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John Speaks 2015: SP BIZ Conference - A real world view of Application Modernization in the SharePoint world

May 8 2015

This June I will be one of the speakers for the free virtual conference SPBiz Conference, covering all things SharePoint on June 17th & 18th 2015. A solo session for me, but also speaking at the event is just named MVP Michael Blumenthal. A real world view of Application Modernization in the SharePoint world Application Modernization is a hot buzzword in the IT world today. For many, it means the migration of old application to new platforms and technology. At PSC, it means much more. Application Modernization is about taking modern consumer technology influences – User Experience, Modern Workflow, Mobile, Social and Cloud, and applying it to the enterprise space. This session will look at those five disruptive technologies and apply them to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Real world customer examples will highlight how each disruption can have a positive impact inside your organization and recommendations on how to apply Application Modernization. Why is this topic of in

Support STEM career readiness and maybe win a car!

May 7 2015

STEM career readiness and connecting non-profit to vital resources. As a board member of Lumity, Chicago's premier not-for-profit in helping make STEM reality, our work takes lots of people and resources. In our effort to fund this work, we are holding a raffle. There is a chance to win a 2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport (or $40,000) and help Lumity drive the future of STEM. Only 1,499 tickets will be available! If you purchase your ticket before May 22nd, you will also be entered into an Early Bird drawing for $1,000. Lumity will hold the Grand Prize raffle drawing on Saturday, June 20th. Please see the official rules for more details. Thank you to our sponsor McGrath Lexus of Chicago! Click here to support Lumity and possibly win! Thank you for supporting this effort.

John Speaks 2015: IBM Digital Experience - Application Modernization in the Digital Experience World

May 6 2015

Super excited to announce that I will speaking at IBM Digital Experience 2015 in Atlanta, GA on June 1st through 4th, 2015. I will be speaking with PSC's resident Java guru Toby Samples. Our session: APPLICATION MODERNIZATION IN THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE WORLD Application Modernization is the hottest buzzword in the IT world today. For many, it means the migration and transformation of an old application to a modern platform and emerging technologies. With Digital Experience solutions, means much more. Application Modernization is about taking what consumers expect from cutting edge mobile experiences, websites and applications – Slick User Experience, Modern Workflow, Mobile Support, Social and Cloud, and applying it to the enterprise space. This session will look at these five areas and apply them to WebSphere Portal and the IBM Digital Experience solutions. Examples will highlight how and why focusing each of these areas can have a positive impact and upside inside your organizatio

PSC launches IBM Verse Kickstart

May 6 2015

I am excited to announce that PSC Group has launched our own IBM Verse Kickstart. The press release: PSC Group Introduces Kickstart Program for IBM Verse Wednesday, May 6, 2015 PSC Group, LLC - technology and business consulting firm - announced today their selection as implementation experts for IBM Verse. PSC is well known as one of IBM’s top consulting partners and currently employs 4 IBM Champions, more than any other organization. PSC’s Verse Kickstart program has been developed to support the latest advancement in cloud services from IBM. IBM Verse stems from the company’s $100 million investment in design innovation and brings together its leading cloud, analytics, social and security platforms to transform the future of work. "By deploying PSC’s Verse Kickstart program, we will be able to support organizations licensing initiatives, build their plans around the move to Connections Cloud, and make recommendations on application modernization efforts around IBM Domino, XPages,

John Speaks 2015: Intuit Quickbase Empower - Finish strong – Successfully Rolling Out Your Killer App

May 4 2015

I am super excited about PSC's participation at Intuit QuickBase Empower 2015 - the first conference around the QuickBase product, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago May 26th through 28th, 2015. PSC is one of the Gold Sponsors, with a booth in the product showcase. You can also find out more about our involved with Quickbase when I present with my coworker Ken Lamey on Thursday, May 28th at 9 AM. Our session details: Finish strong – Successfully Rolling Out Your Killer App You have built that killer application that perfectly meets the demands of your business users. Now what? Now is the time to finish strong and plan for a successful rollout. In this session, the PSC team will equip you with information and guidance to successfully roll out your application for maximum benefit. You'll walk away with the skills to develop a strong communication plan, improve user adoption, gather user feedback, train users, and track their usage throughout the rollout. You can read more about our ses

Support STEM in Chicago and you could win a Lexus!

