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My thoughts on the Lotusphere2012 announcements around Lotus Symphony and Apache

January 23 2012

At Lotusphere2012, IBM made a pretty big announcements around Lotus Symphony. Let's cover them in order of significance, starting with smallest first. IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 ships Some great new features like the Speakers View and the one million row support make this a great point release. Not sure if there will be an overlay install for the Notes client but working on that. IBM LotusLive Symphony morphs into IBM Docs IBM showed off the newly renamed IBM Docs, now in beta on Greenhouse. If you have used web-based editors like Google Docs and Office 365, this will feel a bit familiar. The integration with IBM Smart Cloud Engage / Connections is impressive. But what really got notice was when they demoed a web editor for creating macros inside the web document editors. The demo was a spreadsheet with a button that inserted data and did formatting. The demo was impressive, but the fact the macro language was javascript was even more so. The timeline for release seems summer for

@IamLUG 2011 - The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

August 3 2011

This is the integration session I gave at IamLUG 2011 IamLUG 2011: The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus SymphonyView more presentations from John Head. "The Integration Story started in 1994, with the first ways to combine Lotus Notes and Lotus Ami Pro to create custom applications. In 2011, the Integration story is still going strong. This session will start with the basics and ramp up in skill and capabilities. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your user’s machines: Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET custom applications,, LibreOffice, Lotus Symphony, and more. We will look how the ODF and OOXML standards are changing the integration story and how they will impact you. You will walk out of the session with lots of sample code and extending your own integration story!"

IdoSphere: Super feats of integration: XPages with Symphony, SharePoint, and Office

February 16 2011

Super feats of integration x pages with symphony sharepoint and officeView more presentations from John Head. Demo files and more coming soon

JMP208 The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony

January 30 2011

JMP208 The Never Ending Integration Story: How to Integrate Your Lotus Notes, Domino, and LotusLive applications with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus SymphonyView more presentations from John Head. Downloads coming shortly

ILUG 2010 - Lotus Symphony and you - how to stop giving microsoft your money!

November 14 2010

Lotus symphony and you - how to stop giving microsoft your money!View more presentations from John Head. Download the PSC Integration Samples database here. The Contacts Experience project is located here.

Comparing the Lotus Symphony and 3.0.0 Presentations LotusScript API

November 10 2010

So how does one tell if the APIs in Lotus Symphony 3 have been updated? Compare to the previous version: Lotus Symphony Presentations Lotus Symphony Presentations 3.0.0 Much nicer :)

IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Installer and Editor Component for Notes 8.5.x Ships

November 10 2010

So for everyone waiting for the Notes 8.5.X update installer for Lotus Symphony 3, your wait is over. Here is how you get it: 1. Go to PartnerWorld (partners) or PassportAdvantage (customers) 2. Search for Lotus Symphony 3 or the part number CRD8VML. You are looking for the eAssembly titled "IBM Lotus Symphony 1.3 and 3.0 for Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly" 3. Expand this 4. Look for the version for your operating system: There is also something called the Add on Pack but not clue what that is :-) Install and enjoy.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 - Coming tomorrow (10/21/2010)!

October 20 2010

Tomorrow will be a big day for fans of Lotus Symphony as Symphony 3 will be released in it's gold form tomorrow! Expect a website refresh and a link to download the stand-alone version sometime tomorrow. For those looking for the Notes 8.5.1/8.5.2 update installer, expect that from your typical IBM download site (Passport Advantage for customers, Partnerworld for partners) sometime soon. Expect a lot of info on this blog about the updated release, the new APIs for developers, and quite a bit about the updated and new plug-ins. I guess this means I need to update my ILUG Symphony presentation!

PSC Symphony Services listed in the Lotus Catalog

October 4 2010

After the success of the Insert Graphic for Lotus Symphony video I posted on Youtube, IBM asked that we add our Symphony services to the Lotus Catalog. We finally got thru the process! and here is the specific page More to come from PSC in the catalog over the next month.

So IBM wants us to vote on Symphony Next ideas on IJ - how about attention to old ones?

September 29 2010

Stephan and Ed both posted that we should go into the Lotus Symphony idea space and vote for features for Symphony Next (Symphony 3 is shipping sometime in Q4). That is awesome, but I would like to see ideas posted previously to get some attention. Here is one of mine: This has the most votes in this idea space. We got the LotusScript API for Notes ... but what about all of the other items?

