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My social media breakthrough: How my father’s passing shaped my feelings on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

July 8 2011

As I process everything that has happened in June, I am starting to pick out a few lessons learned that I can remember and apply to my life. One of those lessons is around social media engagement. It just happens that I identified the lesson just as Google Plus was launching. Actually, the first 48 hours of my usage of Google Plus really hammered it home. Let me explain. On June 1st, the day my father has his heart attack, I posted a single note on Twitter about it. That posting made it to Facebook (because I auto-populate my tweets to Facebook). My uncle, while I was in the air, posted a note to my father's Facebook page directly. I didn't do anything else until I tweeted he passed, which also went to Facebook. I then wrote the blog entry and it made it's way to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, and all of the other social networks I barely use (Buzz, FriendFeed, etc). I then posted that blog entry on my Dad's page. Outside of Facebook, Twitter, and that blog entry, the only other communi

IamLUG 2010 - The Collaboration Agenda – Putting It to Work in your Organization - Slides Posted

August 2 2010

The Collaboration Agenda – Putting It to Work in your OrganizationView more presentations from John Head.

PSC Open - PSC’s Open Source Practice Launches Information Portal with iPhone development details

April 27 2009

Most people know that here at PSC, we do far more than just IBM Software consulting. We have a Microsoft practice and we also have an Open Source Practice. The PSC Open site aggregates the Open Source team's blogs, twitter, and information. In 2009, I firmly believe that Success Stories that demonstrate true value and Return on Investment (ROI) are the key to generating new business - far more than any time prior. The site also highlights a few of our success stories around Open Source solutions in the enterprise. The PSC Open Source Practice has expertise in many areas. Here is a slide covering many of them: One of the things this team is doing that really excites me is iPhone development of custom applications. We will be launching our first iPhone app for a trusted partner of ours very shortly. Helping organizations build iPhone apps is something we see as a huge potential market in 2009. If you are interesting in discussing how the PSC Open Source Pract

Google Desktop 5.8 and World of Warcraft

September 15 2008

So how many things out there get Google's attention when it comes to incompatibility? I have been told Google tells everyone else to fix their software. But look at the release notes for the Google Desktop 5.8: September 11, 2008 Google Desktop 5.8 (5.8.0809.08522) All Languages, Consumer edition only Memory and CPU usage optimizations Support for Windows XP SP3 Support for Firefox 3 Outlook indexing and performance improvements Gadget and sidebar UI improvements Improved shut-down speed Resolved many user reported proxy bugs Added a preference to display the deskbar on the left of the taskbar Compatibility fix for "World of Warcraft" issue I guess World of Warcraft is big enough for Google to take notice :-)