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The Bucket List, Minus 3

May 30 2011

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do before the die. Mine is mostly experiences that align my interests with locations and history. I am pretty good when I travel that if I am close to something that is on my bucket list, I find a way to do it. But never before have I been able to check off three things from the bucket list one a single day. Item 1: Stonehenge - from inside the stone circle I have been to Stonehenge before, back in 1988, but I always wanted to see it from close up. Thanks to Carl Tyler, he pointed out that anyone can if you sign up for the Stone Circle Access. This picture is from the center of the ring lining up with the summer stone. A great experience with less than twenty people. Sadly, we did not meet the man who legally changed his name to King Arthur Pendragon to protest the fences and charging for access to Stonehenge. The nice young security guard suggested he was a bit nutter ;) Item 2: Oxford and to sit in the same place as Tolkien and C

Greatest Road Sign Ever

May 30 2011

Taken on the drive make to the motorway from Avebury. I so want one of these for my office ...