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NotesHound 6 is avaliable

December 3 2007

NotesHound, my favorite Third-party tool for the Notes/Domino developer, has just released Version 6 of the tool. Here is the news release: NotesHound version 6 is here !!! After months of hard work we now have version 6 available. As always, existing customers get the upgrade for free. This version really has a lot of nice features, some of which you just can't find in any other tool. The ability to right-click on icons in the Notes client workspace and get a dop-down menu with all the NotesHound tools is, as far as we know, unique to NotesHound. We also have a more 'standard' toolbar icon but with a twist. When you select a Notes database icon in the workspace and click the toolbar icon you get exactly the same drop-down menu as with the right-click feature. As of this version, we have also adjusted our prices to a rather large extent. A Developer license (single user) now costs USD 495 and a Corporate license costs USD 1995. This is a significant raise compared to the

The first Notes 8 Sidebar plug-in every developer needs ... Document Viewer

October 18 2007

Now that Notes 8 is out in the wild, we are starting to see the beginning of the Notes community extend Notes thru Expeditor and development. The first one that seems obvious is a Sidebar Application that shows information about the currently selected or open document. Imagine the second tab of the Properties box ... but much bigger and always open! Here is a screenshot: Now, the industrious "Mr. Frunobulax" from the LDD forums wrote this. You can install it using the url for his update site: You may ask, how do I install this ... you need to access the update site using the File | Application | Install. But I bet if you go to your File | Application menu, you do not see an install. Here is what you do: This was talked about at Lotusphere, but Martin Lewis also wrote about it in the Notes 8 forum. One way is via a policy setting "Allow user initiated updates". The other way is to edit the file \frame

Integra 4.5 has been released!

October 3 2007

Integra for Notes 4.5 has been annouced. Here is the press release: Integra4Notes releases new version 4.5 Inline with ND8 Functionality, Embedded PDF Creator and Enhanced GUI and Integra Quick Reports Gets Major Productivity Enhancements Integra4Notes, the award winning Notes to Office integration and reporting product, has released version 4.5 which delivers ND8 compatibility, further enhancements to reporting across multiple databases and other productivity improvements for users that wish to extract data from their Lotus Notes applications to the Microsoft Office suite. Full features and benefits and a free 15-day download of the product is available immediately. This version is compatible with IBM Lotus Notes 8 and Office 2007 and new features include an integral PDF writer and improvements to the DbLookup wizard in the Integra profile. New functionality in Integra Quick Reports delivers the ability to generate ad-hoc reports from multiple databases. The products have been deve

Lotus Demo Diner

September 17 2007

As part of the Lotus Collaboration Summit On-line site, you can now visit the Lotus Demo Diner Flash demos of Notes 8, Sametime 7.5.1, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, and Websphere Portal 6 are all located from the Diner page.

Collaboration University 2007 Slides and Demo Database

September 11 2007

Here are the slides and demo database for my presentation at Collaboration University 2007 on Notes 8 here in Kansas City entitled "Notes 8 Productivity Editors - User and Programability" (I updated the demo database ... bad John)

CU: Mary Beth Raven ... The Nitty Gritty of Lotus Notes 8

September 10 2007

Best presentation opening ever! ... (with the Star Wars opening theme by John Williams going in the background) "A long time ago in a town 1,440 miles away" (text crawl just like the opening of the Star Wars movies) "Notes ... Release 8: A New Hope. It is a period of angst and frustration. The Notes USER EXPERIENCE does not delight users, making the struggle against the nefarious REDMOND-based EMPIRE that much harder. A bold decision is made. A release known only as HANNOVER will “deliver a world class user experience in mail, calendar and contact management, and new capabilities such as activity management and composite applications.” Only one question remains: How? Notes 8" The Mission: Improve Mail, Calendar, and Contacts ... Introduce composite applications ... integration the IBM productivity tools Had to understand the Notes users ... sites visits. Different Industries and countries (not just US) Interviewed Users to Create Personas ... "Knowledge worke

