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The Bucket List, Minus 3

May 30 2011

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do before the die. Mine is mostly experiences that align my interests with locations and history. I am pretty good when I travel that if I am close to something that is on my bucket list, I find a way to do it. But never before have I been able to check off three things from the bucket list one a single day. Item 1: Stonehenge - from inside the stone circle I have been to Stonehenge before, back in 1988, but I always wanted to see it from close up. Thanks to Carl Tyler, he pointed out that anyone can if you sign up for the Stone Circle Access. This picture is from the center of the ring lining up with the summer stone. A great experience with less than twenty people. Sadly, we did not meet the man who legally changed his name to King Arthur Pendragon to protest the fences and charging for access to Stonehenge. The nice young security guard suggested he was a bit nutter ;) Item 2: Oxford and to sit in the same place as Tolkien and C

Redbook Weekend #1 Part 3 - Driving thru Maine and a visit with Andrew Pollack

March 8 2009

Day three of this first weekend found me driving up to Maine. I have never been to the state of Maine and decided this was my chance. About 90 minutes north from Boston. My first stop was York County and Cape Neddick "Nubble" Light. A great view of a lighthouse near a seaside town that screams tourist summer location. My second stop was to Fort Williams Park and the Portland Head Light I then drove to Andrew Pollack's house in Cumberland. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me a tour of the firehouse he is a volunteer firefighter at. He treated me with a drive in the truck and a tour of the town. As we got back to Andrew's house, we were chatting about the Lotus community and techy stuff. Andrew had to leave to head to an alarm - something that turned out not to be serious. Great to see Andrew and get his feedback on things. I then drove up to Freeport to the flagship LL Bean store. I took a few pics and walked around, but not being super outdoorsy, it was mos

Redbook Weekend #1 Part 2 - Tracing my ancestry and Dinner with the Strattons

March 8 2009

So since I am here in Boston for three weeks and two weekends, I decided to make the first weekend a travel weekend. I have never been to Rhode Island before, so I planned my Saturday around that. For the first part of the trip, I wanted to trace some of my ancestry. My father's mother's father's mother was a Williams. A direct ancestor of Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island. In the extended Roger Williams book that the Roger Williams Family Association publishes, you can even see my name in it! So this was the perfect time to check out what I could find in Providence, RI about Roger Williams. About a hour drive and I was in the capital of the state. I first headed to Roger Williams Memorial Park. There is a small park house with some great park rangers. They have a 5 minute video about the life of Roger Williams and then provided me with a map. I then walked down to the First Baptist Church of America. I then walked up to the statue of Roger Williams, which he

Redbook Weekend #1 Part 1 - Watchmen with Alan Lepofsky

March 8 2009

So my first weekend in Boston started with connecting with Alan Lepofsky. Alan and I have been friends for a few years and it was great to see him. We first went to the Cambridge Brewing Company for a beer and some food and to gather all of the people. We then headed to Jordan's IMAX in Reading, MA. Now, its hard to describe this, but it is a furniture store with a Fuddruckers, an IMAX movie theater, and much more. I was visually assaulted by walking in there. WOW. Now something about the Watchmen. Having read the comic book before it was put together in a graphic novel (and yes, I have them somewhere in a box in storage), I was super excited about the movie. Yes, they made changes. So what. They made changes to the Lord of the Rings triolgy and it still kicked major ass. I loved the movie. The tone of the graphic novel and the characters came across super well. The amount of info presented to the watcher, including all the flashbacks, was done very well. I loved the characters - bu

The worst plane flight of my life

March 1 2009

Last week I made a trip to New York City to visit a new customer. I went for two nights and my fellow PSC guy (and boss) Alex Kassabov came out for one night. We ended up finishing about 3:30 PM Eastern time and headed to New York LaGuardia early. We both had flights around 7:30 PM and wanted to try to get on earlier flights. Turns out there was bad weather in the midwest - rain, wind, and even some thunder & lightning. Lots of planes were getting delayed and the stand-by lines were filling up. I was traveling American Airlines and Alex was on United. That means we were in different terminals. With all of the travel that I do, I have an Admirals Club membership. So here I was, tweeting away, making Alex frustrated on Twitter (while others laughed) that I had access to beer. I also was able to ask for the first CONFIRMED seat due to my status. Alex was going standby. I should have waiting for my original flight .. but I got on a 5:10 flight that ended up taking off at 7:30. About

March Snow brings April Travel

March 27 2008

As we near the end of March, we are having snow again in Chicago. I am not sure we will ever see the end of this weather! April is going to be a very busy month for me. I will be attending both the Detroit and Cincinnati Lotusphere Comes to You. I will also be at the View conference in Boston at the end of the month working at the Integra booth. Add in customer trips to Annapolis/Washington D.C. next week and other times, a wedding in Iowa in the middle of the month, and a wedding in Dallas this weekend. Busy month! So I continue to focus more on the sales side of things these days, but doing a bunch of delivery with projects focused on Microsoft Word, Notes, Integra, and a new client that is SQL/.Net/Powerpoint. Love the variety that keeps me on my toes. Just as I am getting ready to travel for a month, AT&T cable in the building I am in upgraded their Dish Network service. Yes, I know ... its really screwed up. We have cable thru a shared Dish satellite on the building. But t