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Redbook Weekend #1 Part 2 - Tracing my ancestry and Dinner with the Strattons

March 8 2009

So since I am here in Boston for three weeks and two weekends, I decided to make the first weekend a travel weekend. I have never been to Rhode Island before, so I planned my Saturday around that. For the first part of the trip, I wanted to trace some of my ancestry. My father's mother's father's mother was a Williams. A direct ancestor of Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island. In the extended Roger Williams book that the Roger Williams Family Association publishes, you can even see my name in it! So this was the perfect time to check out what I could find in Providence, RI about Roger Williams. About a hour drive and I was in the capital of the state. I first headed to Roger Williams Memorial Park. There is a small park house with some great park rangers. They have a 5 minute video about the life of Roger Williams and then provided me with a map. I then walked down to the First Baptist Church of America. I then walked up to the statue of Roger Williams, which he