CU Keynote: Ed Brill

September 10 2007

Lotus Notes and Domino - A history, a future ... Ed Brill 17 Years, 130 million users, 46,000 organizations Notes 8 will have end user advertising, but do not expect big budget TV ads First Notes release in a long time that users are pestering IT for a upgrade IBM joins Community Roadmap continued user oriented innovation calendaring ... i cal updated to-do and journal UI Lotus Quickr Integration SAP Integration Mac Beta in 8.0.1 ... Eclipse 3.4 required and not ready yet 8.0.1 ... Domino Web Access "Next" Dynamic interactive web client modern user experience, web 2.0 update DWA "Lite" Notes 8.0.1 planned for "around Lotusphere" Lotus Domino "Next" Plans Reduce complexity of managing Lotus Notes identities not require Notes password auth

PSC featured in the Lotus Notes 8 Customer and Partner Testimonial Video

September 5 2007

PSC is featured in the new Lotus Notes 8 Customer and Partner Testimonial Video. Andrew Lauter, President, and myself both talk about the impact of Lotus Notes 8. check it out below

Notes 8 Mail ... the No Frills Version

August 28 2007

So Volker Weber has posted some criticism of the Notes 8 interface, as well as some translated thoughts from a fellow German. Here are my thoughts on this ... First, I think it fair to provide feedback, both positive and negative, on the product .. no matter what anyone else says about me. I just think there are good and bad ways to deliver that feedback. We all have our opinions on how to do things. I think only reporting negative feedback is wrong. You have to mix the good and bad together so the reader, especially the people making the product, view it as more than a rant (or worse). Second, I do not think that anyone who has not used the Notes 8 client for a week, against a Domino server, can provide balanced and effective feedback. Again, my opinion. Third, here is a screenshot of how I have my Notes 8 email configured at the moment ... looks very clean. When I see comments like Volker's I wonder how much someone has actually touched the product. For me, using the Notes

Mantra for the Day - If it is in Notes, it needs to work off-line ...

August 23 2007

I would just like to make a new mantra for the day for anyone, at IBM or outside, who is building integration of some product into the Notes client. Notes client users have expectations ... they expect things to work off-line. Period. No room for discussion. Zero. Period. Thank you for your time

IBM just blew me away ...

August 21 2007

So, IBM just blew me away. They were showing us all of the extension points for Lotus Connections. Things like the Notes 8 sidebar, Microsoft Office extensions, and Notes 7 support. These are all things that are going to be on the Connections Catalog and are not tied to the release of the product. They plan to update them independently. This is a good thing. Debbie Lynd of WIS and I were sitting with Dan Gurney. He was walking us thru the Notes 7 integration for Lotus Connections. He has built some great stuff here. It feels like you are using the built-in integration in Notes 8 for Activities (even if it looks a bit different). He also added profile and dogear integration. As he was walking thru his work, he talked about his toolbar. He talked about how he made the toolbar take the document context, load a dialog, and then do some actions. He showed this code: @DbCommand( "AGENT"; "":"ilc4ln.nsf"; "(LaunchActivity)" ) While this was great, Dan then said that he wrote a DLL calle

IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 8 released

August 17 2007

As you probably can tell, IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 8.0.0 has been released to the public. Congratulations to everyone at IBM and especially to the development team that has put their sweat and tears into making this release the best and biggest Notes release ever. Below is a great video demo of the new Notes 8 client: You can get screenshots and product logos over at the blog of Alan Lepofsky . This release has a lot of attachment and emotion for me. My first involvement with this release goes all the way back to the Software Design Review (SDR) in October of 2005. I then was on bi-weekly conference calls for the Design Partner program for almost 18 months. PSC has been building Composite Applications for over a year and the blog server that hosts this blog and all of the IBM blogs we host has been running a version of Domino 8 for since before Lotusphere 2007. Starting today, my production Notes client is now 8.0.0. I will be moving all of my Notes 7.X development and test

ILUG2007 - IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Integration with Microsoft Office - Presentation and Demo files

May 25 2007

Very shortly, Rocky Oliver will be presenting the Notes/Domino and Microsoft Office Integration session at ILUG2007. Rocky has stepped in to help me out since I had to cancel my trip ... Super Duper thanks to him! Here is all the stuff that Rocky is going to show, for your downloading pleasure Presentation PDF Demo Databases As promised, I will work on the Microsoft Project and XML and Excel topics that Rocky had to skip as articles here. I will get those out shortly after Lotus Developer 2007.

