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My thoughts on the Lotusphere2012 announcements around Lotus Symphony and Apache

January 23 2012

At Lotusphere2012, IBM made a pretty big announcements around Lotus Symphony. Let's cover them in order of significance, starting with smallest first. IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 ships Some great new features like the Speakers View and the one million row support make this a great point release. Not sure if there will be an overlay install for the Notes client but working on that. IBM LotusLive Symphony morphs into IBM Docs IBM showed off the newly renamed IBM Docs, now in beta on Greenhouse. If you have used web-based editors like Google Docs and Office 365, this will feel a bit familiar. The integration with IBM Smart Cloud Engage / Connections is impressive. But what really got notice was when they demoed a web editor for creating macros inside the web document editors. The demo was a spreadsheet with a button that inserted data and did formatting. The demo was impressive, but the fact the macro language was javascript was even more so. The timeline for release seems summer for

PSC on the OGS screen at Lotusphere2012

January 23 2012

We are very honored to have been included in the Lotusphere2012 Opening General Session presentation when Kevin and Doug talked about XPages.

Lotusphere 2012 - Speedgeeking : Celebrating 10 years of community driven open source

January 22 2012 Celebrating 10 years of community driven open source (Speedgeeking - Lotusphere2012)View more presentations from John Head.

Lotusphere 2012 - BP107 : IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition

January 22 2012

Bp107 1.19.2012View more presentations from John Head.

Lotusphere 2012 - My Sessions

January 6 2012

Lotusphere 2012 is here soon and you can find me doing the following sessions: JMP304 Master Class: Integration in the world of Social Business Speakers: Andrew Barickman, John Head DL S. Hem IV -V - Sunday 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Integration has remained a key skill in the Domino Developer toolkit since 1994. 18 years later, the Integration skillset comes to a head with the ideals of Social Business: modern web interface, social interactions, and mobile delivery. This session builds on top of the integration sessions of the past and highlights the master skills needed today. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Domino XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your users' machines spanning Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET custom applications, Lotus Symphony, and more. We will examine how the ODF and OOXML standards are changing the integration story and bring integration to the web and mobile devices. Social interactions drive applications in a social busi