Blogging from Enterprise 2.0: Lotus Knows Social Computing Session

June 16 2010

Here is my twitter stream (laptop battery was struggling) from the session that Kevin Cavanaugh and Chris Crummey gave yesterday at Enterprise 2.0: in the IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf with @lbenitez @edbrill @elsua and many more oh @ccrummey on stage with @kevincavanaugh at IBM #lotusknows session at #e2conf @ccrummey is demoing Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 at #e2conf - showing off Live Text with @edbrill name - searching connections profiles @ccrummey showing off an IBM templates addin for Lotus Symphony 3 - why this isnt public I have no idea! #lotusknows #e2conf #lotusknows that @ccrummey is showing off Project "Concord" live - first I have seen since Lotusphere2010 #e2conf IBM Project Concord looks great - except for 3 rows of toolbars. edit the UI please :-) IBM Project Concord is about collaborative editing - its not just another web based document editor #e2conf #lotusknows IBM Project Concord has sections that can be assigned and co-authored #e2conf #lotusknows RT lbenitez

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 Plug-ins

June 8 2010

To go along with IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3, IBM has released a bunch of new plug-ins specific to this version: LotusLive Connector : Links you to LotusLive by simple click Mass Convertor : Batch converts MicroSoft Office files into odf format Organization Chart: Generates organization charts in Lotus Symphony Presentations Embedded SharePoint: Manages SharePoint server documents in Lotus Symphony Media Wiki : Lets you write and publish your wiki in Lotus Symphony Wiki Convertor: Converts Lotus Symphony Document to Confluence or Lotus Connections wik Send to Mail: Automatically starts your default mail system to send your current document Spreadsheet to HTML: Converts Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets into HTML files Document to HTML: Converts documents to HTML files Open HTML File: Opens and converts HTML files into Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets FTP Document Management: Manages your FTP server documents in Lotus Symphony Embedded Calculator: Does calculations without leaving Lotus Symphony

Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 gets IBM’s first collaborative editing in the cloud functionality with LotusLive integration

June 8 2010

It is a first release within a beta release of Lotus Symphony, so there is a lot of room for improvement. I would like to see: auto-refreshing a cleaner UI the ability to launch to LotusLive directly from the sidebar plugin Type-ahead support for the sharing dialog Group support for the sharing dialog and I think that if IBM really wants to compete with the other tools out there, there needs to be a LotusLive account that is free for users. Let them store documents and then be able to connect up to a paid corporate account. That will be a great solution. IBM has also released an add-in that provides LotusLive functionality as well. I think this is a great move on their part - embrace the greater community as the same time as deepening the functionality in their own products. Overall, this is a great first step. Lots of polish is needed, but I look forward to how this evolves as the Lotus Symphony 3 Beta continues.

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 Performance Results Video (WOW)

June 7 2010

I just recorded this video of the performance of IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3: So I know my hardware is pretty fast, but these results are still an amazing improvement over Symphony 1.3 and Symphony 3 Beta 2. WOW!

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 is Out!

June 7 2010

Just released today, you can find the release here. The highlights of what is new in Beta 3: What's New in IBM® Lotus® SymphonyTM 3 Beta3? General Quality Improvements Improved ODF file fidelity to better support processing files which were generated by previous versions of Lotus Symphony Fixed key Mac OS specific stability, functional and usability bugs Fixed Lotus Symphony Presentation table functional and usability bugs Improved memory leak issue during long run of Lotus Symphony Fixed additional bugs on general stability, function, usability and Microsoft Office interoperabilityNew Features More VBA APIs are supported Ability to customize toolbar content and layout Enabled Sidebar panel management to show or hide sidebar panels More sidebar pages and sections containing new property controlling Spreadsheet cell appearance, including cell borders Graphic Word processor page settings, including margins More sidebar panels in presentation editor Color palette, eyedropper, image a

SymphonyThursday: A LotusScript Mail Merge API Tip

April 15 2010

Here is a great tip for anyone working with mail merge in Lotus Symphony Documents 1.3 using the LotusScript API. One of the first things people want to do with automating mail merge is to automate just enough so the user can write a form letter without having to automate the whole process. Just get the selected documents, map the fields, and open the mail merge wizard/process. We do this pretty easily with Microsoft Word Mail Merge and the Mail Merge Wizard. Until now, this was not possible with Lotus Symphony Documents. The key is the ShowMailMergeSideBar function on the Mail Merge object. We (PSC) was using the document text as stated, and it was causing issues. The Sidebar would come up in strange ways and the completed merge would not have the field data. Totally strange. So before I reveal the solution, let's look at the documentation for the method: Method ShowMailMergeSideBar This method opens mail merge sidebar in Lotus Symphony. Be sure that the document is visible, othe

OpenNTF Contacts Experience 8.5.1 V1 is available for download!