ILUG 2007 Presentation - the Lotus Geek Version

May 21 2007

I would like to take a moment and thank Rocky Oliver, our communities Lotus Geek, for stepping in to present my session on Friday afternoon at ILUG2007. Rocky and I have co presented on this subject a couple times. If I could ask for anyone to fill in my shoes, Rock is the man. Due to a couple of limitations (like the version of Microsoft Office he has installed), he will not be showing two of the demos in the presentation. The Microsoft Project and XML and Excel demos will be skipped. What I will do for those users is to write blog articles about each one after the Lotus Developer 2007 seminar. This way you will still get the info. If anyone is at the session, please make sure to pass that information along. Also, on Friday I will post the slides and demo file. Thanks again Rocky ... I owe you one!

Bad News - No ILUG for me

May 18 2007

Well, the news is leaking, so I figured I better announce this myself. I will not be attending ILUG2007 next week as planned. A family member is going to need surgery next week that can not wait. Today was spent at the doctors ... dealing with insurance and all that stuff. The surgery is serious but not an emergency, so it has to be scheduled. It can also not wait until I get back. As much as this trip was something I wanted to do, family comes first. I was really looking forward to ILUG ... my first trip to Ireland and I was also going to Malta to visit the Integra folks for some hands-on training. :( :( :( There is always ILUG 2008. The good news is that it looks like my presentation is going to happen. For once, I was prepared and had my slides and demo done. We are going to go over things this weekend and I will let you all know Monday. Special thanks to Paul and John and Denis of Integra for understanding. I hope everyone has fun next week!

Integra for Notes - Some great demos!

May 7 2007

The folks over at Integra have put together some great demos on how Integra for Notes works and what you can do with the product. I get asked quite often about the capabilities of the product and why did I and PSC pick to endorse and sell Integra. These give just a glimpse into the decision If you see me speak at ILUG or Lotus Developer 2007, those reasons will become more obvious. I plan on blogging about Integra much more as we get closer to those events. For now, enjoy these demos: Short Demo End-User perspective. How to Time - Link - Launch Reports (SmartIcon - no design changes) 1.02 Click here Launch Reports with Action Button 1.08 Click here "Send Customer Statement" - Example Report / Workflow - New 1.17 Click here "Make Quotation" - Example Report / Workflow - New 0.59 Click here Create Ad-Hoc reports (With Integra Quick Reports) 2.57 Click here Create Ad-Hoc reports (With Integra Quick Reports via Web) 2.23 Click here Do a Mail Merge, on-the-fly

Determining the version of Microsoft Office from LotusScript

April 21 2007

So I saw a posting on the LDD Notes 6 & 7 forum on how to determine the version of Microsoft Office installed on the user's machine via LotusScript. The way that I do it is with a custom function I wrote: .lotusscript { font-family: sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; color: black; } .ls-comment { color: green; } .ls-quote { color: black; } .ls-datatype { color: black; } .ls-operator { color: blue; } .ls-keyword { color: blue; } .ls-statement { color: blue; } .ls-function { color: blue; } .ls-class { color: black; } .ls-constant { color: purple; } Function OfficeVersion As String On Error Goto ErrorHandling Dim hwd as variant Print "Checking Version of Microsoft Office ..." Set hwd = CreateObject("Word.Application") If hwd.version = "9.0" Then OfficeVersion = "2000" Elseif hwd.version = "10.0" Then OfficeVersion = "XP" Elseif hwd.version = "11.0" Th

Today’s fun with ILDDM

April 9 2007

Today I got to go back in and deal with issues with a customer application that utilizes ILDDM, or Domino.Doc to you old school Notes folks. I did some big time integration between our enTouch.workflow and enTouch.project products with ILDDM last year. Everything is working great from the Notes client and from the Document Manager Enabler. On the web, editing a document stopped working. So I had to figure out what was wrong. Since I had done major customizations in the Library and File Cabinet templates, I decided to roll back the customizations and start from a clean base. I created a new Library with the default templates that ship with base product. Still, no editing of documents on the web. I turned to the Domino server, and did things such as turned of Session Authentication and other stuff that I thought could complicate the issue. Today, since I was not making progress on my own, I called IBM Support. Harold @ IBM helped me walk thru the issues. We turned on verbose logging in

