Doom3 News

September 24 2003

There has been a bunch of Doom3 news in the past 24 hours. Here is a recap:

And because eye candy is where its at, 2 new screenshots (the skeleton is the updated Revenant from Doom2, with the dog creature the update of "Pinky" demon from Doom1 & 2) click for the full sized images:

Image:   Image:

11:30 AM - Pictures updated with links to full-sized images now. Sorry bout that!

Much of this was found on

4 Responses to “Doom3 News”

  1. 1) John Roling ("Greyhawk68") says:

    Hi John,

    I'd love to see those screens, but you don't have them hyperlinked to the full-sized images. Can you fix that or point us to where exactly to see them?



  2. 2) John D. Head says:

    I was using Picture Hotspots for the URL links, and forgot those dont work on the web. All fixed now :)

  3. 3) Dave Sieh says:

    Those spiders look really disturbing. They caused me to reconsider if I really wanted to buy this game -for about half a second!

  4. 4) jonvon says:

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