April 13 2010

You can get it here. For those curious, here is the Design Element listing of what is New and Updated from the default Contacts (pernames.ntf) template:

OpenNTF Contacts Experience Version 1.0 is coming ... and here is some proof!

April 12 2010

I swear, it's coming "Real Soon Now" ... Version 1.0 is just in final testing. And here is a preview of some of the features: Version 1.0 will be released here this week. I promise! :-) We won't be submitting this release to the catalog, we want to get some of the "Coming Soon" features done first.

PSC Getting Started Sample Database for Microsoft Office and Lotus Symphony Integration from Lotusphere 2010

February 8 2010

In both of my Lotusphere 2010 sessions, JMP106 “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Lets Kick Butt” : The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony and BP214 IBM Lotus Symphony : Finally, A Developer's Friend, we used the PSC Getting Started Sample Database. I promised to share it with everyone - and I apologize for the delay. This database has samples for the following technologies: Lotus Notes automating Microsoft Word Lotus Notes automating Microsoft Excel Lotus Notes automating Microsoft PowerPoint Lotus Notes automating Microsoft Project Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Documents (UNO) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets (UNO) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Presentations (UNO) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Documents (LotusScript) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets (LotusScript) Lotus Notes automating Lotus Symphony Presentations (LotusScript) Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) reading Lotus

IBM Lotus Symphony Website gets a makeover

February 3 2010

With the Symphony 3 Beta 2 Download, there is a new look and feel for the webpage Love the logo in the bottom right :-)

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 is now available

February 3 2010

IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 is now available! Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 is now available! Give it a try. Tell us what you think. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 represents a major new advancement for our Lotus Symphony users. Based on current 3 code stream. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 offers loads of new features and capabilities and improved file fidelity. The Lotus Symphony team is excited to get it out to you and get your feedback. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 introduces support for Visual Basic Macros, OLE Objects, and embedded audio/video as well as delivering business card and label templates commonly used. Users will also find enhanced support for and interoperability with Microsoft Office 2007 files and file formats. We've enhanced the user interface and added features throughout the product, such as support for nested tables, presentation masters and Digital Signatures. Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 also makes improvements on commonly used features such as comments and Da

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony Architecture - Current and Future

February 2 2010

At the Lotusphere 2010 session "AD207 IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Overview", Yue MA and Erik MA talked about the architecture of Lotus Symphony. I thought the following three slides were great for illustrating how Lotus Symphony is architected and sheds some light on what is coming with Lotus Symphony 3 aka Vienna. Here is the current architecture of Lotus Symphony 1.X: As you can see, Symphony 1.X is derived from 1.1 code. IBM uses the Louts Expeditor toolkit to provide functionality and then has custom code for The user interface and other services. The Symphony Toolkit API sits on top of both of these to provide Java, LotusScript, and Composite Application support. Here is the architecture for Lotus Symphony 3.X: Let;s look at the major changes: First, Lotus Symphony is based on the 3.X code base (insert applause here) Second, we get a VBA run-time added to the architecture stack There has also been a reworking of the Toolkit API's and how

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony Development - Comparing UNO vs LotusScript

February 1 2010

One of my favorite slides at Lotusphere 2010 was in "AD207 IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Overview" when they were comparing the code needed by both UNO and LotusScript to create a table. Let's look at this in detail: Here is a screenshot of the table to be created: The code required in UNO to create this table: Object desktop = factory.createInstance(""); XComponentLoader loader = ( XComponentLoader ) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XComponentLoader.class, desktop); PropertyValue[] args = new PropertyValue[1]; args[0] = new PropertyValue(); args[0].Name = "Hidden"; args[0].Value = Boolean.FALSE; XComponent component = loader.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/swriter", "_blank", 0, args); XTextDocument document = ( XTextDocument ) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XTextDocument.class, component); XMultiServiceFactory docfactory = ( XMultiServiceFactory ) UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XMultiServiceFactory.class, document); Object ob