May 1 2015

Readers of my blog know that I am a Lumity board member and strongly believe in our efforts to make Chicagoland a better place to work and live by providing access to STEM career readiness and connecting non-profit to vital resources. In our effort to fund this work, we are holding a raffle. There is a chance to win a 2015 Lexus NX 200t F Sport (or $40,000) and help Lumity drive the future of STEM. Only 1,499 tickets will be available! If you purchase your ticket before May 22nd, you will also be entered into an Early Bird drawing for $1,000. Lumity will hold the Grand Prize raffle drawing on Saturday, June 20th. Please see the official rules for more details. Thank you to our sponsor McGrath Lexus of Chicago! Click here to support Lumity and possibly win! Thank you for supporting this effort.

Why IBM XPages developers should care about IBM Bluemix - from the business/sales point of view

March 4 2015

There has been a bunch of chatter about IBM Bluemix and why it should be a consideration as a platform for any current Notes & Domino and XPages customers. Most of those are focused on the technology side - such as Mark's posts and Notesin9 - or about the upcoming support for Domino & XPages that IBM discussed at IBM ConnectED. All of that is very cool stuff. What excites me most is what it means in terms of building applications and getting customers excited. The sales process for Bluemix is very new and I am still finding ways to talk about it with customers. For me, having an application development platform is not a selling point. Being able to produce great applications that solve problems with new deployment options is a selling point. So my partner-in-crime Andrew Barickman put together a demo that I believe really will help me in my sales conversations. Below is one of our XPages demonstration applications called Pursuit Tracker Here is Pursuit Tracker running o

IBM Whitepaper- Notes and Domino Applications: A road map for modernization using XPages

January 22 2015

As a follow-up to the "Collaborative and business applications for the connected company" white paper I posted earlier this month, IBM has published a follow-up white paper that focuses specifically on application modernization with Notes and Domino applications to XPages. John Roling and I teamed up on this to cover application modernization methodology and a customer story that highlights the power of XPages. You can download it here.

Where to find PSC Group at IBM ConnectED 2015

January 22 2015

PSC at IBM ConnectED 2015 PSC will be presenting the following sessions at IBM ConnectED 2015 – we hope to see you at one of them! Speaker Title Abstract Date/Time Location Mark Roden BTE102: The Future of Web Development - Write Once, Run Everywhere with AngularJS and Domino AngularJS is currently the most popular JavaScript MVC framework. It's driving more adoption and interest in the MVC/ REST API application architecture model. The ease of use, portability and re-usability of the code makes it an ideal solution for modern web developer needs. We'll show you how to use AngularJS to modernize your existing Domino apps, while leveraging Domino's best features. The speakers will also demonstrate how the power of architecting a solution based on AngularJS allows your Domino application to be made available through other platform interfaces. Taking "Write once, run everywhere” in the literal sense, you will see the same Angular/ Domino based app running natively in XPages, IBM Conne

Win a week of consulting from a PSCGroup IBM Champion!

January 20 2015

PSC is proud to have five people selected as IBM ICS Champions for 2015. This is the second year in a row that PSC has the most ICS Champions of any organization worldwide. In celebration of this achievement, PSC is offering the opportunity to win a free week of consulting, including travel costs, from one of our IBM Champions. More information and nomination form can be found at Congratulations to the team - Kathy, Brad, Mark, and Andrew!

I co-authored an IBM Whitepaper - Collaborative and business applications for the connected company

January 5 2015

I co-authored an IBM Whitepaper titled "Collaborative and business applications for the connected company" and it is available for download today. Here is the description: This paper outlines the continued application development value of refreshed platforms like IBM Domino and IBM XPages technology, while also looking at how they take advantage of newer innovations, including: IBM Worklight Platform, IBM Connections and its open APIs, cloud innovations and more. It's a good overview on the application development options in the IBM collaboration software stack. I wrote it with a few great IBM Authors that are not named (but you know them). It's the first of two whitepapers. This one is more general. The second one, coming later this month, will cover application modernization at a deeper level. It will also include a detailed customer vision from one of my good friends and colleges - John Roling. More on that in a few weeks. I am also proud that IBM agreed to dedicate this white


December 18 2014

14 years and counting at PSC Group, LLC - hard to imagine that a third of my life has been spent working for the same company. Looking forward to many more.

DEV 201 - Beyond Responsive Design: Turning SharePoint into a mobile and modern web application platform

December 10 2014

I was honored to speak with Chris Johnson of PSC Group, LLC on mobile strategy, modern web application development platforms, Microsoft Sharepoint and responsive design at SharePointFest Chicago 2014 this week.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Lotus Notes - Ray Ozzie’s Tweets in Slide Format

December 7 2014

It's been talked about before, but Ray Ozzie's tweets share a great a story about Lotus Notes and it's 25th anniversary. I know Mat did a blog post, but I thought a slide format would be best to read them. Feel free to share, use, download, etc. Happy Birthday Lotus Notes - again!