John Speaks 2007 makes a stop at Lotus Developer 2007

March 27 2007

I have the pleasure of speaking at Lotus Developer 2007 this year in Boston from June 4th thru 6th. I will be doing 3 presentations: Unlock the Power of the Desktop with Microsoft Office/Lotus Notes Integration Give your Notes users functionality and capabilities that they depend on including: mail merge, charting, exporting, pdf generation, and reporting all within a familiar interface. This session will provide you with a solid introduction to working with Microsoft Office as well as different uses of the unique Office Integration capabilities available to Domino developers. Learn new techniques to organize Mail Merges for the Personal Name & Address Book, chart any view with a single click. For those that prefer to use supported applications in their environment, we will review products that provide Office Integration to easy reporting and document generation. In addition, leave this session equipped with a functioning Mail Merge Application, a charting of any Notes View app

Looking for some help ... Finding any Locked Elements in a database’s design

March 25 2007

So I am looking for some help. I am looking for a piece of code/database, where I can point it at another database or template, and have it report all locked design elements. It would be preferrable to have it list them by locked by person and design element type and name. Anyone have any code lying around that does this? Sounds like a great project :-)

Should I revise the rules?

March 19 2007

So, it seems that my post about the "Rules" for testing the Public Beta of Notes / Domino 8 has stirred some trouble. :-) First, my intention was never to suppress any testing or feedback. It still boggles my mind that anyone read it that way. Second, Nathan Freeman and I are dangerous when we IM. LOL. So, how about this as the new list of "Rules" ... 1. Before you post, please SEARCH the database. One post on an issue with 20 responses is so much better than 21 posts on the same issue. Let us try to report our feedback in some organized manner so that things with lots of responses are easily identified by all involved. Ok folks ... pick that one apart!

2007 Lotus Notes .NET Integration Workshop

March 19 2007

As some have guessed, I am attending the 2007 Lotus Notes .NET Integration Workshop that Microsoft is running this week. I am here to learn and present on integration topics and Integra4Notes. Gary started out with a nice bribe ... free software. Update: Here is the picture I know it's blurry, but what you see is Microsoft InfoPath 2007, Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007, Microsoft Office 2007 Professional, and the full box edition of Visual Studio.NET 2005

Quoted in ComputerWorld

March 15 2007

I was interviewed by ComputerWorld to discuss the Notes & Domino 8 public beta. March 15, 2007 (Computerworld) -- John Head isn't spilling any secrets when he says, "Most people think Lotus Notes is ugly." Head is a Notes architect at consulting firm PSC Group LLC in Schaumburg, Ill. More than a few times, he has watched a client – a newly merged company, for instance – wrestle over whether to standardize on IBM's Notes and Domino or Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook and Exchange for employee e-mail. And, he said, he's seen the decision come down to the company's CEO "saying that he doesn't like the way Notes looks." It goes on to talk about why I think Notes 8 is a big deal. Nathan Freeman and Chris Whisonant were also interviewed for the article. Not sure everything I said came across correctly, but I do think the article comes across as positive.

Notes 8 Beta - Pinning the Open Bar / Launcher

March 13 2007

This one is for Anthony Iannotta, who commented about how the Notes 8 Public Beta does not allow one click to any of the PIM applications. Anthony, I completely agree. When I first saw Beta 1, I commented on this and asked for a solution. IBM delivered one :-) You can easily pin the Open bar to the side of the screen, much like the bookmark bar in 5/6/7. To do this, just right-click on the Open bar and select the option. This is what you will get: For new installs of the client, I think it is safe to say that the Open button should appear as it does today. For upgraders, maybe the best thing to do is start up as it does now, but add the "Dock Open Button" as a clickable action on the What's New page.

Notes 8 is out in the wild

March 10 2007

"CRY HAVOC! and release the dogs of war!" ... Today feels like the general just let the machines of war out of the gates :-) IBM has released the public beta of Notes and Domino 8 to the masses .. the machines are prepped for their greatest battle. Get your copy (but be patient with the dowloads ... going to be busy and slow all weekend) now. As a Design Partner, I have had some version of the pre-releases of Notes and Domino 8 installed since September 2006. I will try to share some tips and stuff that I can (NDAs still apply for quite a bit). I think some ground rules are in order for all of us ... 1. Its beta ... it is not done. Deal with it. 2. Performance will get better ... performance tuning starts now. DO NOT use the public beta as proof of how it will run 3. You install this in a production environment, do not bitch if it breaks. Come on folks, its beta. Beta's should never go in a production environment. What I do is run Notes 8 in a VM and Domino 8 on a separate server