Lotusphere 2010 : More Details about Lotus Symphony 3.0

February 1 2010

One of the more interesting announcements for me at Lotusphere 2010 was Lotus Symphony 3. While I have know about a few things here or there, the name was a bit of a shock. But I like it. So yes, Lotus Symphony is jumping a version number. This is being done to align the version numbers with the version of the code base it is based from. I think its a good idea. If you made it to the session "ID 612 IBM Lotus® Symphony™ Overview and Update" Session, they had some great slides on what is new in Symphony 3, otherwise know as "Vienna". I wanted to share those details with everyone who was not at the session. Here is the new features slide from that presentation: But let's break down the new features in each application with a bit more detail: Lotus Symphony Documents Master Document Support Richer Fields Nested Table Support New comments/notes Numbers & bullets enhancement Multi-page View Export to PDF enhancements Business card & Labels Templates and suppor

Time for another review ... IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1

January 31 2010

So like many of the other bloggers in the Lotus Community, I was asked to check out the new "IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1" book from Packt Publishing. I got thru the book today and here are a few thoughts on it. First and foremost, the book is designed to be an overview of the product and an update on what is new. In many ways, it feels like the content you would get from a super duper "What's New in Notes" help file or something from Lotus Education to take the new certifications. I do not think that is a bad thing. If you were expecting a really detailed book on Xpages, this is not that book. I will get to the Xpages issue in a bit, but first - lets talk about what is good in the book. I found the chapters on the Domino Server, Deployment, Upgrading, and Coexistence to be very good, even if there are two chapters about Domino (Chapters 4 and 10) which should have been consolidated into one. I thought for anyone who was a beginner to mid level IT professional would learn someth

Word of Warning: Don’t Download Symphony 3 Beta just yet

January 29 2010

It seems people are excited about the upcoming Symphony 3 beta that is coming out shortly. So excited that I see a Symphony3Beta.exe has landed on bittorrents and Rapidshare, along with other sites. Here is the problem - IBM has not released a beta. Not even to Design Partners. So that file is not really Symphony 3 - it seems to be Symphony 1.3 Gold code - with a virus. Maybe even some malware. I won't spread what it is doing, but DO NOT DOWNLOAD Symphony3Beta.exe from anywhere other than It is not real and your computer and network will regret it.

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Symphony 3 Announced

January 18 2010

Ed and Kevin made the formal announcement during their session today and there is lots of great news. Lotus Symphony 3 is built on top of the 3.X code base (it's the latest) and has been numbered to align with that code base. I was able to see a demo of the product before today and a few things I wanted to highlight: The User Interface has had a complete makeover. I like it - it is cleaner, the properties panels are much nicer, and there is far less screen flickering Documents gets in-place notes for collaborative editing - even when you send files around thru email Spreadsheets get the ability to play VBA Macros. No editing, but buttons and actions in a spreadsheet work just like they do in Excel. I have seen this in action and it's pretty slick Presentations got major work around templates. You can now apply a template to an existing presentation and it reformats everything like you expect it should. The template organizer now allows you to import templates from yo

Lotusphere 2010 : Lotus Notes & Domino Keynote

January 18 2010

Review 2009 Notes 8.5.1 - Oct 2009 - "More than a maintenance release" - DDE w/ new LotusScript and Java editors - Xpages in the client - Traveler for the iPhone - Focus on deployability Notes 8.5.2 is a maintenance release Domino Designer was made available for free New Client Access Client License model - 11 done to 2 - removed client types in licensing - Lotus Mobile Connect Messaging Economics - DAOS - Simplified ID Management (ID Vault) - Reducing operating costs by 30% or more Forrester Research - 147% ROI for Upgrading to Notes and Domino 8.5 - Payback in only 12 months Kirk Gutmann - CSO and CTO, CM - 3000 users on Notes 8 - 93% user satisfaction - moving to 8.5.1 now - upgrading a 1k people a day - Mobility Today - Rich Client, 3% Light Client 1%, 96% at home - Mobility - Projected - Rich Client 10%, Light Client - 70%, Basic Unmanaged 20% - Traveler for iPhone use - Unified Communications - shifts the focus from the device to you - presence awareness, single phone nu