2015 IBM Champions

December 4 2014

IBM has announced the IBM Champions for the ICS brand for 2015. I am honored to be selected again, my fifth year, as a recognition for all the evangelism I do for the IBM products. More importantly, I am again so proud to be one of 5 at PSC Group, the only company with five IBM Champions in the world for the second year in a row. Congrats to Kathy, Mark, Brad, and Andrew.

Hear me talk at the Chicago SharePoint User Group (CSPUG) panel as part of SPFest Chicago

December 1 2014

SharePoint Fest Speaker Panel Discussion The Chicago SharePoint User Group (CSPUG) is excited to announce we have once again teamed with SharePoint Fest to host a moderated Panel Discussion at SharePoint Fest Chicago. The panel of speakers bring an abundance of insights and thoughts about the future of SharePoint, its capabilities, and resolutions to challenging issues. Hear about SharePoint Online, the state of the App Model, best practices, and adoption solutions. Bring your questions and get answers. Well-known author and MVP Dan Holme will moderate the panel which will include: · Tamara Bredemus · Brian Culver · John Head · Sarah Haase · Wes Preston · Mike Fitzmaurice WHEN Monday, December 8 5:30 PM Check-In/Networking 6 PM - 7:30 PM Event WHERE McCormick Place West 2301 S. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60616 TO REGISTER: Register Here

Happy 25th Birthday to Lotus Notes!

November 27 2014

Hard to believe that Lotus Notes was officially released 25 years ago today. Now, we can trace the birth of Lotus Notes back to University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana (Go Illini), but as far as the official product - today is that day. Hard to believe the product is 25 years old and still around. Most of those 1.0 applications still work in the current 9.0.1 product - which is just another testament to what an amazing product Notes is. Thanks for the career Lotus Notes. Thanks for friends and coworkers and much more.

Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!

October 15 2014

So I was remiss on blogging about the death of Lotus SmartSuite, but I am basically here because of it. I need to give it some proper due. Back in 1993, I picked up my first copy of Lotus Ami Pro 3.0 and my technical career started. I then moved on to Lotus SmartSuite, Word Pro, and the other apps. I became the go to person for intergration of SmartSuite with other products. I got to speak at Lotusphere - and Lotus Europe in Berlin. It led me into working with Notes, integration, and so much more. It took me from Artron to Boom Vang. Synergistics hired me because of the mail merge work I did. PSC hired me mostly because of my Notes work, but we did plenty of SmartSuite. I was proud to host the SmartSuite developers website, write magazine articles, and be quoted in the press. So it's death is sad. I will miss the best macro langugage in any app ever (hello Ami Pro). The amazing divisions and subdivisions in Word Pro. The flaming trash can in Organizer. The vastly overlooked Fast Si

Result’s of the PSC IBM Notes/Domino Community Survey

October 6 2014

The results are in. You can access them at this page: The results are interesting and can be interpreted in many ways. I will save some personal thoughts on it until people can consume the information, Infographic: Presentation: Thanks to everyone who contributed!

My retirement starts today

October 2 2014

As of 10 am today, I am officially no longer part of the elected Board of Directors. It’s the first time since the rebirth of in 2009 and elected officers that I am no longer participating. I made the decision a year ago to retire and it was the right call. I will miss and working with it actively, but I knew it was time to do something new. I have been really active with STEM in Chicago and a non-profit called Lumity, and I have to pick where I spend my time. is a passion for me. Something I truly believed in and was always happy to provide time for. I remember vividly when Bruce asked me for PSC to host the server. Mark Roden sits next to it every day in Schaumburg – I find it fitting that one of the leaders of the new Modern application movement in the ICS community sits next to one of the catalysts of that community from 2002. There is a lot of history with Watching Bruce and Nathan stir the pot. People comin

Speaking at SharePoint Fest Chicago 2014

September 29 2014

I am very excited to announce that I will be speaking at SharePoint Fest Chicago 2014 on December 8 - 10, 2014 at McCormick Place Convention Center West. This is not a user group, but a paid conference. The session: DEV 201 - Beyond Responsive Design – Turning SharePoint into a mobile and modern web application platform John Head and Chris Johnson - PSC Group When you think about building modern and mobile applications with SharePoint, most people think about responsive design. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. In a word of MEAN and Twitter Bootstrap, mobile and modern web development means something much more. This session will cover the larger strategy around a mobile and modern web application platform and how to achieve that with SharePoint as the platform. We will then show you how we implemented this strategy on top of SharePoint 2013 and the outcome. From the high level executive strategy to the implementation details, you will walk away from this session with the k

