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February 5 2009

One of the things I asked for at the ODF round table at Microsoft last year was for a web based tool that would verify a file, both ODF and OOXML, and list what the rendering issues would be for various applications. It looks like someone else had the same idea. is going to do this for ODF files: will help you make a better choice by letting you compare the output and other behaviour of a wide variety of applications. Does your corporate style - the technical basis for many documents - actually look consistent across the board of applications - from 3.0, Adobe Buzzword and Symphony 1.2 to Microsoft Office 2000 with the ODF addin from Microsoft - or the one from Sun Microsystems? And how does it look on Mac OS X in iWork? When you are in an acquisition phase, will help you do a reality check if that fancy new open source suite or that productivity package you can get a bargain deal at - actually does what it says. On the