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Integra Thought of the Week - Why Virtual Fields changes ad hoc reporting in Notes for the better

July 7 2008

With the shipping of Integra Quick Reports 4.6, end users will see a big change when doing ad hoc reporting. Instead of seeing a listing of fields that mean nothing to the end user, they get a listing of fields in plain English. So what does this really mean? Most developers build field names that mean something to them. For instance, we use a prefix on a field name for the form or function. I have seen so many field names that are along the lines of "fldSFWF_01" or "coAdd01_City". Can we really expect the end user to figure out what those mean? Virtual Fields in Integra Quick Reports 4.6 solves this problem. A field mapping for each form can be created, which will replace the real field names with a more end user friendly label. So instead of "coAdd01_City" the end user sees "Company Address - City". The real power in Virtual Fields comes from the ability to apply reader and author fields to the Virtual Fields mapping documents. You can have different mappings for the same for