ProgPower 2014 - An Experience of a lifetime

September 22 2014

So those of you that follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram know this - but last week, I was lucky enough to attend ProgPower 2014 in Atlanta. I made the first ProgPower 15 years ago here in Chicago, but this year's line-up really was a no brainer for me. So we all have our own musical tastes. Mine have shifted in the past 15 years or so. I used to really love the power metal style - think Helloween, Stratovarius, etc. along with progressive - my readers know how much of a Dream Theater fan I am. The past few years have seen me drift from power to metalcore and technical metal/djent. Think Killswitch Engage, Periphery, and the likes. But when I saw the line-up for ProgPower 2014, I had to attend. Here was the line-up: ProgPower XV Country of Origin Need Greece Orden Ogan Germany Leprous Norway Overkill USA Seventh Wonder (playing Mercy Falls in its entirety) Sweden Stratovarius (playing Visions in its entirety) Finland Withem Norway Divided Multitude Norway Voo

Taking a new role at Lumity - Outreach Director on the Executive Committee

September 19 2014

I am really excited to announce that I have accepted a position on the executive committee of the Board of Directors of Lumity as the Outreach Director. As a current board member, this just extends my involvement. I have been lucky enough to help with the business development processes and performance the past two years, and in July took over as the chair of the Operations Committee. My new role is slightly wide open in terms of specifics, but it will let me get more involved in an organization I believe in. Lumity has really double-downed our investment in STEM and Workforce Development. This summer, the organization hosted a Summer Youth Employment Program that had real impact on lives. I saw our Executive Director, Kara Kennedy, get really emotional this morning on the impact it is having on her. I am lucky to be able to give back to the community on a topic I believe in to much. We can only improve the quality technology professionals in the marketplace if we start in the schoo

Inviting you to particpate in the IBM Domino/Notes Community Survey

September 16 2014

Have you ever wondered what other companies plan on doing with IBM Domino? Now is your chance to find out. PSC has committed to collecting feedback from Domino users worldwide, and sharing the results of this survey back to the community. Please take 30 seconds to answer the questions below and share this URL via social media. The more responses gathered, the more valuable this information is. Let’s work together to capture the big picture view of where companies see Domino in their future. The poll will run until October 3rd, 2014. We will release the results on October 6th at - or you can enter your email in the survey to get them emailed. We are not doing this to gather anyone's info for solicitation. This is about trying to get a handle on active use and strategy around the IBM Notes & Domino products. We plan to share the data with the community so we can all have access to the numbers. You can access the survey at http:/

11 Years

September 12 2014

So my blog turns 11 today. [add comments about number of blog entries]

New PSC Video: Happy IT Talent = Happy Clients

September 3 2014

PSC Group, LLC has published a new video on why having great talent is so important to a successful company. Having worked here 13+ years, I find this video to be spot on with our PSC approaches and values or team.

PSC Group reconigized by Inc 5000 and Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

September 2 2014

Over the summer, PSC Group received two recognition's that I wanted to highlight. The first was back in June. PSC was named one of 'Chicago's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For' for the third year in a row. PSC Group was also named to the Inc 5000 for the second year in a row, jumping over 1000 places since last year. This is a testament to the amazing team at PSC Group. Congratulations to everyone!

MWLUG 2014: BP110: The Mobile Distruption - Why XPages Development is targeting Mobile First

August 28 2014

BP110: The Mobile Distruption - Why XPages Development is targeting Mobile First from John Head

PSC Group @ MWLUG 2014

August 19 2014

MWLUG 2014 is less than two weeks away! Are you attending? PSC Group will be there two. First, you can meet us in the vendor showcase. We will be talking about our services and solutions and will be all ready to talk about how we can help you. We also have 4 sessions given by PSC Group team members. Don't fall asleep using Relational Databases: Using Hibernate with XPages Toby Samples Friday, August 29th, 2014 at 11:30 AM - Gerald Ford room Domino is THE all-purpose Application Server that fits all of your needs even if those needs involve relational databases. Hibernate is an object-relational mapping library for Java and can be used with XPages. The framework can help you easily combine the relational databases that you have with the secure, flexible environment you already know and love. In this session I will demonstrate that with a little setup Hibernate allows you to treat records in a relational database in a similar manner as Domino documents in a Domino Database. You wi

