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Integration Custom Development - Why are you not using a framework?

October 6 2008

At UKLUG, as people came to the Integra booth, the topic of custom development came up over and over. We call it 'in-applicaiton development' - where you the developer write code in Script Libraries and/or Agents that connects Notes to the third-party application. Over and over, the issues of proper Notes application development and how hard it was just to add a new column to a report. I know these issues well ... since I have experienced them since 1993! I have 15 years of battle scars on the pain that in-application can cause. Products like Integra make your integration development less of a burden. Instead of having all of your code within each Notes database, Integra locates all of the code, templates, and logic with the report Profile in the Integra database. They only impact to your application is an action button or hot spot that a user can use to trigger the report recreation (which is 100% optional). If you are interested in more information about how Integra can ease your i