Big Announcement - PSC and Integra4Notes announce Partnership

February 28 2007

I am so pleased to be able to make this announcement: Integra4Notes Partners Up With PSC Group CONTACT: David Hough 847.517.7200 Chicago, IL - February 28, 2007 Integra4Notes, the Microsoft Office integration and reporting tool for IBM’s Lotus Notes environment, has announced the forming of a strategic and commercial partnership with PSC Group LLC, the IT and professional services consultancy and Lotus Award 2007 winners, to introduce Integra4Notes to its existing and potential customer base. Integra4Notes delivers automated integration with Microsoft Office and enhances printing, reporting and analysis of data contained within the Lotus Notes environment allowing users, developers and administrators to generate reports to Office without modifying the design of their databases and without the need to install files on Domino servers or local machines. John D. Head, development manager at PSC and globally respected expert in Microsoft Office inte

"John Speaks 2007" - Irish Lotus User Group

February 19 2007

The first of many annoucments of the "John Speaks 2007" tour is the amazing Irish Lotus User Group in Dublin on May 24th and 25th. I am proud to be one of the speakers at the event, at the request of Paul Mooney, on the following topic: Session: The Magic of Integration and the revealing of what's behind the curtain : Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino integration Microsoft Office 2007 and Lotus Notes 8 will bring a new level of integration possibilities to the Lotus Notes and Domino world. This session will look at the new functionality in Office 2007, such as the Office Ribbon and OpenXML file formats. We will discuss the impact on Mail Merge, data transfer, and how this will impact your applications and development. We will also look at the updated Visual Studio Tools for Office 2007. This session will also look at Lotus Notes 8 and it's impact on integration. The session starts at the beginning ... and then dives deep into the integration possiblities. While this

Why are we making a mountain out of a molehill?

February 13 2007

Coming out of Lotusphere2007 in Orlando last month, I was pretty excited to be a Notes developer. Notes 8 is the rebirth of the client I love to develop for, Lotus Component Designer was giving me Domino Designer-like functionality while developing for other IBM products, and Maureen demoed the progress on the project to rebuild Domino Designer within Eclipse. Her session showed a bunch of cool stuff, including the following screenshots (click the images for a full size version): I had even heard rumors that there were other resources besides Maureen on the project and we might not have to wait until the Notes/Domino "NEXT" releases for this. Wow! So now that we are back from sphere, it seems that some people are impatient. One of them, Stephen Wissel, created a site and poll around the new Designer. Either to push them to release it sooner or just show support, to me it came across as a bit ungrateful. They are working on it, what more do we need? But, hey, the community is muc

BP205: The Integration Revolution - Microsoft Office with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

January 24 2007

I really enjoyed this session ... I hope all of you did as well. I covered integration with Notes and Microsoft Word, Mail Merge, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, XML, Web Services, Microsoft InfoPath, and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office. You can find the slides and demo files below: Presentation Demo Databases

Lotusphere2007 - Notes 8 Press Release - I am quoted

January 22 2007

I have been quoted in the official IBM Lotus press release for Notes 8 John Head, Framework Manager for PSC Group, an award winning Lotus Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) builder said: "Using Lotus Notes 8, I can quickly tie different systems together without writing a lot of code. Because I'm in Lotus Notes 8, I also get unparalleled rich client functionality. There's nothing else on the market that provides that. I'm particularly excited about the new activities features, which represent a completely new approach to collaborative computing." Read the full press release here. Because of this press release, I have been contacted by a couple of publications. More mentions in the press might be in my future!

PSC is a Notes 8 Design Partner

January 17 2007

As Mary Beth Raven revealed, PSC has been participating in the Notes 8 Design Partner program. What this means is that we have been working closing with IBM on all things Notes & Domino 8, including focused testing of the product and suggestions, discussion, and sometimes harsh words on ideas and direction for the product. Yes, even for the "IBM Yes-man" as a couple call me, my particapation in this process has not been about rubber stamping the ideas the team has come up with. I can tell you there have been many a discussion about why I thought IBM was making a mistake. But that is for chatter after the product comes out. You see, this blog/site is for my personal use. Yes, I reference work stuff here. And a lot of info about my job relating to IBM. I am not always 100% behind everything IBM does, and a couple of posts will show that. This site is not the only place to deliver that message to IBM. I have many ways of communicating with IBM ... email, IM, Partner conference calls

PSC on Taking Notes

January 17 2007

The Taking Notes podcast interviewed PSC's two Jim's (Vaselopulos and Waters) about our recent Lotus Award win, discussed SOA, and talked about PSC's presence at Lotusphere2007. You can even hear a mention about yours truly :) Nice work Bruce and Julian ... and thanks :)

PSC wins a Lotus Award!

