Doom3 getting closer ...

January 11 2004

The computer game industry has been waiting for Doom3 for a few years, and it looks like they will finally get their hands on the game this year.

/. (of Slashdot) has an article reporting that is reporting that Doom3 will be shipping 4.1.2004. They also mention that has a preorder section. Two sites are listed, EBGames and Gamestop. Now, EBGames has a shipping date of 7.14.2004 and Gamestop had (page has since been removed) a shipping date of 5.24.2004.

Lots of room for slip there, and not one is close to any of the others. My gut is that these sites need to have a ship date to get people to preorder. I have seen boxes at EB and Best Buy, but I do not think anyone but id knows when we will get the game.