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Trailer for reimaged "V" television show coming this fall

May 20 2009

From this, we could have a winner - like BSG on SciFi was a winner. We shall see.

Battlestar Galatica: Razor is amazing

November 13 2007

I was lucky enough to see one of the screenings of BSG: Razor in a movie theater last night. I will not ruin any of the plot, but let me say a few things. First, Ronald Moore is a master architect when weaving current and past stories together. Second, he needs to stick to writing longer stories than a 60 minute episode (which ends up being about 46 minutes to allow for commercials). This was one of the best written BSG stories to date ... maybe the best since the mini series. The story has some great surprises ... it covers Lee Adama's time as Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus. We also get to see Admiral Kane return and find out what turned her into the animal she was. Expect a blast from the past and a connection to the last episode of Season 3. We also got a preview of Season 4 .. the last season of BSG. Some interesting images. I can not wait for the return, and the last season, of the best show on TV.

Londo / G’Kar 2008

November 6 2007

I try not to put politics up here, but this was just too good not to share. LOL. Thoughts from JMS himself: With the coming 2008 elections, there aren't a lot of candidates we can agree upon. So as a public service, we are now providing a slate of candidates that will bring the country together in common cause and preserve many of this nations' finest electoral traditions. The first slate is Londo/G'Kar (or, for those who wish to be contrary, G'Kar/Londo is also available.) They bring a combination of military training, a love of freedom, and sartorial excellences. They are also excellent public speakers and true patriots who put their people ahead of their own interests. Should the electorate find themselves not happy with the slate as elected, whoever is in second position will gladly assassinate the other in order to bring about a referendum. Similarly, the ticket of Zathras and Zathras promises the best in crisis management at a difficult time for our nation. Their wisdom is

RIP Robert Jordon

September 17 2007

Wow, this is sad news ... James Oliver Rigney Jr, author of the long-running fantasy series The Wheel of Time and better known to millions of fans by the pen name Robert Jordan, died on 16 Sept 2007 from cardiac amyloidosis. Jordan announced he had been diagnosed with the disease in March 2006 and vowed to beat the odds, but determination and gumption sometimes just aren't enough in the face of a disease with a median survival time of just over two years. Jordan was in the process of writing the twelfth and final book in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light, but the book was not slated for release until 2009 and is still incomplete. While there is hope that the book will still be finished from Jordan's notes, this is devastating news to all of us who have been reading the series since 1990. Sad news ... talk about being left hanging :-(

30 years of a galaxy far far away ...

May 22 2007

It is hard to believe, but the movie that changed everything is 30 years old this week. Star Wars (well, to use the official name now Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Hope) is more than one movie. It is a saga. A movement. A mark on the culture of today. Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. My dad took me ... and I believe I had to make him stay so we could see it again because I needed to leave to use the rest-room the first time. I was 2.5 ... give me a break :-). For someone who is almost 33, I do not remember a time without Star Wars. I remember my dad letting me stay home so we could see the first showing of Return of the Jedi. Going opening night to see the 20th Anniversary Edition of Star Wars. Waiting for hours and hours to just get tickets for The Phantom Menace. Watching Star Wars on On TV .. the first time it was on TV .. with my friend Tommy and his family the Bennetts and my dad buying one of the first VCRs available. The Star Wars Holiday Special. The Ew

The best show on TV only gets better

September 5 2006

The best show on TV is just getting better. Battlestar Galatica, the reimaged science fiction masterpiece on SciFi channel, will enter its third season October 3rd. Season 2.5 (episodes 11 thru 20 from Season 2) will come out September 19th. Why do I think it is the best show on TV? It is simply the best written show on TV with amazing acting and one of the most original takes on science fiction today. What this show so amazing is that it is really a drama set in a science fiction world. Ronald Moore took a cheesy, but fan favorite, TV show of the 70s and turned it into a show that makes you think and look at human nature. The fact there were no Emmy nominations for the show for acting or best drama just shows how blind Hollywood truly is. The season finale jumped the story 1 year in the future ... and the rumor that Season 3 will jump again. So what did SciFi decide to do? They filmed 10 4 minute webisodes. They are the quality of the show. If you have not been watching BSG,