Half Life 2 Source Code Update

October 4 2003

Hi everyone ... I took Friday off for some Doctor Appointments, so sorry for the lack of updates. Some updated info from Gabe Newell of Valve:

1) We've taken our network connection down to pretty much   a minimum. We're still finding machines internally that have been compromised.

2) The suite of tools that the attacker was using included the modified version of   RemotelyAnywhere (basically a Remote Desktop-style remote admin tool), Haxker Defender (a   process, registry key and file hiding tool), the key logger, and various networking   utilities that allowed them to transfer files (compressors, NetCat, and FTP). We also are   pretty sure they were sniffing our network to gather passwords and other information.   Haxker Defender includes a file system driver that allows an attacker to have stuff on   your machine that is invisible, unless you do something like mount the drive under another   OS that has NTFS support.

We have determined one way of detecting some infected machines, which is using a   connection viewer to detect connections to anomalous hosts external to our network.

We still don't know their entry method.

3) In general, the community has been remarkably swift at tracking down the sources of the   leak. What would be most helpful now are IP addresses of the people who were responsible   for the intrusion or for the denial of service attacks.

4) Also, please continue to send in URLs of websites hosting the source code. We've been   contacting people and asking them to take it down.

5) There's anecdotal evidence that other game developers have been targeted by whoever   attacked us. This hasn't been confirmed. We've been providing other game developers with   more detailed information about the exploits and evidence of infiltration.

6) We're running a little bit blind with our network shut down, but it seems like some of   the press has picked up the story. I've been fielding calls from the mainstream non-games,   non-technical press.all day. Hopefully they will get to report shortly what a mistake it   is to piss off a whole bunch of gamers and get them hunting you around the Internet.

For any information related to this, please send it to helpvalve@valvesoftware.com , or you can   always send to gaben@valvesoftware.com as   well.

Many of the people that have contacted me about this story keep sayins "Well, if they used Notes ..."   :)