10 Years Ago today ... Doom invaded computers

December 10 2003


Early in the morning on December, 10th, 1993, John Romero and the rest of id Software uploaded Doom shareware to a University in Wisconsin's BBS. Within hours, it spread across the country, to AOL, and to the world. Within days, people were using words like 'fragged' and talking smack while battling others in Deathmatch. Companies and Schools banned the game for bringing down networks.

Its amazing to think that it has been 10 years since Doom was released. Doom not only changed computer games forever, but it launched a new industry. It made 'modding' games a reality. So much of gaming, and computer technology, has been touched by Doom.

My first experience was in my apartment. I was still working at Artron, just starting to get in to Ami Pro macro development. A friend told me about this new game that I had to just try. After downloading it via AOL for hours, I played it with the lights off and the speakers cranked. I remember falling out of my chair in shock when I met the first Baron of Hell. And just being scared silly the first time you met the CyberDemon. And when that friend brought over his computer and my first game of deathmatch ... a screen full of red. Between Doom and Ami Pro, my life changed. Scary as that is to admit :)

Enjoy some Doom nostalgia and get read for Doom3! And for those that are into sharing, use comments to share your first experience with Doom!

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  1. 1) jonvon says:

    ...was of course the original doom. i was hanging out at my roommate's girlfriend's place, and my roommate gets this evil glint in his eye. he says, dude, you gotta check out this game called Doom.


    so i sat down at the monitor and started going through it. they turned off all the lights in the (meatspace) room. there was this part where i was in a (cyberspace) room, and the room was dark. and those werewolf things that threw the fireballs were in there, although i hadn't actually seen one (ever) yet. and there was lots of wicked sounding breathing all around. then one of those dudes tossed a fireball at me, and i jumped!


    the only time before or since i'd ever been scared by a computer game. and i'll never forget it.


    man was that fun ! :-)

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