December 21 2006

What a nice way to wrap up 2006! PSC won the Best People-Centric SOA Solution Lotus Award. More info as it hits the web. Nice job to everyone at PSC!

My Lotusphere 2007 sessions

November 9 2006

I just received word that I will be doing two sessions at Lotusphere 2007. They are: The Integration Revolution: Microsoft Office 2007 with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Integration of OpenOffice and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino The Office 2007 session is all new content ... lots of Microsoft Project and Visual Studio Tools for Office SE stuff in there. The OpenOffice session will be a collaboration of myself and Alan Bell. We both are excited about new content and there is a surprise piece at the end ... I hope to share more about that before the conference! See you there!

SnTT: The ins and outs of ILDDM Binder and Document Security

October 26 2006

I have not done a SnTT post in a while, but I figured this one was something people could use. For the past couple of months, I have been waging a war against IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager ... otherwise known and Domino.Doc. I am working on a client project that is built around the New Product submission idea, but using ILDDM as the way to store the documents. We have lots of documents in the system, from Office to editable PDFs to artwork designed on the Mac to Autocad drawings. Our system allows for the attachments to be put thru workflow (for comments, editing, and approval), but we store everything in ILDDM. Because of the lack of robust workflow in ILDDM, we are using our own enTouch.workflow product. What that means is that we have a document stub that goes thru our workflow, which links to the ILDDM document. Because of the nature of this process, security is very tight. Add in the difficulty of no ILDDM API on the Mac (today) and the lack of any good way to set security o

New PSC hosted blog: The Domino Server Team!

October 11 2006

I would like to welcome the Domino Server Team to the PSC hosted blog family! Not only is this the first blog dedicated to the Domino Server product, but the blog authors are members from the development team! The blogging team is lead by Rob Ingram, a long time IBMer. I will let Rob and the team introduce the other authors. Check out the blog here: Also, based on Volker's comments about the blog style that Jeff Eisen is using, I checked Steve's template for the Domino Server Blog ... seems to be all lined up. Of course it was ... Steve rocks :)

7.0.2 is out ... with lots of goodies

October 4 2006

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7.0.2 is out! You can download it via Passport Advantage of the Business Partner download areas (hint ... don't mess with finding it in any other way except searching on text "7.0.2" ... finds it right away). 7.0.2 brings us the Innovation Pack. Lots of people have written about the various pieces, so I will just link to them: Lotus Notes Nomad - take your Notes client with you via USB Stick - More by Declan Lynch Lotus Notes RSS Feed Generator - More info by Bruce Elgort (this is a great write up by Bruce ... good tone, converage of features ... nice work) Lotus Notes iCalendar Importing - More info by Bruce Elgort (link will show up once Bruce posts this on his site!) The IBM Blog Template The IBM Blog template is based on the work that Steve Castledine did with Dominoblog. Since this blog and Ed Brill Alan Lepofsky Chris Pepin and Adam Gartenberg are based on DominoBlog, it is hard not to be a fan. Jeff Eisen 's site is based on the IBM Blog, being

Taking Notes Episode 30 - Featuring Yours Truly

September 5 2006

Last week while at Lotus Advisor Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, I was asked to put on the T-shirt and play the role of Taking Notes Roving Reporter. Bruce Elgort and Julian Robichaux interviewed me while I was taking a break from the 'dry heat' temperature of 107. :) We discussed my blogging of the keynote given by Mike Rhodin and new Lotus projects such as "Ventura" and "Shanghai." I assume all of you have subscriptions via iTunes to Taking Notes, but if you do not, go there to listen.