Lotus Symphony at Lotusphere 2010

January 3 2010

I wanted to put together a list of all of the public activities going on at Lotusphere 2010 for Lotus Symphony: Sessions (in chronological order) JMP202 Beyond the Buzz: IBM Lotus Symphony QuickStart (web link) Speaker: Leah Backus SW Mockingbird - Sunday 1:30pm - 3:30pm JMP106 “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Let's Kick Butt”: The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony (web link) Speakers: John Head, Alex Kassabov SW 7-10 - Sunday 4:00pm - 6:00pm ID612 IBM Lotus Symphony Overview and Update (web link) Speakers: Eric Otchet, Cindy Kou DL S. Hemisphere II - Monday 3:45pm - 4:45pm AD207 IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Overview (web link) Speakers: Yue Ma, Erik Ma DL S. Hemisphere I - Monday 5:00pm - 6:00pm AD208 IBM Lotus Symphony Toolkit and Programmability (web link) Speakers: Jin Hua Chen, Xi Pan Xiao DL S. Hemisphere II - Tuesday 8:30am - 9:30am ID613 One Smart Move: Making the Transition to IBM Lotus Symphony (web lin

Lotus Symphopny Courses Offered at Lotusphere 2010

January 3 2010

I got this email and wanted to pass along the contents about three Lotus Symphony courses being offered on-site at Lotusphere 2010. Register now as there is limited room. During Lotusphere 2010, the Lotus Symphony Lab will be offering three (3) courses on how to extend the Lotus Symphony Editor experience. Registration isrequired. These courses are available to Lotusphere 2010 attendees only and are open to customers and Business Partners. Lotus Symphony Toolkit - Bridging Lotus Notes and Symphony Learn how to integrate IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Symphony with the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API. Learn how to take advantage of the Lotus Symphony toolkit to automatically control and process Lotus Symphony documents through LotusScript or Java programming. Lotus Notes developers can quickly leverage their existing skills to develop integration between Lotus Notes and Lotus Symphony. Participants will learn how to easily access Lotus Symphony using LotusScript to manipulate and organ

Listen to Bruce, Julian, and myself chat about Lotus Symphony on the first Taking Notes Podcast of 2010

January 1 2010

Taking Notes Episode 104: 2010.01.01 - Lotus Symphony with John Head 1.1.2010 For our inaugural episode of 2010 we talk with John Head, Director Enterprise Collaboration at The PSC Group about Lotus Symphony. We cover: * Some background on the version history of Symphony * What kind of API's are available for developers to create integration points for Symphony * Lotusphere 2010 sessions covering Symphony * Document format support * and much more... The show is 35mb and runs 38:07 minutes Click here to listen

TriStateLUG 2009 - Integration and Coexistence Session Slides and Demo Database

November 9 2009

Tri State Lug 2009 - Integration And Coexistence SessionView more documents from John Head. Demo database available for download here

New Video showcasing a Lotus Symphony API Solution

October 27 2009

Here is a video I recorded that showcases the PSC Insert Graphic for Lotus Symphony technology demo More videos to come!

Lotus Symphony Documents "Hello World" in LotusScript

October 21 2009

To get started with the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API, let's write our first code sample - the ever popular "Hello World" sample. To start, create a new button in a Rich Text field in a document. Change the code selection drop-down to "LotusScript" and enter the (Options) section. To begin, every time you want to use the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API, you need to call the LSX. You do that with the following code: %INCLUDE "symphonylsx.lss" This tells LotusScript to load the Symphony LSX. It also enables LotusScript to do cool things like provide type-ahead for the custom LSX - even in buttons or in actions on a form or view. Now let's write some code. Go into the Click section of the button and enter the following: Dim application As SymphonyApplication Set application = New SymphonyApplication To begin, we are creating an application variable and setting it to the SymphonyApplication class. We then set that variable to a new instance of that c

Notes 8.5.1 bring us a true Lotus Symphony API!

October 14 2009

One of the features of Notes 8.5.1 that is getting buried under the local XPages and other killer features is the new API that allows Notes developers to write LotusScript and Java to automate Lotus Symphony. No longer does one need to learn the UNO hacks we have been using for the past couple years with and the past 18 months with Lotus Symphony. I am queuing up a bunch of articles on the new Lotus Symphony API for this week and next. Here is a quick rundown on them: 1. Introduction to the Lotus Symphony LotusScript API 2. Lotus Symphony Documents "Hello World" in LotusScript 3. Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets "Hello World" in LotusScript 4. Lotus Symphony Presentations "Hello World" in LotusScript (and why it doesn't work) 5. Lotus Symphony Documents and Mail Merge via LotusScript 6. Using the Symphony LotusScript API in a Document Action 7. Using the Symphony LotusScript API in a View Action 8. Building Cha

UKLUG 2009 - Lotus Symphony and You : How to stop giving Microsoft your Money!

