14 Insane twitter Tips for Business & Other Social Media Nuggets by Kim Redd

May 21 2010

I had the pleasure of attending the Chicagoland Underground Social Media Society event last night. Kim Redd of @reddsmitty fame (and in the day, selling RapLeaf) gave a great presentation on Twitter. Entitled "14 Insane twitter Tips for Business & Other Social Media Nuggets". Here were the tips:

  1. Follow everyone back .. Yes, even the porn stars
  2. Your Avatar? Your Headshot!
  3. Add YOUR name to the profile
  4. Engage your followers
  5. Find more followers
  6. Listen
  7. Respond
  8. Be Thankful
  10. Never use DMs for pitching products or offers
  11. Tweet conservatively - The internet is permanent
  12. Compliment others, generously
  13. Schedule a TweetUp - Meet the people you talk to on-line
  14. Use Tools

Great tips for people new to social media. Great review for the rest of us.

She had more to share, but I will link to her presentation on SlideShare (once she posts it of course)