IBM Digital Experience 2014 Conference - General Session Thoughts

July 23 2014

I am at the IBM Digital Experience conference for the first time. Of course, that leads me to doing the compare and contrast with the other major IBM event I have attended, IBM Connect/Lotusphere. About 700 people here, and 85% of the sessions are technical. And from what I have seen, there is a great community of partners and customers here. I have spent most of my time in the business / customer story sessions. All of them have been pretty good. One item I wanted to really highlight was the Opening General Session. The contrast is so huge. First, there is no teleprompter. No script being read. I am sure there was an overall script, and lots of practice. But I never once felt like I was being spoon fed. Gary Dolsen, the new Vice President for IBM Digital Experience, who just took over for the retiring Larry Bowden, set the tone perfectly. It was rehearsed but not memorized. Gary knocked it out of the park. Next up was Doug Gieger to talk about the products specifically and a few

PSC is proud to introduce our new partnership with Intuit QuickBase

July 17 2014

PSC and Intuit Quickbase are proud to introduce our new partnership. Come celebrate with us and enjoy the amazing views of Downtown Chicago from the penthouse floor of the Swissotel. Network with local QuickBase users and learn about our new partnership with PSC, a Chicago based services firm. PSC is an expert in integrating dynamic reporting and collaboration. Admission includes: Networking with other QuickBase users Cocktails & Appetizers Chance to win Blackhawks memorabilia You can sign up here


July 11 2014

As you probably guessed, I turn 40 today. Not sure if I should look at this as an accomplishment or milestone or a warning - but it's a good day. No longer 'a kid' - but still 'the kid' to many. With June being such a rough month for me, and this June being even harder, this July is special. That number '40' I was never sure I would make. But at 40, I find contentment with who I am. I have a great family, especially those closest. Wonderful friends. Awesome coworkers. I am part of many wonderful communities - IBM, Shacknews, YRs, Chicago. I find myself happy with the man I have become. Confident in my abilities. Proud of my accomplishments. Challenged by my work. A real future to strive for. I accept that I am emotional. Layered. Complex. Passionate. Focused. Driven. It has taken many events in the past year for me to embrace all of those words. They are who I am. I no longer shrink from being called any of them. I stand proudly and own them. Life is about accepting who you are. Wh

Memorial Day - Remembering Jack Head

May 26 2014

Today is Memorial Day in the states, the day we remember and honor all of those that have fought and served this country in our military. I thought I would share a few stories of my grandfather. John "Jack" William Head was a veteran of World War 2. A marine who fought in the battle for the Pacific. He was on Guam. He was part of the 3rd marine Division assault. Unfortunately the Marines were dropped on a beach at surrounded by a high ridge. Japanese soldiers opened fire immediately and the Marine casualties were high. Your grandfather was the Master Sergeant and every one of higher rank was killed on the landing. Dad's men were pinned down by rifle and machine gun fire from on top of the ridge, so Dad took two men with him and started up the ill to try and open a path for the men on the beach. The Japanese saw them coming and began to roll live grenades and mortar shells down the hill. The two men with Dad were killed. He was badly injured and rolled back down the hill. He was place

My interview with SocialBiz User Group - Listen Now

May 13 2014

Last month, Celia Hamilton of SocialBiz User Group, interviewed me to talk about XPages and the work I am doing at PSC Group. Here is their blurb about it: John Head was kind enough to share some of his time with me recently to have a conversation about XPages and mobile development. John's background in coding and current role in business development at PSC Group give him a unique outlook when talking about technology. From his perspective, he looks at what customers want when they need his company's services; his focus is finding out what technology is best suited to their needs. Press the play button below to hear our conversation about these topics: What John does with PSC Group What customers are really looking for when building a web application If you are still building client-only applications, you are the problem, not the solution What developers can do to their web apps today to make them ready to go mobile tomorrowYou can also read a transcript of the interview if you prefe

Tim Tripcony

May 12 2014

Today the news tells us that one of the Lotus/XPages community has let us, much to early. Tim Tripcony was one of the good guys. No,Tim was one of the best guys. Besides being smart and talented, Tim was a gentle soul who loved to share knowledge. I remember many chats with Tim talking about XPages, something new he was working on, or music. I will always remember seeing Tim at the first MWLUG in Chicago - just after he cut his long hair. I didn't recognize him at first. We laughed at my confusion. Tim's response at the time was 'well, I might have cut off my hair, but my technical skills weren't because of my hair!' ... Tim, you might have left us, but your technical skills aren't all we will remember. Rest in peace my friend - I will miss you.

