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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Intro Video

August 21 2008

See the HiRes version here. So, will things like this draw me back into the game? hmmmm

Lunaris calls it quits

May 20 2008

I found out yesterday that my World of Warcraft guild, Lunaris (Alliance) of Garona, has decided to call it quits. As a former active member, this makes me very sad. I joined Lunaris in January of 2005. WoW was launched in Nov of 2004 and most people got to level 60 around Christmas, 2004. Not my first guild, Lunaris was the guild I did my entire raid life in WoW. Since my decision to step back from an active raiding status last year, I have gotten my personal life back. Raiding in WoW, which is 50% of the end-game in the game and the entire story line post single-player questing, takes quite a bit of time. Lunaris raided 5 nights a week (typically Sunday thru Thursday) and from 7 PM to 11 PM Central time. Then, you need to factor in the time to do personal quests and equipment/consumable funding .. and you have a game that many people were playing 30+ hours a week. I had to give that up ... I was not playing any other games besides WoW! Congratulations to Lunaris for almost 4 years o

Blizzard Entertainment is worth a billion or so ...

January 30 2008

Not sure what more to say except this ... Vivendi Entertainment annouced their numbers today. Blizzard Entertainment, just one of the subsidiaries of Vivendi, made $814 Euros (1.2 Billion US) in 2007. We are all in the wrong business. Damn.