Pick the Messenger Carefully ...

February 26 2004

Many of you might have noticed that there seems to be a little war of words, or at least thoughts, going between IBM and some ex-IBMers over the past couple of months. While I think its always good to have a debate with lots of opinions, I also think its good to have all the facts. So this post on Gary Devendorf's blog really got to me for a couple of reasons.

First, Mike Rhodin's comment isn't any different than Carl Kraenzel's. They are talking about the same thing, which was also the consistent message at Lotusphere 2004. That message (as I interpret it) is that the core language of LotusScript is not going to be updated, but the Domino Object model will be enhanced with new functionality coming and updates to the existing objects. And there is nothing wrong or bad about that. But Gary's post seems to spin it in the direction that this is a change in message.

Second, lets look at the words from the speaker's mouth. Check out Page 6 of this presentation from Lotus Devcon 2001. Nice that these all get archived by IBM for future reference. The text reads that in 1998, Gary said "LotusScript is going nowhere!" ... but in September 2002 we got IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 6, which had updates to both the LotusScript language and the Domino objects. So this shows that directions can change and have done so in the past.

So the moral of the story? I think its best to get your information from people who are in the know and can speak on the topic with backing knowledge. And for the future of LotusScript, and anything Lotus and IBM related, that would be an IBM employee in position to have the correct information. I personally spoke with both Mike and Carl at Lotusphere in January, and got the same message. This is not meant as an attack towards Gary. I always liked Gary and loved his presentations. But he has been gone for almost a year and so much has changed in that time. Even if you don't want to listen to the marketing spin from Ed, the facts show what the real story is. The truth is available in many places ... check out the Lotusphere 04 presentations. The truth is out there :)

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