The IBM Mail Next Webinar - Thoughts and Questions

April 23 2014

IBM has the first public webinar around IBM Mail Next since unveiling it at IBM Connect this past January. I thought I would highlight a few thoughts and questions I have. (before I go on, IBM did say this was a point in time and nothing was set in stone and everything was subject to change. So keep that in mind as you continue reading please) The webinar was mostly high level about the process, but we did see two specific 'demos' (more on that later) around the calendar timeline and faceted search. First, I think the design concepts shown by Scott detailed that IBM is trying to do more than build a new web email client. There is real innovation being attempted. I see that innovation in the flat list of attachments and links from the search results. I loved that. I want that right now. We also got an updated detailed architecture slide: This slides confirms that IBM Mail Next is being targeted at web / cloud deployments first. Yes, you can see Domino in there - prominently. But

Why STEM education matters - The Lumity Story

April 22 2014

I have talked about Lumity before on my blog, but I wanted to share why I think it's mission matters. Here is a great video that we created for our Annual Dinner earlier this month: I am proud to be involved with Lumity as a board member, and helping with the services arm, but the STEM initiative is something I really believe in. My career path was not a straight arrow, and my STEM schooling as a kid really had an impact. I am looking forward to hands-on involvement later this month with a school career fair visit. If you would like to get involved, please contact me. You can also donate here.

Selling XPages - what matters?

April 4 2014

The XPages community has had an active two weeks of discussions, kicked off by my coworker Mark Roden's post Why learning JavaScript is more critical to XPage developers than Java. This inspired many comments and other posts and videos. The best of those were: Tim Tripcony - "Do I Need to Learn Java?": a brief conversation with a composite character Mark Roden - When the community comes together we get the right answer Steven Wissel - Learning a new language or platform Jeff Byrd - Life without xPages # 3 – a little more JAVA please I think David Leedy's Notesin9 was brilliant and hilarious. If you have not watched this, you should. NotesIn9 141: Java vs JavaScript Throwdown. Mark also responded appropriately (And the gloves are off…… and An open letter to Mr. NotesIn9). I have been reading and watching on the sideline. I no longer write code, so the technical discussion going on here is something I don't feel like I should provide an opinion. Mark, Tim, David and many more are muc

OneNote vs. Evernote - no, make that OneNote AND Evernote

March 18 2014

Yesterday, Microsoft made quite a few announcements around OneNote. Here is a list of what is new: OneNote for the Mac OneNote is free! OneNote API and a bunch of apps - including IFTTT! OneNote email address Web Clipper OneNote Eye Lens for Windows phone - and I would love to see this on the iPhone That is a long list of stuff! This excites me. I use both OneNote and Evernote. Yes, both. Why? Great question. For work stuff, I mostly use OneNote. It connects to my ecosystem that I use daily like nothing else I have seen. Tied together with Outlook, Office, Sharepoint, and Lync. That connect is really powerful - but the real power is in the group sharing of notebooks. Using OneDrive or SharePoint, the power of group notebooks is amazing. PSC has teams using OneNote for our projects and the amount of data in there is out of control and head spinning. Yes, Evernote has the ability to share notebooks - but it requires everyone have a premium version. And I find the synching and team col

Are you a not-for-profit in Chicago? Join for a technology seminar

February 19 2014

For all of my friends and followers in Chicago - if you work for or participate in a not-for-profit, this free technology seminar is for you: Clearing up the Myth: The Cloud and Nonprofits - Free Nonprofit Technology Seminar - Please join us on February 26th at 10 AM and invite your nonprofit friends and colleagues. At this seminar you will learn: What exactly IS "The Cloud"? Why do I need to know about cloud computing? How will it help my organization? What and who are cloud providers? What about security and storage of data? You're invited to attend a FREE cloud computing seminar hosted by Lumity. You’ll learn everything you need to know about what the cloud is, how to transition to it and how to use it once you’re there. Mark Litwin, a Technology Solution Professional will guide you through the process so you leave with a full understanding and the confidence to make the change. What is "the cloud"? It's a server that’s accessible to you anywhere there is internet, not just at

The #IBMConnect Slide that caused some interesting feedback #free1352

February 11 2014

So in my session with John Beck at IBM Connect 2014 - I put this slide up and just watched the reaction of the room. So I am just going to let this generate some discussion before I post more about it later this week ...

