More Doom3 Info

July 19 2004

So a bunch of Doom3 and id Software news today:

  • Read about the Doom boardgame
  • Read about the "Making of Doom3' book
  • Watch a G4TechTV video about Doom3 with interviews. Cool footage.
  • The Software Development Kit will ship shortly after the game ships, but the map editor is built right into the game
  • Linux files should be available when the game ships (but not on the CD) and the Mac OS X version is still being worked on
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 is being made, by another developer. Rumor is that Splash Damage, who did the RTCW:Enemy Terriory addon, is doing it. The other rumor is that it will be powered by the Doom3 engine
  • RUMOR - QuakeV, the continuation of the Quake2 story being developed by Raven Software using the Doom3 engine, will be shown at Quakecon in August
  • id's next game will be a brand new property

Thats it for today on Doom3