N/D and Office Integration - a primer

September 17 2003

One of the goals of my blog, besides having a place to spew all the crap in my head into words, was to share my knowledge on Microsoft Office integration with Notes/Domino. Its a topic that I have spent WAY to much time on over the past few years. I have been lucky enough to share that knowledge at Lotusphere and in some of the articles I have written, but that is never enough time/space. So I will be using this medium to share as much as I can. But expect it to be a trickle, not flood.

So today, I am just going to point people to my Lotusphere 02 and Lotusphere 03 presentations and sample code. Give something to wet your appetitie. I will be back soon with some details. I plan on starting with some fundementals and then moving to mail merge.

If you have any specific requests, please post via comments. And, yes I know, those pages are on the SmartSuite Developer's Website. Its another site that PSC hosts and I run. Its on a different server and should be able to handle the download traffic and not effect this site or Ed's Blog.