IBM Connect 2014: My take on the OGS

February 3 2014

IBM Connect 2014 is over and many are writing their impressions on the conference. I won't go into rumors or thoughts about the future in my musings, but there are a few things I would like to recap. The first is the Opening General Session, otherwise known as the OGS. Reading the other thoughts on the OGS out there, I realize I am in the minority on my reaction. I thought the OGS was exactly what IBM has been trying to achieve the past few years. I thought it hit the target market very well and the main audience for the OGS - the press and analysts walked away quite happy. The old school, die hard Notes administrator or developer who comes to Connect, or still calls it Lotusphere, is not the target of the OGS. They haven't been for years. Let me explain why I think that and then give a few thoughts on the OGS itself. I was quite lucky to participate in three years of the IBM Connect / Lotusphere blogger program. Besides the great seats at the OGS, we were invited to the press confer

13 Years

December 18 2013

As the year closes, my anniversary at PSC Group is upon me. 13 years since I walked in with the intention of working here about six months. It's been a great 13 years with no end in site. Looking forward to a great 2014!

SharePoint 2013 Creates A Cost-Effective Solution For Managing Employee Reviews

December 16 2013

PSC Group has released a brand new video customer testimonial on our work with TCA Holdings, LLC and our SharePoint 2013 work. You can learn more about the solution and the experience our customers have with PSC Group by watching it here: You can read more about the solution here If you are interested in any more information about the solution, or how PSC Group can help your company achieve results such as these, please contact me!

PSC 2014 IBM Champions!

December 5 2013

One of the amazing aspects of my job is that I get to work with amazing people. Today shines the spotlight on that. Besides being named a 2014 IBM Champion, I am beyond honored to be working with 4 others who were named IBM Champions today. Kathy Brown is a returning IBM Champion, and Andrew Barickman, Mark Roden, and Brad Balassaitis are new for 2014. Congratulations to the entire team!!!!

Honored to be a 2014 IBM Champion!

December 5 2013

Getting the email this morning that I was accepted as an 2014 IBM Champion. It is both an honor and a challenge. Being an IBM Champion is about representing the IBM Collaboration Services in the wild as best as you can. Thanks for those that nominated me. Here is the entire list.

Social Selling in the Real World

December 3 2013

I was honored to be asked to speak at The Sales Association Midwest 2013 conference in November. The event was focused on sales best practices, tools, and techniques for sales organizations and individuals. It was a great experience for me - especially since it was a brand new audience and community. Looking forward to giving this presentation more in 2014!

Speaking at Connect 2014 on brand new content!

November 19 2013

I am once again honored to have the privilege to speak at IBM Connect 2014. I am speaking with John Beck, Business Unit Executive, IBM, but this year we decided to start fresh. Our topic is "he Mobile Disruption - Why XPages Development is Targeting Mobile First." This is an executive / strategy focused session on how mobile is becoming the primary development platform choice. We will look at this topic from the perspective of an XPages platform, but expect IBM MobileFirst, IBM Worklight, and IBM Websphere technologies to show up in the presentation. See everyone in Orlando in January!

Application Modernization with XPages on YouTube

November 11 2013

The section of the IBM Connect 2014 session "AD214: What's Next? Application Modernization Roadmap for Socializing IBM Notes and Domino" that is my section has been posted to Youtube via Social Business User Group. Check it out here:

Rethinking The Seductiveness Of Mobile-First

October 21 2013

There was a very interesting posting on TechCrunch by Semil Shah this morning entitled Rethinking the Seductiveness of Mobile-First. The artcile talks about some reasons why an application should be targeted at the web first, not mobile. Here are the high level points he makes: Some markets make mobile-first simply unnecessary or unviable. Relatively speaking, easier to recruit web developers versus mobile developers. Faster cycles for iterations, testing, and moving toward product-market fit. The web provides a strong foundation to build a brand and harness virality. Mobile can be thought of as an extension, not the foundation. What I find interesting about these points is that it sounds almost exactly like the old rich client vs. web discussion 10 years ago. For instance, if a market is not mobile viable, how viable is the web? Why not use a disconnected model like the Notes client? Mobile-first is the future, across every vendor and technology. In 10 years, we won't even thin

The day a ’server’ showed up on my desk ... #thanksbruce

October 2 2013

It was many years ago (sometime in 2002) to be exact, when a big box arrived via UPS. What was in it? This is the original 'server' that the website lived on for many years until more hardware was added. Today, the website is many servers at host Prominic. I will always remember being one of the second tier of supporters, including Vince and many others. Bruce is retiring his position as director today. I think his election by the community as director says far more than his election as chair by the other directors. It's time for new blood and others in the community to step up. Bruce's commitment to and the community built around 'Lotus' is one of the strongest out there. Change is healthy, and I know Bruce is looking forward to the new journey he has undertaken. I know Bruce will do well - he knows nothing else. #thanksbruce

