Its Official Now: PSC new host to (Updated)

September 22 2003

The physical move was 9/10/03, but we are now 'official' since the press release went out. You can read it hear. We hope to see it on the various Domino news sites shortly.

I have gotten a few pings on Bruce's blog entry where he mentioned that we made up. So I wanted to make a public statement on this.

I fully support and its mission. I am a huge fan of open source software and thing the work that has done is amazing. In the beginning, I did disagree with some of the methods that were being used to communicate with IBM. I am a firm believer in discipline in the proper setting, much like not disciplining children in public. I am not an IBM "Yes Man" ... ask Ed and he can confirm that. I just choose to communicate my issues with IBM directly to them, not in a public forum. There was some butting of heads over this disagreement, but it was blown out of proportion by everyone, including myself. This is water under the bridge, and I hope the fact that PSC is hosting at my request demonstrates this. Bruce, Nathan, and the rest of the group over there are helping the Notes/Domino community grow, and that's what matters.


Here is some press coverage covering this: