour. For someone who has seem them alot (close to 20 times or so), it was a great concert. The upgraded stage performance was great, with 3 huge screens showing video and designs throughout the show. The sound was great, much better than at the Aragon this past summer. They played some songs that I haven't heard in a while, such as The Mirror (without interruption as they normally do), To Live Forever, Fortune of Lies, Trail of Tears (I think they have only played that once in Chicago ever). All of the new CD, Train of Thought, was played minus "Honor Thy Father." The second set opened with "The Glass Prison" off the last CD, "6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence," and then DT went right into "This Dying Soul" off the new CD. For those that do not know, "This Dying Soul" is Part 2 of "The Glass Prison." The

Dream Theater’s "Train of Thought" Reviews

December 5 2003

Check out these reviews of Dream Theater's "Train of Thought" CD. Pretty Good :) this review in the Washington Post Billboard Bravewords Personally, I am a Dream Theater Fanboy. I love everything they do :-)

Dream Theater’s "As I Am"

November 1 2003

Avalaible for Preorder - Dream Theater’s Train of Thought

October 22 2003

Music is the topic tonight ...

October 1 2003

Dream Theater ’Train of Thought’ Cover

September 24 2003

Dream Theater’s "Train of Thought" coming 11.11.2003

September 12 2003

Just saw this on the Dream Theater home page: for immediate release: Dream Theater's latest CD " Train Of Thought " is tentatively scheduled for release on November 11th 2003. The track listing is: 1. As I Am 2. This Dying Soul 3. Endless Sacrifice 4. Honor Thy Father 5. Vacant 6. Stream Of Consciousness 7. In The Name Of God Produced by John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy Engineered by Doug Oberkircher Mixed by Kevin Shirley Dream Theater's 2004 World Tour will kick off in Manchester England on January 16th 2004 WOO HOO! DT is my favorite musical artist. Can't wait!