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TechAltar - How to cure a fanboy

January 30 2017

Volker posted this video and I think the exercise is brilliant. So here are my three favorite things for each company: Apple: 1. My iPhone is my single most used device, and it just works. I read email, work with my calendar, interact with social, talk with people via voice and text, and consume video and pictures more on my iPhone than any other method. And I can't remember the last time it didn't get the job done. 2. Apple created the modern app store model, which allows me to find an app to do just about anything I want. Apps like MobileDay, ShackNews Lastest Chatty, Uber, and so much more - that I use every day - are here because of Apple. Google: 1. Google Maps changed the game when it comes to navigation. I remember going from maps to MapQuest. Google maps changed everything. GPS and maps are now standard in pretty much anything we do. OpenTable, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Google pushed this forward. 2. Google search changed the way I operate from the ground up. Need to learn abo

Why does the Domino community have a "Domino or nothing" mentaility?

January 31 2012

The above thought has been on my mind since the middle of December but I have not figured out how to blog about it until recently. Let's start with a public comment from Ed Brill's blog: 14 Erik Brooks | 1/26/2012 11:46:38 AM @Ed - I actually *did* know. I'd still like to hear the reasons why this direction was chosen, because it's eyebrow-raising. My apologies to Erik (didn't go out of my way to call you out Mr. Brooks, your comment was just the easiest one to find) but this is exactly what I mean when I ask 'Why does the Domino community have a "Domino or nothing" mentality? First off, I get why people love Domino so much. Hell, I am one of those people. It's easy to install, easy to administer, and in basic use is easy to maintain. You can ramp Domino up to enterprise levels with clustering and lots of other great features. You can turn on DAOS and get incredible results of disk saving. You can install Traveler, which folks like Andrew Pollack call one of the best Domino featur

Its about the customer, not the technology

April 18 2008

Today, the hard work of multiple PSC employees on a discovery project was presented to a customer. We were reviewing an application framework and making recommendations. One of the pieces is the Output Generation Layer. The requirement is to have the output be in PowerPoint files. From there, they can generate a PDF or HTML, but we need something that in an electronic presentation format that scales. When I came to PSC, I was a very one-sided consultant. I was passionate about Lotus Notes and Lotus SmartSuite. I tolerated Microsoft Office, because people used it. But anything else, I loathed. I was so focused on the holy war of one technology and brand that I hated everything else. It didn't matter if it was Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, or anyone else .. it was not Lotus. And for many years, only the Lotus brand at IBM was something I cared about. PSC describes itself as a business technology services consulting firm. Our job is to listen (get it, it's all in the way we listen) and h