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Honoring our teachers - one in particular

December 5 2010

Heads up: this will be a very personal and rambling post. You have been warned. The past 24 hours has been an interesting emotional roller coaster. Last night, PSC had our yearly holiday party and a very major milestone in my life was recognized and honored. I don't want to share much of that yet - come back on 12/18/2010 for that story - but it has made me reflect on my career path and choices quite a bit recently. As I think back to my path that got me to where I am today, I realize that the people who really made an impact on my career have been educators. People dedicated to the profession of educating others. In my life, I have had three great teachers. The first was my mother. While I never had her as my direct teacher in a school, she instilled a sense of wonder and excitement about science and the arts. As a kid in the suburbs of Detroit and Chicago, she took me to all sorts of classes. I fondly remember spending time at Cranbrook Institute of Science in the student classes