October 12 2009

Here are the slides from my session at UKLUG 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK last week. Uklug 2009 Lotus SymphonyView more documents from John Head. Demo databases can be downloaded here

Symphony Thursday: New & Updated Plug-ins on the Symphony Website

April 23 2009

The following are the new and updated plug-ins available for Lotus Symphony: Plug-In Name Updated Date Plug-in Category Description Document2Html plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 File Conversion This plug-in is designed to convert Symphony supported document files into html format by batch. The supported format includes Open Document Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Rich Text Format, Text, Lotus Word Pro. Chart Sync plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 Utilities The Lotus Symphony Chart Sync plug-in adds the capability of synchronizing charts which reside in spreadsheet document, presentation document and text document. When you create a chart in a spreadsheet document, you might want to make a copy of the chart in a presentation or a text document. This plug-in helps you to automatically synchronize the three charts when the original chart data changes in the spreadsheet document. Symphony Calculator plug-in for IBM Lotus Symphony Apr 15, 2009 Misc

Symphony Thursday: It’s Back!

April 23 2009

Sorry for the past couple of weeks where Symphony Thursday went dark. My travel schedule got the best of me. So I am taking full opportunity of some down time this week to get a bunch of articles written for the next month. Some other pieces of news that go along with Symphony Thursday: 1. I have created the twitter account SymphonyThurs. That should have all of the Symphony blog topics I post on there later today. I am looking for ways to make that the defacto Symphony twitter account going forward. More to come there. 2. I will have a dedicated RSS feed for Symphony Thursday soon! I am getting ready to talk all about Lotus Symphony 1.3 and the long awaiting Symphony LSX that brings LotusScript and Java support to Domino Designer for automating Lotus Symphony. I should have complete overviews and detailed examples using the LSX when 1.3 ships! Technical tips will return next week!

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 - Presentations "Hello World"

February 26 2009

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 1. Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World" 2. Spreadsheets"Hello World" 3. Presentations "Hello World" Last time, I covered the basics of UNO Development and walked you thru a "Hello World" application for Writer and Lotus Symphony Documents. This blog entry will cover an introduction to Impress and Lotus Symphony Presentations. Introduction to Lotus Symphony Presentations In both Impress and Symphony Presentations, you work with presentations. From there, you work with slides / pages. On each of those slides / pages, you have shapes. The shapes contain text, graphics, or the other data on your slides. Once you navigate to the shape, you get a text handle to the text object and everything else is much like working with text in Symphony Documents or Writer. Let’s Start Lotus Symphony Presentations To create the instance of Impress / Lotus SYmphony Presentations, call its URL Set I

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 - Spreadsheets "Hello World"

February 19 2009

Symphony Thursday: Developer 101 1. Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World" 2. Spreadsheets"Hello World" Last time, I covered the basics of UNO Development and walked you thru a "Hello World" application for Writer and Lotus Symphony Documents. This blog entry will cover an introduction to Calc and Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets. Introduction to Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets Just like we did with Lotus Symphony Documents, we have to call the Service Manager and the Desktop. Set SM=CreateObject("") Set Desktop=SM.createInstance("") Next, we need to start the Calc / Spreasheets appplication. They use a different URL to define the application, one specific for Calc / Presentations. Set CalcApplication = Desktop.loadComponentFromURL_("private:factory/scalc","_blank",0,args) The command above creates the workbook and opens it for the user. We then need to get the

Lotus Symphony Overview from GRANITE (Chicago Lotus User Group) Slides

February 9 2009

I put these together for the Chicago Lotus User's Group (GRANITE) and figured the general community would like to check them out Lotus Symphony Granite 2.9.2009 2008 Review And 2009 PlanView more presentations from John Head. (tags: ibm lotus)

Preview of topics for Symphony Thursday

February 7 2009

Any other suggestions?

