Moments where technology makes you stop and stare ...

December 4 2003

I can usually remember those times that technology made me really stop and cheer. Here are a few of those:

  • Playing Doom the first time ... the rush of multiplayer and the first experience with the CyberDemon
  • Seeing the first demo of Expose in Mac OS "Panther" 10.3
  • The "Mussie Show" at Lotusphere with the first demo of R5 Navigators
  • The Doom3 video that John Carmack showed at Mac Expo Japan
  • Seeing Rendezvous work with iTunes for Windows and my entire music library being available from my mac
  • Seeing a USB flash drive in use for the first time

Today, I had another one of those experiences. Check out this video of the Project Looking Glass demo. Now, usually I am not one to give Sun any level of attention, but this stuff is AMAZING.

(found this from James Strachan's Radio Weblog)