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July 22 2004

I just saw this is the IBM Lotus Business Partner Forum (this is a notes discussion database that BPs can replicate) and just had to show it off


Here's an example of a LotusScript Web Service you'll be able to write with the next milestone build (M2). The steps I've done are:
  • Created a new web service
  • Typed in the code for the MyCalculator class
  • Entered the name of the class in the Port Type Class property
  • Clicked on "Show WSDL" to get the service description - the WSDL document communicates the interface of your web service to other toolkits and it is generated for you
  • The service is deployed when the database replicates with the server

Thanks to IBMer Steve Nikopoulous for this sneak peak ... and we should all get our chance to play with this version soon in the Beta 2 build!

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  1. 1) Andrew Pollack says:

    ....didn't want to do it without getting permission (note his copyright excludes reporters -- which I think a blog sort of falls into).

    Anyway -- IMO, this is the key bit of kit that will drive adoption of R7 servers faster than anything else, including db2 connectivity.

    First, anyway who questions lotusscript support now is being foolish. It cost time and money to support ls objects and not just java ones.

    Second, is that this means in seconds you can take an ap written in visual studio, and have interacting with the secure, organized data and fully articulated business logic of the domino server.

    Personally, I'll be using VS to create windows applications that I can distribute, which act as special purpose clients for an application I have running on Domino. How cool is that?

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