July 14 2004

Yes, you read that right ... DOOM3 is done! here is a quote from Todd Hollenshead's (CEO of id Software) plan file:

7-14-2004 11:52 AM CDT

 IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

 Yes, this is the official word that DOOM 3 has been code released and has been approved for manufacturing!
 It won't be long now until the anticipation ends and the PH34R begins ;-) We literally just hung up with
 Activision and have confirmed that our latest release candidate has been mutually approved and is finally
 GOLD. Thanks to everyone for their patience (yeah right! =) and for everyone at id, Activision and our
 numerous partners for helping us create what I believe is absolutely the best game we have ever made.

August 3rd is the release date here in the US, with worldwide releases by August 13th.

Time to buy those new computers!