Disruption - How SteamOS and XPages tie together

September 26 2013

It's not every day that I find the top news in my favorite hobby aligning with what I do in my professional life. This week, they are walking hand in hand. Let me explain why. This week, Valve, the company behind the Half-Life, Portal, and Left4Dead franchisees, and the industry leading digital platform Steam, started a series of announcements on how they plan to bring Steam into the living room. For those not familiar with Steam, think of it as the Apple app store of games and software. 100% digital purchases, it also manages your gaming community and distributes patches and addon software (DLC). Steam is primarily used on computers, but last year the Big Picture feature was added. By attaching an HDMI cable between a computer and a TV, you can play your Steam games on your TV from the comfort of your couch. It also added controller (as opposed to the default mouse and keyboard controls on a computer) support. Valve has been talking about finding ways to bring Steam into the livin

Retiring Content and searching for something new

September 23 2013

It is that time of year when a certain conference in Orlando makes many people think about what topics they want to speak on. Since the explosion of the user groups a few years ago, I began to think about content not as a once a year presentation, but as content I could deliver for the entire year. I tried to tie that content to theme of the year and what was going on at PSC. The past couple of years I have been blessed with being able to speak with John Beck all over the world on why XPages should matter. Why organizations with Notes & Domino should look at XPages. Not everyone may love everything about XPages, but I don't think anyone can argue that they are the future of the Notes application. So what's next? As John and I start talking about Connect 2014 and beyond, it's time to start looking at how to extend XPages. How to make XPages fit within the ecosystem outside of Notes, both with other IBM applications and with third-party. And to highlight some great customers stories

PSC Group Makes Inc. 5000 List

September 19 2013

PSC was named to the Inc. 5000 list for the first time this year. You can read about it here in this press release and see our profile on here. (playing news catch-up)

I am speaking at The Sales Association Midwest Sales Conference

September 18 2013

I am excited to announce that I am going to be a speaker at The Sales Association's Midwest Sales Conference on November 14th, 2013. I am presenting the following session: Social Selling in the Real World Thursday Nov 14 9:30–10:40am Room: MR1 Track: Real-Life Stories Social selling is the rage these days, but what does that really mean? This session is not about buzzwords or what’s new and cool, it’s about real-world practices of putting social selling to work. As a technology consultant who transitioned to sales 4 years ago, social selling tools and techniques made that change possible. Come see the ideas, techniques, and tools that helped John’s transition and enabled his success as a salesperson. You will walk away with a list of new tools to try in your own selling process. I am also participating in the following panel: Sales Executive Forum: Redefining Sales Performance in the Digital Era Thursday Nov 14 12:30–1:30pm Room: MR2 Track: Integrating to Succeed This engaging

PSC Group, LLC Named One of Chicago’s "Best and Brightest Companies to Work For" for the Second Consecutive Year

September 18 2013

PSC was named one of Chicago's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in 2013 - for the second consecutive year. Here is more about the award. (playing news catch-up)

MWLUG 2013: What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino

August 22 2013

Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, mobile, or social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive potential return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you! What’s Next? Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino from John Head

My #IamLUG 2013 Presentation - What’s Next - Application Modernization Roadmap For Socializing IBM Notes and Domino

May 8 2013

Attached is the presentation that John Beck of IBM and I gave at IamLUG 2013 yesterday: Some organizations neglect or under-utilize one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio - the line of business application. Most were built 10+ years ago with no Web, mobile, or social. This session describes the application revolution taking place, covering the options and best practices required for success. Migration and new development will be compared and contrasted. Real-world data will demonstrate the positive potential return on investment. We will discuss PSC's Application Modernization Center and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with XPages. If your organization is considering a migration or an XPages solution for your Notes/Domino investments, this session is for you! For those of you that have seen

PSC Group’s Michael Blumenthal presenting on Solving Business Problems with SharePoint 2013 at CITAG

May 1 2013

This month Michael Blumenthal will be presenting on Solving Business Problems with SharePoint 2013. Please join us by registering here. More info:

Time to up our game in how we demo XPages

April 29 2013

I have seen quite a few XPages demos over the past few years. At conference, in webinars, and in sales calls. As I look back and critique myself, I have some thoughts to share so that as a community, if the quality of demos goes up, the community and the opportunities will grow. Typically, something like this is what I see in an XPages demo: There is nothing 'wrong' with this, but it is out of date. It could be showcasing one of the out of the box templates or something custom (as this is), but its way to out of date. So, if you are going to show XPages to someone who has never seen it before, how about something more like this? Not so small, but at least use the current version of OneUI. Focus on applications that don't look like Notes applications. Highlight something modern. Even better yet, why not showcase something like this: That doesn't look like Notes. Or even XPages. It looks like a modern web application. But it is XPages: You don't have to hire a designe