Lotus Advisor Summit - SIL315 - Integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes/Domino

August 31 2006

SIL315 - Integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes/Domino With OpenOffice, you can give users word processing, spreadsheet, presentation applications, and more, for free! And, you can integrate OpenOffice with Lotus Notes and Domino for powerful productivity. In this session you'll begin with the basics. Then you'll look at LotusScript and Java techniques to include OpenOffice in your applications. You'll demystify the process of using OpenOffice API via COM. You'll take away examples of form building, mail merge, and charting. You'll also learn about IBM productivity applications and what the future might deliver. Slides Demo Files

Lotus Advisor Summit - SIL308 - Microsoft Office Integration with Lotus Notes/Domino

August 30 2006

SIL308 - Microsoft Office Integration with Lotus Notes/Domino When users require more functionality than Lotus Notes can provide, integrating Notes, Domino and Microsoft Office can be the solution. In this session you'll learn how to start an integration project and put in place the beginning pieces. You'll see how to add mail merge functionality to Notes' Personal Name and Address Book. You'll move on to more complex integration with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. You'll see how to use Domino 7 Web Services with Microsoft Office to build a new generation of applications. This session is for those experienced in LotusScript; expect lots of code! Slides Demo Database

The Next Step (Maybe it is all time we step up Continued)

August 7 2006

It has been one week since my posting on this blog, Maybe it is time we all step up, which Ed Brill and others picked up on. This community totally amazes me. What an explosion of response. Here is just the blog posting I found: Volker Weber - IBM and Grassroot Marketing Ben Poole - Stepping Up, More on the Nifty Fifth, Final Thoughts on stepping up and the Nifty Fifty Bruce Elgort - Julian Robichaux: Notes Versus Sharepoint Carl Tyler - New Lotus Award (formerly know as beacon) category this year... Chris Toohey - A call for Champions: Black and Blue and Yellow Too!, Re: A call for Champions: Black and Blue and Yellow Too! Declan Lynch - Free Templates, Get 'Em While Their Hot... Ben Langhinrichs - Sample apps for Notes and the skunkworks Calculator Project John Roling - Nifty Fifty? Will a community effort be enough? Steve Castledine - Notes Templates Richard Schwartz - Templates, Community, And A Way That IBM Could Contribute Tim Tripcony - Nifty... modules? (If I misse

Supporting the Community

August 1 2006

One of the things that I love about being part of the Notes/Domino community is the support we give each other. Yes, we can be very hard on each other, but when support is needed ... people are always there. The past couple weeks I have been chatting with lots of people about ideas on how we can support and grow our opportunity. To me, that begins with exposing as many people in the community and those who are not part of it to the resources we have. I was chatting with a couple people, and the idea of a 'window' that we can put on our blogs and web pages came up. Think of Plazes window that Ed has on his page. I brought the idea up to Vince, and he ran with it. He did some killer work here in record time! As you see on the left of my page, you can display applications on and the latest Taking Notes podcasts. There is even the subscribe button! Vince added some options so you can pick what to show. Go here to read about what you need to do to put these on your page! This

Maybe it is time we all step up ...

July 31 2006

Ed posted a blog entry about PKF dumps Lotus for Exchange last week. The comment thread went the route of 'Notes needs better sample applications, like the Nifty 50 of old.' It is a good conversation to have, even though I do not think the Nifty 50 would play the same role as before. Below is the comment I made: I think that one thing that everyone is forgetting is the difference between an application on OpenNTF and something that comes in the box. On OpenNTF, there is no statement of quality or testing. Yes, people fix bugs and all that. But people do not test a template on every version of Notes & Domino (OS, Server platform, language). IBM has to do testing on all the platforms. They also have to do the language conversion. Now, I am a huge supporter of OpenNTF and folks like Steve Castledine before he joined IBM (PSC does host OpenNTF for free), but its not apples to oranges. Would OpenNTF developers be willing to stick to the blue rinse UI guidelines that Steve had to conver

I finally post an Project ...

April 18 2006

So after an announcement at Lotusphere and lots of prodding by Bruce, I have finally gotten my first project for published. You would think that hosting the server would be enough ... but NO! :) Since I showed a version that I am willing to distribute at Advisor Summit last week, time to share :) Template Installer for Office and OpenOffice stores all of your Office and OpenOffice templates. It provides administrator control of those templates and an easy way to a user to install them. The first version only supports templates that a user installs on their machine. The goal is to also allow the database to be the central repository for application templates, such as mail merge letters and label templates. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I have another version coming pretty soon. I am also working on the beginnings of another project. Export Tools will be a rewrite of the Excel Export application I have shown the past two years. It w

AJL201 - ADVISOR JUMPSTART: Microsoft Office Integration with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

April 9 2006

Attached below is the presenation and sample files for the Jumpstart on Microsoft Office integration with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. Enjoy!