Symphony Thursday : Developer 101 - Introduction to UNO Development and Documents/Writer "Hello World"

February 5 2009

This is the first of the Symphony Thursday developer articles. In this post, we will cover the introduction to UNO development, a bit of history, and our first "Hello World" application. Introduction to Development Designed on an interface-based component model called Universal Network Objects (UNO) UNO definition UNO offers interoperability between different programming languages, different object models, different machine architectures, and different processes; either in a local network or even via the Internet UNO components can be implemented in, and accessed from, any programming language for which a UNO language binding exists StarOffice? Lotus Symphony? StarDivision StarOffice written in the mid 80s Bought by Sun Microsystems in 1999, StarOffice released in August 1999 Source code released October 2000 1.0 released May 2002, 2.0 in October 2005 OpenDocument format becomes international standard ISO/IEC 26300 November 20

Lotus Developer 2009 Sessions on-line ... and I will be presenting 3

February 2 2009

I am excited to announce here on my blog that I will be doing three presentations at Lotus Developer 2009 in Boston on April 15th thru 17th, 2009. Get your taxes done early and come learn all about the Lotus product portfolio at Lotus Developer 2009 and Admin 2009. Here are the sessions I am giving: Integrating Lotus Symphony,, and Google Docs with Lotus Notes and Domino Go behind the scenes of Lotus Symphony and and learn how the Universal Network Objects (UNO) API provides development opportunities for very customized integration with external applications and data sources. Get the lowdown on using the new LotusScript LSX for Lotus Symphony, and see how to build additional functionality into Notes applications that provide access to Symphony objects, such as using Notes as the data source for a Lotus Symphony document Mail Merge. Walk through integration of web based document tools such as Google Docs and investigate how AJAX and Web 2.0 technologie

Symphony Thursday - New Weekly Blog Entry and the Lotus Symphony 2009-10 Roadmap

January 29 2009

One of the things I decided to do at Lotusphere is put in a weekly blog that focuses on Lotus Symphony. They will cover Lotus Symphony news, technical tutorials, and other info. I will not be rehashing news you might find elsewhere, but I will include some links at the bottom of entries. I have the following as topics for the next couple months: Lotus Symphony road map Lotus Symphony Tutorials - UNO via LotusScript Lotus Symphony Tutorials - UNO via Java Lotus Symphony Tutorials - LotusScript API via LSX Lotus Symphony Tutorials - Addins (sidebar, menu, toolbar) Lotus Symphony Tutorials - Composite Applications Lotus Symphony Tutorials - ODF Training Deployment Migration Document Conversion Available Applications Migrating Office Addins to Lotus Symphony Template conversion and management I have a few other items I want to cover as well. Of course, if you have some ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment here. To kick this off, I want to go back and cover the Lotus Symphony ro

What should I blog about when it comes to Lotus Symphony?

January 25 2009

I am soliciting feedback here. I want to start a weekly blog entry/column but need some topics. I can just start with breaking down the Lotusphere presentation into small chunks to start .. but what do you all want to hear? I can cover the development stuff easy (UNO, the coming LotusScript and Java APIs, using Symphony in Composite Applications, Symphony Plug-ins, and Lotus Expeditor stuff) but what else do people want to learn about, talk about, and in general learn about Symphony?

Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Lotus Symphony

January 24 2009

For me, Lotus Symphony had a break-out year at Lotusphere2009. Yes, I did some presentations around Lotus Symphony, so maybe my opinion was skewed, but what a year for Symphony. The 1.2 release that ships with Notes 8.5 (and stand-alone since December) is a rock solid release. The preview of the 1.3 features, including Office 2007 compatibility (reading of files), major enhancements to Pivot Tables (replacing the default Data Pilot from and the LotusScript LSX that I previewed in BP110. For those that have not seen it, Symphony 1.3 will have the first version of a LotusScript API that is very familiar to Lotus Notes developers. At the same time, we will also get a Java API. Documents and Spreadsheets will get the most attention in the first release of the APIs coming in 1.3. Mail Merge, basic document operation, basic spreadsheet operation, charts, and pivot tables can be generated in Lotus Symphony from Notes. Presentations will get more attention in a future release.

BP305: The Document Format Dance

January 21 2009

No matter your preference for OOXML, ODF, or PDF … the document standard requirements are going to become a fact of life for users of IBM Lotus Notes & IBM Lotus Domino in the next year. This sessoin will review the technical capabilities of all three formats and how they work with Lotus Software. We will check the format debate at the door and look at which format will provide you the functionality you need. We will then look at how you can generate all three documents from your applications using third-party tools and custom code. You will take home samples that allow you to export Lotus Notes data to OOXML, ODF, and PDF in LotusScript and Java – be prepared for a deep dive into code! Swan 1-2 : Wednesday, 1/21/2008 : 11:15 AM to 12:15 PM BP305: The Document Format DanceView more presentations or upload your own. (tags: ibm lotus)

Lotusphere 2009 Approved!

