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ForumFriday: Notes 8 Performance

February 8 2008

Rob Stitt has posted the comment "Notes 8 Standard Extremely Slow vs. Basic" in the Notes 8 Forum: The performance of the Notes v8 Standard client vs. the Notes v8 Basic client is abysmal. In fact, there is almost no way we can roll the Standard client out to our users because they will revolt. Often times, people say "it does thus & so in x seconds on my system". That doesn't however, prove there isn't a serious problem. What is more important is the RELATIVE INCREASE in time. As you can see from stats I gathered on my system (which meets the required minimums), the increase in time between the Basic client and the Standard client is huge. Note that these time the critical first & last impressions that users see when the start and exit the Notes client. From my experience, other aspects of using the client (e.g., clicking on new messages, on icons, etc.) have similarly large increases in response time, but they are too small to measure with a stop watch. Still,