I am proud to be a sicko!

November 11 2005

In a follow-up to the Friendship, being a 'sicko', and our community story, Jack Dausman designed some great tshirts made from Cafe Press. I just ordered mine ... have you gotten yours?

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 6.5.4 is out

April 5 2005

Get it while it's hot, from your favorite IBM download sources ...

Mail Rules for the Notes Client now an option

July 26 2004

I have often heard the question of "Can I run Mail Rules when working locally?" or "Will Mail Rules work with Notes when using POP3 mail?" and the answer was always "No." The Mail Rules engine is tied to the router. Now, with the help of a Extension Manager addin, local Mail Rules are now possible. You can read about it and download it from here. Very cool! (Thanks to Rudi Knegt of the Business Partner Forum for this link)

Notes Domino 7 - A New Design Element - Web Services ...

July 22 2004

The "Geek" getting to know you ...

October 13 2003

Nice questioneer Rocky. My answers: WHAT CLUBS WERE YOU INVOLVED WITH IN HIGH SCHOOL? Golf, Yearbook, Scholastic Bowl, VICA (program where you went to work part-time to learn a trade) DID YOU PLAY ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS? IF SO, WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE RACE/CLASS COMBINATION? Yes and still do :) I used to be an dark elven ranger all the time, but really enjoying playing 3rd Edition Sorceresses WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SCI-FI/FANTASY NOVEL, BESIDES LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY? The Dragonlance Chronicles and Legend Trilogies, The Another Fine Myth Series, and The Star Ward 7/8/9 Trilogy WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER GO TO - A SCI-FI CONVENTION LIKE DRAGONCON, OR A RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL? I have been to both the Renaissance Fair in Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin and the grand-daddy of conventions, GenCon. Prefer GenCon. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST COMPUTER? My dad bought me a cloned Apple 2. Then had an Apple 2GS in HighSchool until I got a PC for graduation.

Domino.Doc Resources

October 13 2003

I am spending my days doing some major Domino.Doc development. I have a few support contracts where I provide Domino.Doc technical advice, but this is the first project in a while where I have been knee deep in Domino.Doc. So I thought I would provide a listing of resources that I have found in my research on the Domino.Doc API. - this site is the best I have found for information. John Marshall has done some great example articles plus a great importer tool and API samples database. Domino Guru - Neil Gower's site with lots of great Domino.Doc info Mindwatering Services - a good set of technical tips, including a great reference of all the fields on the Domino.Doc Binder and Document forms Domino.Doc Best Practices White Paper - a good place to start on any Domino.Doc project I won't reproduce John's resource link page, but a few every Domino.Doc developer should look at: LDD Domino.Doc forum Domino.Doc documentation If anyone has othe

Its Official Now: PSC new host to (Updated)

September 22 2003

The physical move was 9/10/03, but we are now 'official' since the press release went out. You can read it hear. We hope to see it on the various Domino news sites shortly. I have gotten a few pings on Bruce's blog entry where he mentioned that we made up. So I wanted to make a public statement on this. I fully support and its mission. I am a huge fan of open source software and thing the work that has done is amazing. In the beginning, I did disagree with some of the methods that were being used to communicate with IBM. I am a firm believer in discipline in the proper setting, much like not disciplining children in public. I am not an IBM "Yes Man" ... ask Ed and he can confirm that. I just choose to communicate my issues with IBM directly to them, not in a public forum. There was some butting of heads over this disagreement, but it was blown out of proportion by everyone, including myself. This is water under the bridge, and I hope the f

N/D and Office Integration - a primer

September 17 2003

One of the goals of my blog, besides having a place to spew all the crap in my head into words, was to share my knowledge on Microsoft Office integration with Notes/Domino. Its a topic that I have spent WAY to much time on over the past few years. I have been lucky enough to share that knowledge at Lotusphere and in some of the articles I have written, but that is never enough time/space. So I will be using this medium to share as much as I can. But expect it to be a trickle, not flood. So today, I am just going to point people to my Lotusphere 02 and Lotusphere 03 presentations and sample code. Give something to wet your appetitie. I will be back soon with some details. I plan on starting with some fundementals and then moving to mail merge. If you have any specific requests, please post via comments. And, yes I know, those pages are on the SmartSuite Developer's Website. Its another site that PSC hosts and I run. Its on a different server and should be able to han