November 13 2008

I am a bit late to the blogging about these, but I had three Lotusphere 2009 session abstracts approved! First, we have the Jumpstart that Alex and I have given the past couple years Introduction to integration of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and Lotus Symphony. The session has been completely revamped with all new demos and new technology demos including the integration of Google Docs with Notes and Domino applications and some intro samples around creating OOXML and ODF documents. This session has been popular in the past with a back to back repeat pre-scheduled. That is 4 hours of integration demos Sunday afternoon in Orlando to kick off the week. If we do that again this year and you see my Sunday night at the party or eating Ed's sushi at Kimono's after, you will understand why I am punchy :-) Second, I will be giving Lotus Symphony and You - A Developer's Perspective, which is a revamped version of my Irish Lotus User's Group session with less Execut

Download Lotus Symphony 1.2 for the Mac

November 3 2008

You can download the Lotus Symphony 1.2 for Mac beta from here right now

Lotus Symphony 1.2 coming November 5th, with Mac support!

October 29 2008

So Eric Otchet just told the Design Partners that Lotus Symphony 1.2 will be shipping on November 5th, 2008 and will include the first Mac build! It will be English only for 1.2 and it will have a 'beta' tag attached. The gold release will be in the first quarter of 2009 and we can expect Symphony to be bundled with the Notes client around that time as well. More news about 1.2 coming soon!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 has new icons - is this the precursor for Notes 8.5?

August 29 2008

Check out the icons for Lotus Symphony Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. We have color! Hopefully this is a precursor to Notes 8.5 getting better icons for the client, admin, and designer!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 adds new preference options for performance, enterprise management, more

August 29 2008

Here is a first look at the preferences for Lotus Symphony 1.1 and what is new/changed We now have two options for performance optimization. With moderate I now load Lotus Symphony 1.1 in 9 seconds on my Dell laptop .. with Notes 8.0.2 running! I believe this is tied into the Expeditor Enterprise Management tools. Create to see Enterprise Management tools in Symphony. More about this in a future blog entry. Not only can you select what files will open in Lotus Symphony by default (which was in 1.0), you can tell Lotus Symphony to create Microsoft Office file formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt) when you create new files in Lotus Symphony. We need more granularity here, but this is a great step forward!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 has Notes mail merge built in!

August 29 2008

After all of those years of asking, we finally have Notes .nsf based mail merge. This feature comes from Lotus Symphony 1.1 (which will be included in the final Notes 8.5 final release). Here is a screen grab You can select any nsf file, and I selected a database based on the Notes Personal Name & Address book (Notes Contacts in Notes 8.X). It seems that it reads the Person document specifically, but I am already in the Symphony API and looking on how to build a mapping tool for custom contact forms in custom applications. Thank you IBM for this first great step! We need envelopes, labels, and a complete mail merge automation API in the future, but this is the beginning and it looks great!

Lotus Symphony 1.1 is out

August 29 2008

Lotus Symphony 1.1 can be downloaded now. Here is the new feature list: What's New in Symphony 1.1 Performance enhancements: Reduced memory footprintFunctionality enhancements: Enabled Expeditor Client Management support and added Enterprise Management Agent setting in preferences page. Added Mail Merge feature to Documents by which user can send out batches of letters that merge fields from a data source. Improved macro enablement in the following aspects: Enabled macro security policy in preferences page. Removed "Author list", "New author" and "New path" options from Macro Security preferences page. Added "Safe Mode" option in Macro Security preferences page. Macro run time supports the "safe mode" running mode. Enabled macro to be triggered by UI events.User interface enhancements: Created new file type iconsInteroperability enhancements with Lotus Notes: Defect fixes for copy/paste operation on picture with hyperlink, paragraph alignment, text font size and encoding. U

What is holding you back from building Notes, Sametime, and Symphony plug-ins with Eclipse & Expeditor?

August 4 2008

There has been some chatter out there about why we are seeing a trickle instead of a flood of plug-ins that work with Notes, Sametime, or Symphony. Besides the fact that they require knowledge of Java and development, what things are holding people back? I think if we could come up with a comprehensive list of suggestions and road blocks that we could communicate with IBM this is the time. I will post my issues and wish list as another post with a consolidated list from all of you. And please ... let's not make this a "Java is too hard" or "notes developers can't handle eclipse development" discussion. That issue is known but I want to offer constructive feedback on improvement not have the same discussion again.